Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 37 – Yearning V: Pure White Destruction

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

Beroba says she’ll hand over the Vision Driver after she and Kekera visit the Goddess. They both present their desire cards to her.

Meanwhile, Keiwa, Neon and Sara get the current players ranking of the DR. They full expect Sara to have the most Core IDs so far, but she is actually tied with Michibuffa. Because of that, Sueru has scheduled a one-hour overtime round tomorrow where they must swipe as many Core IDs from other players.

Later as Keiwa and Sara walk home, they talk about how they can’t stop fighting until all the dead DGP players are returned to normal. Ace, meanwhile, is determined to save and free his mother.

Next morning, Kyuun approaches Neon to tell her that it is pointless to continue the fighting because no one’s desire is going to be granted anyway.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

As the clock strikes noon, the players are teleported to the game area. Neon tells Keiwa and Sara about TPTB pulling the plug on the DR, thus no one getting their wish granted even if they win.

Michinaga finds the three of them and they begin the battle. Michinaga insists they just give up and return to their normal lives, forgetting everything about the DGP. Keiwa is determined to save the dead players, but Michinaga says that merely requires more innocent people to suffer.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

Michinaga manages to force Neon and Sara to dehenshin. He grabs their Core IDs and crushes them, officially retiring them. Keiwa is even more resolved to fight for his desire and he charges toward Michinaga.

Meanwhile, Ziin delivers the Desire Drivers to Niramu. But Ziin grabs one and tosses it to Ace who says he will not leave the fate of his mother to the producers.

Niramu follows Ace to the Goddess room where Sueru is as well. Sueru says The Grand End will have the DGP producers and the Goddess disappear for good. Ace will forget everything, according to the Goddess’ own order. Ace does not believe she would ever want that.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

Sueru admits that the Goddess has no free will and is just a tool for making wishes a reality. He holds up a desire card for a world with Ukiyo Ace. But the Goddess seems to refuse the desire. Ace calls out to his mother.

Sueru says the Goddess’ power weakens over time. And a Goddess with no power to grant wishes is just useless garbage that will be disposed of in The Grand End.

Ace charges toward Sueru, but he gets hurled back through a portal to the game area.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Tsumuri has accompanied Win to dig through the DGP archives. Win wants to specifically learn more about how Mitsume, a woman from the future, could have given birth to Ace when Future Peoples have lost the ability to bear new life.

Win finds an entry in the archives from before Ace’s birth. A man who opened a forbidden door was erased from existence. And this event brought about the new rule to the DGP: A Player and navigator must never enter into an intimate relationship. This was also around the time that the Dezashin prize went from a gold coin to a granted desire.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

Back in the game area, Michinaga has forced Keiwa to dehenshin. Keiwa still refuses to give up. Ace watches as Keiwa vows to revive the dead players as well as make the Goddess pay for all the misery she’s caused.

Michinaga has had enough of Keiwa’s idealistic views and is about smash his Core ID, but Win swoops in and knocks it out of Michinaga’s hand. Keiwa manages to grab his Core ID and the updated rankings have Michinaga and Keiwa in a tie with 33.

Win says he has some information for them all. He brings Ace, Keiwa and Michinaga to an empty amphitheater to tell them what he’s found.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

The Navigator at the time, Mitsume, desired a forbidden love and prayed for three days and nights. That resulted in a miraculous birth and the power to remake the world at will. The miracle was granted to an ancient Dezashin and Mitsume from the future.

Doling out misery wasn’t why Mitsume gained her powers. And it was the DGP controlling her powers that resulted in the pain and suffering. Not the Goddess herself.

Back in the Goddess room, Sueru orders the commencement of The Grand End. The Goddess is chained up and lowered from the sky. Sueru tells Niramu that he already has a Goddess successor in mind.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

Ace approaches the two of them on the rooftop. Ace vows to save his mother, but Sueru says The Grand End must take place. Ace knows the DGP has manipulated his mother. Niramu says Ace could have avoided this suffering by just quietly living his life as the son of the Ukiyo family. Niramu asks why he would choose such a rocky path.

Ace says forgetting isn’t even an option for him, even if he wanted to because the DGP has been exploiting his mother this whole time.

Niramu says the Mitsume that Ace once knew is gone anyway. The two of them slap their Drivers on and they henshin. They battle in mid-air until they reach the ground below.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

Sueru has the chained-up Goddess hang above them. Ace tries to get to her, but Niramu finds an opening and forces him to dehenshin. Niramu tells Ace to just accept his fate.

Just then, a piece breaks off of the Goddess’ face. Ace remembers his mother as he crawls to the small piece to pick it up. He refuses to forget about her.

Ace’s anger somehow manifests the Boost MarkIII Buckle and he quickly henshins.

Niramu is flabbergasted as a Rider like this couldn’t possibly exist.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 37 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

I liked this episode because it was quite nice to see a very emotional and animated Ace. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I feel like he’s just been very emotionless and blah from the beginning. So seeing him be very emotional now that he’s learning more about his mother is great.

I didn’t know Mitsume was a Future People™. Must have been another thing to go over my head lol. But the idea of a Past People™ and a Future People™ falling in love is an interesting one. And it definitely adds to Ace being some kind of “chosen one,” which is suitable for this season’s overall vibe. We’ll see what happens there.

I also liked that scene of Keiwa being upset with Michinaga, insisting on following through with his ideals. Ryuga Sato’s voice crack as he was yelling made it feel very dramatic.

What kind of annoyed me this episode was that I had been looking forward to seeing this nice conflict between the main Riders go for a few episodes at least. But no, they ended it here. And very quickly too. Lol Oh well. They want to speed things up, so I’m not against that either I guess.

It’s still crazy to think that this is Episode 37 already. So I can only assume they still have a lot of twists to reveal in the coming months, especially with this faster pace they seem to be embarking on.

Like I mentioned last week, I’m just hopping along for the ride and will appreciate the story moving forward in any way it can now. I might not like how we got here, but I’ll look forward to where we’re going anyway.

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  1. I somehow doubt that Neon’s DQing will stick. Somehow. Also I feel like I would have appreciated a lot of these reveals 10 episodes ago when they started on this trend. The drip feed of ideas/plot has been painful, and the cast hasn’t been able to carry in compensation.

    1. That’s true. I feel like the cast is good, I like them. But they’re not good enough to elevate weaker material and carry the show on their shoulders. Which is too bad. But we’ll see how the last ~13 episodes go.

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