Music Monday, May 29, 2023 – BOYNEXTDOOR Double Debut Title Tracks

“But I Like You” by BOYNEXTDOOR

“One and Only” BOYNEXTDOOR

Rookies BOYNEXTDOOR definitely live up to their name with their double debut title tracks. The first idol group from the prolific Zico, BOYNEXTDOOR exudes a bright, youthful vibe while also having their sound infused with Zico’s distinct style as well. That nice blend is seen in both title tracks and the accompanying music videos and performances. The music videos especially, which look to have been filmed here in the United States, evoke that boy next door vibe. The scenes of quiet American suburban neighborhoods and vibrant malls very much give off even a nostalgic vibe. Perhaps more for an American like me rather than a Korean audience who might have personally experienced that kind of American life.

But this bright, nice guy image immediately endears the group to new listeners. And their overall energy, coupled with their strong visuals, vocals and performance, make for a great debut.

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