Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 10 – “May God save us all.”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 10 – World Under Attack

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

Down on Earth, some of the cadets are having a bonfire. Eva tells the others that she and Ally have plans to head to the mainland this weekend and asks if they want to come with. She has a contact that can secretly get them on a boat. Bert points out that they were lucky to have been granted permission to have this little party on the beach. Steve is not too keen on leaving base and breaking the rules.

Eva says fine, as long as no one squeals to the higher ups. She looks directly at Jamie and tells her not to tattle to her father. Jamie wishes she could throw a shuriken at Eva’s face.

Tomas is excited to go and asks Mark if he’s interested. But Mark says they don’t like him and he doesn’t like them, so what’s the point.

“Lahat naman, ayaw mo eh!”

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

Bert notices Steve’s glances at Jamie and says he’s finally falling for her. But Steve tells him to pipe down since Eva is just a few feet away. Bert continues to tease his brother and Steve giggles.

Steve again glances at Jamie, but he looks away when his eyes meet with hers. Same to Jamie when he catches him glancing as well.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

Zardoz and friends are close enough to Earth that they can see it out of their window. Zardoz thinks it’s a beautiful planet and perfect to become part of their empire. General Draco says he’s found a perfect location on the planet to serve as their hideout.

Zardoz orders Generals Draco and Zuhl to prepare the armada while ordering General Zandra to prepare his war outfit.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

After getting dressed, he returns to the ship’s bridge and his generals confirm everything is ready. He gives the official order for them to conquer Earth.

The Boazanian fleet swoops down over the planet, attacking locations all over the world including New York, China, Paris and a futuristic Manila.

Cmdr. Robinson mobilizes the EDF and they begin engaging the invading forces. He addresses all countries of the world and orders them to implement all defense protocols.

“May God save us all.”

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

CBF immediately calls the cadets (namely Steve, Jamie, Mark and Bert) back to base while they’ve been enjoying their Saturday off either training or riding horses and bikes. They arrive at a base that is filled with urgency.

Little Jon asks Dr. Smith if he’s up for video games later, but it’s unlikely at the moment. Dr. Smith asks Steve where the rest of the cadets are, but he says he doesn’t know. Anna, one of the command center specialists, says she’s been trying to call the other cadets, but no one is answering.

Dr. Smith asks the cadets once again where the others are.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

Eva, Ally and Tomas are enjoying the quiet marina on the mainland. Ally says Anna’s been calling all morning, but Eva tells her to just ignore it. They’re here to have fun today.

While they’re wondering where their other friend PJ is, the peaceful morning is rocked by explosions. Realizing CBF is under attack, Eva says they need to hurry back.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

Anna repeats that none of the other cadets are answering and are most likely not on the island. Dr. Mary Ann asks each one of Steve, Bert, Jamie and Mark what they know. But no one is talking. Steve instead demands his mother tell them what’s going on.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

Mark says he may have no right to any classified information since he doesn’t have a mother who works at CBF. In fact, he doesn’t have a mother at all. But the least Dr. Mary Ann can do is to tell her sons.

Dr. Smith decides it’s time to explain that the world is under attack. He shows them live video of cities across the world being blown up by the alien fleet. And it is they who will save the world.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

The cadets are shocked that Dr. Smith may have actually been telling them truth about aliens. Steve asks his mother if it’s really true true and she says yes. This is the very reason they have undergone training and why the Voltes robo exists.

Dr. Smith says the Volt machines are ready and they must go now!

Voltes V Legacy Episode 10 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Yay! Finally we’re getting to the exciting part! THE moment of the episode was definitely Commander Robinson’s “May God save us all.” That sent chills down my spine. That line and again seeing the scenes of Earth being attacked really sets the tone for what is about to happen. That is, the Voltes team being quickly thrown into battle.

Yes, it felt like they just repeated most of what we saw in episode one. And I don’t know that these last two weeks actually accomplished what the show seemed to want to do in terms of building anticipation for the moment the kids hop into their Volt machines.

But the episode itself was able to capture the chaotic feeling of the cadets being shocked and confused by the sudden invasion. And of course, the EDF having been preparing for this moment since Ned Armstrong was still on Earth.

The episode on its own was great. But…

We got eight episodes between the premiere and this one. And for some reason, I still feel like we didn’t really get enough proper build up. Let’s be honest, the episodes in between were mostly slow. Necessary episodes, but really slow paced. Yet, it’s almost like they focused more on less important details.

For me, I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more of the cadet training. And using those scenes to flesh out the characters more. We only got scenes from Jamie and Mark that lasted less than a minute each episode. And almost every scene with Steve and, to a lesser extent, Bert were of how cocky and privileged-feeling they were. I mean, I feel like we got more focus on Eva’s jealousy and Steve looking to cheat on her with Jamie rather than who these four out of five Voltes members actually are.

Little Jon was really the only one of the Voltes team that got substantial character foundation building. He’s the only one you feel like it’ll be exciting to see don the suit and hop into the Volt machine. For the others, it felt more like a matter of circumstance that they ended up being the chosen four.

I think that approach would’ve worked if we didn’t have these eight episodes previous that were supposed to do more to build up the feeling of “destiny” that Dr. Smith only mentioned the other day.

The episode made it seem like the only reason these four are chosen is because the others decided to slack off. And while that might be part of “destiny,” it’s not as exciting as actually laying out moments and emotions that truly build toward what is supposed to be the climactic moment of them finally becoming the Voltes team. Yes of course, we’ll meet them over the next 70 episodes. But gives us something in these preceding eight episodes at least.

A lot has been made of the last two weeks being quite slow. But while the foundation laying is appreciated and necessary, there’s still a feeling of missed potential here. These two weeks were supposed to lead up to what we saw in the premiere. But I wonder if it would’ve been better to just do flashbacks later on to fill in the gaps rather than do this chronological backstory which is far more traditional for local teleseryes. Especially being a daily series, doing flashbacks, I think would work much better compared to say a series that has only one or two half-hour episodes a week (like toku).

The same with Zardoz and Co. Use their month-long journey to Earth to flesh out Zardoz’s feelings. Show us more of the generals’ dynamics with each other and the prince. Maybe have them stop over on a planet they run into along the way. Even if it’s just a few minutes in one episode.

Again, my nitpicks might come from my experience watching toku all these years. Where both 50-episode Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series are able to jump right into the action from Episode 1 and are still able to tell stories and introduce characters with depth. Usually, the Sentai team and the title Rider get their powers in the first episode. (Or even already have their powers.) And immediately have to fight the villains. We’ll then learn more as the series progresses. Finding out about tragic backstories or intertwined pasts and the like.

I assumed it would be easier for Voltes V: Legacy being a daily show. But perhaps the familiar teleserye conventions and wanting to avoid alienating Filipino viewers overrode attempting a different, but more suitable storytelling momentum.

But even with some of these regrets, this episode showed what might end up carrying Voltes V: Legacy. And that is the pure action that they have already proven they can deliver, based on Episode 1 and now Episode 10. This is only the first battle of course. And there will be many more in the next 70 episodes. But I’m feeling more and more that the visually striking and legitimately exciting action sequences will help carry any slack caused by the somewhat shaky narrative decisions.

So far.

I think I’ll be reminding myself of the episode number often in the next few months. It’s only Episode 10 of 80. So there’s still plenty of show left. But for now, the good outweigh the… I’ll say weak instead of “bad”. Because nothing yet has been outright bad. Just many things I think could’ve been done differently and better for the benefit of the overall story.

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 10 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!
As of this post, they’ve posted the episode in three parts:

The single video upload of the episode (again, available only in the Philippines) will come sometime soon, I guess.

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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  1. Yung pacing lang talaga ang medyo tagilid ngayon sa VVL.Agree ako na sa 2 weeks, hindi nila masyado na maximize yung time. Eh halos each episode, 1/3 is devoted sa recap, preview and credits. 7-8 minutes na yun total sa isang 25 minute episode at most. Iba ang slowburn sa slow lang talaga.

    1. Yeah! I noticed how the recap and preview are pretty long. Plus the opening and ending credits.

      I also agree about the difference between slowburn and just plain slow.

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