Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 13 – Angry Spider

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Kamejim helps Desnarak recover from his injuries. Desnarak is more annoyed by Jeremy’s shenanigans. But Jeremy shows up and tosses God Hopper to Kamejim, telling him to be a good boy from now on.

Desnarak wants to still kill Jeremy. Suddenly, Gerojim pops up behind them and offers to take care of that for them. He had failed once before, but explains that was just an illusion. He’ll do the job this time.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Meanwhile over in N’Kosopa, Yanma wants to hear everything about how Jeremy could have gotten this kind of power. Jeremy assumes Yanma is not a fan of halfwits having king powers. He laments how his father deserved to be the sixth king.

Shiokara gets upset when Jeremy sits in Yanma’s chair. He stomps toward him, but Jeremy shoots him with fake fire.

Jeremy says he has no secrets or tricks. Yanma doesn’t believe that. But Jeremy says his Venomix Shooter is full of irreplaceable stories and he would never give it up so easily.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Shiokara asks Jeremy to come to the factory with them so that he might be able to see Yanma in a new light.

Over in Ishabana, Hymeno wonders what Jeremy’s deal is. Sebastian advises her to have her guard up when it comes to Jeremy. She asks Gira if he’s talked to Scopy yet, but Gira says he hasn’t spoken with Sasorin since that day.

Gira prepares to storm out of the castle, not caring that he’s supposed to be dead. Sebastian snaps his fingers to have the maids turn Gira into a copy of him so he can go out.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Jeremy accompanies Yanma and Shiokara to The Factory. N’Kosopa was originally a factory to produce technological components. Shugoddam would trample all over them in the past.

Jeremy recalls Gin-chan also telling him the story. Yanma remembers how Gin-chan told him that if you’re a weed and you get trampled on, you just get back up.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Yanma remembers when Gin-chan first told him he’d teach him how to use a computer. Yanma grew up learning about both life and computers with Gin-chan teaching him both. After the Wrath of God struck 15 years ago, Yanma was able to establish the technology that could control the ShuGods with AI. And just like that, Yanma was able to restore N’Kosopa with just a computer.

Shiokara explains to Jeremy that Yanma watches over them little guys and has also taught them to get back up when you get stepped on.

Jeremy smiles and tells Yanma that he seems to have a very nice story stored in his computer. Jeremy places the Venomix Shooter on top of the laptop and a fire appears, but it’s not hot at all.

Jeremy leaves with a wave.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Just then, Racules calls Yanma and asks him to bring Jeremy to Shugoddam. Otherwise, Yanma will be declared a traitor too.

Yanma decides to use the Venomix Shooter to turn one of Toufu’s floor cushions into a big fart bag in order to embarrass and humiliate Racules. Shiokara does not think that’s a good idea and could cause an international incident.

Shiokara storms out in protest, knowing that Yanma could be sentenced to three days of tickles if he goes through with the plan. Shiokara considers if ticklish Yanma could make him more appealing to people, but he can’t think of such pleasurable things at the moment.

As he’s walking, Shiokara bumps into the soft-spoken Gerojim outside the palace.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Later, Yanma and Jeremy head to Shugoddam and meet with Racules. Racules would like to hear all about Jeremy’s knowledge of Chikyuu’s history. Jeremy says it’s as is painted on the ceilings of the palace. And instead, he has something to ask Racules.

Jeremy asks if Racules knows what happened 2000 years ago. Racules’ eyes grow bigger as Jeremy talks about how human and Bugnarak history just suddenly started all those years ago like magic. And with magic, secrets and tricks are necessary. So he wants to know if Jeremy, the king of the first kingdom, knows anything about it.

Racules wants Jeremy to answer his question first. But Yanma first wants Racules to step down from the throne and sit with them on the cushion so they can speak on the same level.

In downtown Shugoddam, Sanagims appear just as Hymeno, Kaguragi and Rita arrive. Gira (as Sebastian) must stay back as the other three henshin and fight off the Bugnarak.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Back in the palace, Shiokara and the other N’Kosopa assistants struggle with trying to hold up the heavy cushion. Racules refuses to step down from the throne. But when the explosions from the outside battle rock the castle, Shiokara ends up letting go of the cushion.

Before Shiokara can fall onto the cushion, Yanma leaps up to kick him out of the way. But because of that, it is Yanma who ends up falling onto the cushion and letting out the loud, smelly fart he inserted inside.

Racules applauds Yanma’s show. But suddenly, Shiokara turns out to be Gerojim in disguise. Yanma tries to play this off as a Bugnarak trick instead of his own plan to humiliate Racules. Gerojim denies that and runs out of the castle. Yanma chases after him.

A disappointed Jeremy picks his Shooter up off the floor.

Outside, Gerojim stops as he remembers he is supposed to bring Jeremy back to Desnarak. But Yanma knocks him off the bridge and onto where the others are battling the Sanagims.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Jeremy watches this scene, upset that he had put his trust in Yanma and instead he used his precious weapon for a fart joke. Jeremy henshins and shoots at Yanma. He told Yanma about how much this weapon meant to him. It was his mother’s.

Yanma does not recall Jeremy mentioning that, but Jeremy says he needs to read between the lines! Yanma prefers he be told bluntly.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

As Jeremy attacks Yanma, Gira pops out of his Sebastian body and henshins. But Jeremy has an issue with Gira too. He had given him a Soul as a sign of peace. If they could share the Shugoshin amongst himself, the humans and the Bugnarak, they would be equals.

Jeremy does not want to have to explain himself again. Gira does not understand a single thing Jeremy is saying.

Jeremy delivers a Dancing King Finisher at Gira and he gets slammed back to the ground, forcing him to dehenshin. Jeremy flies through the air to do the same to Hymeno and Kaguragi. Jeremy picks up the God Scorpion Soul as he continues on to Rita.

Jeremy shoots webs at them to swipe their Caliburs. Yanma shoots at him from above, but Jeremy has no problem taking care of him and grabbing his sword.

Kamejim arrives and declares Gerojim die a miserable death, calling him a halfwit pest. Gerojim embiggens, along with some Sanagims.

Jeremy just cannot believe no matter how many times he tells humans and Bugnarak not to fight, they just don’t get it. So if they won’t listen to his words, he will make them feel it through his actions. A terrifying story is about to be told.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Jeremy calls on God Tarantula. The sky goes dark and God Tarantula, much to everyone’s shock, descends from the sky along with Guardian Cicada and Guardian Pede.

Jeremy swipes the Soul from Kamejim’s hand before he hops into God Tarantula, along with all five OhgerCaliburs.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Jeremy declares that he is the king that rules over both human and Bugnarak. It will be him that decides the fate of the world. The Ohgers are in even more shock when the Shugoshin pop out of the ground to help Jeremy in defeating the Sanagims. Jeremy then focuses on Gerojim, seemingly finishing him off.

“I’m not a halfwit!” Gerojim says as he explodes.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

The Shugoshin climb up a web tower that God Tarantula shoots into the sky. “Aim for the sun and ascend to the heavens,” Jeremy says as they leave. He thinks of his mother.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

The Ohgers cannot believe the Shugoshin would follow Jeremy.

Later, Gerojim turns out to be alive thanks to Jeremy’s magic trick. He saved Gerojim, saying halfwits should stick together. A grateful Gerojim says Jeremy is truly a worthy king.

Jeremy tells him not to worry. He is the king of the in-betweeners, after all.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Okay King Jerami! I loved that! It’s actually a lot of fun and very exciting to see our heroes get thrown around so easily. And Jeramie really manhandled them. These instances are a great way to build up the characters. You want to see the heroes have to really fight and not just have the easiest time. There’s no drama excitement with the latter. So this episode was great for the Ohgers, but especially of course for Jehramy himself.

Gira was his hotblooded self as he said he didn’t understand anything Jeremy was saying, but didn’t care to stop and listen to Jeramhie instead. It’s a good way to emphasize the conflicting ideals.

At the start of the episode, seeing the meek Gerojim reminded me of how I always feel sorry for the shy, soft-spoken MOTWs. Many times they get destroyed and killed even if they were actually quite nice and not as evil as their bosses! There are of course a few times when the MOTW becomes a fun, great friend to our heroes. But they are few and far between.

So seeing Geramie save Gerojim was great. But again, also perfect for Jeremy being a king for the “others” in the kingdoms. The In-Betweeners. The forgotten people in the shadows. It’s really a great way to introduce more about Jerahmie’s character. And I definitely like it much better than his quick, easy storytime last week. Hehe.

I also loved how Jeremy’s flying around Shugoddam with his spiderweb was more Attack on Titan than Spiderman. lol

The other main takeaway from this episode was of course a peek into Yanma’s backstory. It was a nice story that I think could’ve been its own episode as well. But still worked hand-in-hand with the idea of Jeremee fighting for the little peoples. It’s interesting Yanma didn’t understand that he and Jeremy basically share the same ideals. And of course, that’s where Jeremy’s frustration comes about.

Looking back, I loved the sincere smile Jeremy had after hearing of Yanma’s story. He thought that maybe he and Yanma could see eye-to-eye. Which makes Jheramy’s disappointment and frustration later on after Yanma made a mockery of his sincerity all the more impactful.

I actually hope the other Ohgers also get their chance to not understand Jerami’s feelings too. Make him even more upset and frustrated. Which will help all the characters in the end. Next week looks like Hymeno will get her chance.

As we know, the Ohgers are very much stuck in their own lanes right now. Not wanting to budge from their ideals and beliefs. I thought perhaps they could help nudge each other to a more open mind. But maybe it is Jeremy who will do that more. And of course, the Ohgers doing the same for whatever Jeremy is lacking as well. Lots of great potential there.

Elsewhere, it is fun to see them doing more lighthearted things with Racules like the Ohgers imagining his embarrassments last week and this week. But it made me think about how I hope they do a big story with Racules and Gira. Like a nice, dramatic and emotional brothers story, you know? Maybe something that pops up a bit earlier than how Kiramager waited until the last third to really do something with their own brotherly angst.

Anyway, another great episode of King-Ohger. Just really fun to see every week actually matter and move both the story and characters forward. Makes you look forward to every episode and leaves you very satisfied after every episode too.

Now, if only they could clean-up their CGI and greenscreen stuff a bit better. Or better yet, do more in actual locations! Hehe. It can get distracting when you have the characters standing still, yet the “floor” is moving under them. Or you see thin green halos around the actors from time to time. lol

Out of Studio Locations of the Week

I think? I dunno. Lol Maybe half-CGI/half-Toei junkyard.
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 13 Recap

The good news is they look to be out in the Toei forests next week! Yay!

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  1. This episode really solidifies the theme of having an understanding between one another that this season is basically giving us an anti-war message. I would actually like to see Jeremie end up becoming a king of his own nation.

  2. Really great to see this fun season. It is fun in a different way from Donbrothers, but equally great to watch.

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