Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 24 – “Stop pointing your finger at me!”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 24 – Undercover

Voltes V Legacy Episode 24 Recap

As they head back to their quarters, Steve says he wants to talk about something. Mark assumes he is also included in the conversation, but actually Steve just wants to tell Jamie he is NOT dating Eva again. Jamie says he doesn’t even have to explain that to her, but she’s happy anyway. Now she will be able to clap back at Eva next time she tries to start something with her.

Jamie says Steve deserves to be with someone who can truly make him happy. Steve agrees.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 24 Recap

Suddenly, Jamie screams when she walks into her room. Steve overrides the door lock and calls for security to come over immediately. Mark rushes over when he hears the officers being called to Jamie’s room which has been completely ransacked with “I hate Jamie” written in lipstick on the wall. Of course, there’s only one possible suspect.

The officers do a surprise inspection of the Research and Development workstations and say they will also search their quarters and lockers. Eva sneaks away in the meantime.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 24 Recap

Later, Jamie confronts Eva about the incident, but she denies it. Eva tells Jamie that until she has solid evidence she is the culprit, to stop pointing her finger at her. When Eva pushes her with her finger, Jamie dares her to do it again, which she does. Jamie tries to grab Eva’s arm to put behind her back, but Eva is able to twist out and the two begin to go at each other.

Mark and Steve arrive to separate them. Mark reminds them that if a security officer sees them, they’ll both get in trouble. Steve tells everyone to go to bed.

Tomas tells Jamie she has to find solid proof before she accuses Eva and Jamie takes offense to that.

Next day, Jamie is accompanied by two officers as she orders Eva’s arrest for breaching protocol and spying. She shows everyone on the displays that Eva has confidential CBF blueprints in her possession. But Eva says she has them upon order from Dr. Smith.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 24 Recap

Eva challenges Jamie to ask Dr. Smith and she can see that Jamie is now unsure of her accusation. Eva says if it is proven that she is innocent, she wants Jamie to kneel down in front of her. Jamie is confident Eva is guilty. She asks S&M Edwards to call Dr. Smith to the RAD center.

Tomas tells PJ that they have to tell Steve what’s happening.

Meanwhile, the boys are relaxing outside. Big Bert says he has an official travel pass now so Steve won’t bother him anymore. Steve says Big Bert is meeting with Judy a lot when he doesn’t even know her. Wag atat na atat, Steve says. Big Bert says he can’t believe Steve would try to stop him from seeing Judy when she is the only thing that makes him happy since Mama Armstrong died.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 24 Recap

After Big Bert leaves, Mark tells Steve not to be too strict with his brothers. Steve says he’s just thinking about the last Boazanian attack and it would be better if Bert is on the island when they are called to duty. Mark says Steve is being too serious, but Steve replies that he has to be serious after his mother was killed by their enemy.

Steve says Mark doesn’t understand because he can’t relate. That triggers Mark and says Steve has no idea what he’s talking about.

Just then, PJ calls Jamie’s boys to hurry over to the scene of the drama.

Dr. Smith arrives at RAD and Jamie explains that Eva has stolen classified documents. Dr. Smith says these documents are not supposed to be seen by everyone and erases the displays of them.

Jamie apologizes for the display, but says it’s because Eva is a spy. Dr. Smith drops the truth bomb that he actually assigned Eva to gather data for him. So this was all official business. Dr. Smith just wanted to study CBF’s defense systems more.

Dr. Smith tells Jamie not to worry too much.

Eva gloats and reminds her about the kneel deal. They head to the cafeteria where Eva gleefully tees up Jamie’s big moment. Steve arrives and tells Eva to stop, but Eva says she and Jamie had a deal.

Eva says a Voltes team member and the daughter of Commander Robinson like Jamie should have some integrity and word of honor.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 24 Recap

Eva tells Jamie to kneel. Steve grabs her arm, but Jamie kneels. Eva demands she apologize and Jamie grits her teeth to say sorry. Eva wants to take a photo, but Steve stops her.

Eva warns Jamie against crossing the line one more time.

When the show’s over, Mark says Jamie didn’t need to kneel. But Jamie says she made the deal and that she’s okay. Steve says he admires Jamie’s humility. (You should learn some Steve!)

Just then, Dr. Smith calls them to hurry to Conference Room B.

In the hallways, Ally tells Eva that she is also at fault since Eva trashed Jamie’s room. Eva continues to go on about Jamie and being annoyed at how Steve came to her defense. Ally understands now that Eva cares more about getting Steve back than fixing her reputation.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 24 Recap

Anyway, Zuhl reports to Zardoz that he has detected human flying ships hovering around the area above them. He believes they are their search target. But Zandra assures Zardoz that they are well-protected underground with the most advanced technology as their shield as well.

Zardoz says he will wait to hear more from his spy before they come up with a new Beastfighter.

Zuhl wonders why Zardoz always shuts down his plans. Zandra wonders about the spy.

Back at CBF, Spc. Apable calls someone. At the same time, Zardoz also receives a call.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 24 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Lol that “cliffhanger” is not slick at all. When you want to do a red herring, you have to be less obvious with these kinds of things. But the show has not been subtle at all. We already know who the spy is only because they’ve made it too obvious that we are supposed to suspect Eva or Apable. Lol

Anyway, Team Eva, honestly. I don’t justify her trashing Jamie’s room because that’s stupid and petty. But because of Jamie accusing Eva of something that would get her thrown in jail as a military officer without solid proof. Not only that, her desire to embarrass Eva exposed classified documents.

War freak pala si Voltes Yellow. Lol Two wrongs don’t make a right. And Eva trashing her room doesn’t justify Jamie going against protocol just to try and expose her. And we all know Jamie let her jealousy win out and it hurt her in the end. So her kneeling punishment is warranted.

I think Steve saying “everyone is a suspect” is wrong though. They have not made any indication that they believe there’s a spy at CBF. Dr. Smith and Commander Robinson wondered, but not the Voltes team. It hasn’t even crossed their mind. So he shouldn’t have said something like that and it doesn’t justify Jamie immediately accusing Eva without looking into it more. Or simply reporting to Dr. Smith that she believes Eva had classified documents.

I’m sure the rabid defenders will say “They’re just kids!” Umm… okay.

So I thought I would not enjoy this episode. But I actually did because it was fun seeing Jamie be embarrassed like that. She’s also a PK pala! So all the PKs need to get knocked down a few pegs. Lol

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 24 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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