Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 9 – “Hindi mo ako pwede i-blackmail!”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 9 – Earth on Alert
Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

Dr. Smith tells Dr. Mary Ann that the kids should know the truth about their father. But Dr. Mary Ann wants to protect them and fears if they knew the truth, they might hop on a spaceship too and head to Boazan to search for Papa Armstrong. Dr. Smith says it is up to her, but he believe secrets and lies can hurt relationships. And they always have a way of coming out.

Over in the forest, Steve wants to do an experiment. He whips out their mother’s pistol which he secretly swiped so he can shoot Bert and see if he’s also impervious to bullets. Bert doesn’t want to be shot, but Steve insists and believes he won’t get hurt like him.

“Kahit kuya kita, uupakan talaga kita!”

When Bert turns to leave, Steve shoots at his leg. Bert goes down in a bit of dramatics, but save for some drops of blood, he’s fine. Bert pulls the bullet out and Steve says this is not normal behavior. He is sure Mama Armstrong is keeping secrets from them.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

Inside the base, Mama Armstrong is wondering where her gun went. But when she sees Steve and Bert just arriving, she realizes she’s got the answer. Bert points at Steve and he admits he just borrowed it to practice his gunsmanship.

Mama Armstrong asks Master Chief Somera to secure her gun for her. She asks Steve and Bert if something is bothering them, but they say no.

Bert asks why Steve didn’t tell their mother what they did earlier. But Steve says their mother is just going to scold them and not tell them anything anyway. Bert wonders if they really do take after their father.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

Later. Dr. Mary Ann speaks with Spc. Apable and asks why he would shoot Steve. He apologizes, but says the bullet didn’t even tabla him. Commander Robinson orders him to pretend that is not true, that it never happened and that he didn’t see what he saw.

After Spc. Apable is dismissed, Dr. Mary Ann is worried that her kids will become more and more curious about their pagkatao. Cmdr. Robinson says they won’t even have time to think about it considering everything else that needs to urgently be done, such as their children’s training.

After some flight training, the cadets are in the martial arts room. Jamie is able to get Tomas in a headlock, much to Steve and Bert’s amazement. When Jamie offers to show Steve how to do it, he excitedly leaps at the chance.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

First, Jamie shows Steve how to wrap the arm around the neck. Then Steve gives it a try to her. While this is going on, Ava and her friend arrive and she is absolutely livid at seeing Steve and Jamie touching each other.

That evening, Ava confronts Jamie and tells her to stay away from her mans. She says no one would be interested in Jamie anyway since she looks boring and boyish.

Jamie laughs it off and says “We’ll see.”

Back home, Mama Armstrong gives Little Jon some modules to study. But Little Jon wants to talk about his theory on why he and his brothers are special. Mama Armstrong wants to hear it and Little Jon explains that it is not the vaccine. But instead they must not be totally human and they take after their father.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

Mama Armstrong things that’s very interesting. But Little Jon makes it even more interesting when he blackmails his mother. He will keep this theory a secret if she allows him to enter training. But if not, “Lagot ka!” and he will blab to his brothers everything he’s just said.

Steve and Bert just arrive to announce they’ve been accepted into special training.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

Little Jon asks his mother again what her decision is. Mama Armstrong asks Steve and Bert to leave them alone for now.

Mama Armstrong lets loose and reminds Little Jon that she is his mother. And just because he is a genius, doesn’t mean he is right all the time.

“Hindi mo ako pwede i-blackmail!”

Litten Jon apologizes and says he just wants to be part of the Voltes team. Mama Armstrong also apologizes and says as a mother, she of course doesn’t want to put her children in harm’s way. She’s already so worried about her big brothers, what more with him.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

Mama Armstrong wraps her arms around Little Jon.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

Up in space, Zandra and Zuhl report to Zardoz about what they’ve found out about Earth’s defenses. They laugh at how poor and meager the weapons of war are and they believe they’ll have an easy time conquering the planet.

Later while alone, Zardoz thinks about his first meeting with his father. He is eager to make the people of Earth pay for having harbored Hrothgar.

Back on Earth, Little Jon is using his telescope and sees strange explosions near the moon. He wonders what they could be since there are no reports of meteor showers tonight. Mama Armstrong tells Little Jon it’s time to go to bed, but Little Jon tells her about what he saw.

Mama Armstrong tells Little Jon to go inside and when he leaves, she looks into the explosions herself.

Next morning, Commander Robinson meets with Dr. Mary Ann after she sent him a message about what Little Jon saw. Commander Robinson confirms those explosions weren’t natural events and Dr. Mary Ann wonders if this is the arrival of the Boazanians.

MCPO Somera assures Dr. Mary Ann that the EDF is ready and willing to defend the Earth with everything they’ve got.

Little Jon looks up at the sky and sees the cadets training in the jets. Cmdr. Robinson has faith in the new cadets and says they are the hope for the future. Team Voltes V.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 9 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Another pretty solid episode. Little Jon and Mama Armstrong were once again the MVPs.

First up though, it was good to see the scene of Steve experimenting with Bert. It’s an amusing scene that has serious story consequence. It allowed us to see more of their relationship beyond cadet training and also away from potential yabang triggers. Lol So that was nice. I just wish they had included some of this doubting and curiosity of their background a little more in the previous episodes. The show is taking their sweet time to give the characters a fuller backstory, but I don’t know that they’re using this time in the best way they can.

Speaking of mana and who they take after, seems like Steve’s arrogance has rubbed off on Little Jon! Lol I personally wouldn’t let my little kid point at me like that and say “Lagot ka!” lololol So it was nice to see Mama Armstrong set him straight. And we saw naman that Little Jon immediately understood what he did was wrong, even if he is sad.

Really wonderful scenes between Little Jon and Mama Armstrong. And their scenes help to emphasize how dangerous this potential threat is. Mama Armstrong knows full well what could be on the horizon. And being a mother, you can understand her worry. Especially for her youngest.

And the scene with Dr. Mary Ann, Cmdr. Robinson and Spc. Apable was another that emphasized the threat. They are more concerned with the truth of the half-alien kids being exposed rather than a soldier shooting a fellow soldier. Lol. Priorities!

When it comes to Zardoz’s “revenge,” it just doesn’t have as much as impact as him merely being an uber-imperialist and then later realizing the people he’s fighting is his family or something. I would’ve established that he has always been conflicted about his feelings for his father Hrothgar. Have him sort of lonely and actually miss him, but then have the brainwashing, emotional manipulation kick in. He snaps out of his longing for his father and instead uses anger and resentment to get over that loneliness and hurt.

It’s actually quite a go-to story on many a toku series. (And I’m sure many an anime series as well.) So it would’ve fit perfectly here on Voltes V: Legacy. Him going through those emotions gives a great depth to him being an antagonist. Not necessarily forcing a path to redemption. But just giving him the depth necessary to make the overall story more emotionally affecting.

A cartoon villain can be fun. A more well-rounded villain is even better!

Elsewhere, the claws are out! Seems like the trailers and previews pre-show only included stuff from the first few weeks. So I was a little surprised we are already getting that “Stay away from my mans” scene. I thought that would come later.

Anyway, it’s funny and typical. But also suited to the characters since they are still hot-blooded youths. Looking forward to Jamie being less “boring.” Lol She seems to have a plan! And I’m excited to see how she embarrasses Ava. (I hope!) But Jamie, Mark is right there! Team #MaMie for lyfe!

Also, I like Steve’s characterization. He’s a cocky brat who is itching to cheat on his girlfriend. Lol Ummm… okay? Lol

Overall, another solid episode. Definitely slightly above average. But the preview for tomorrow looks much more exciting as finally we’ll be getting some invasion action! Woohoo!

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 9 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!
As of this post, they’ve posted the episode in three parts:

The single video upload of the episode (again, available only in the Philippines) will come tomorrow, Philippine time. I guess.

Looks like they’ve begin to immediately private the primetime livestream too. Even for the Philippines.

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