Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 5 – Camp Big Falcon

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Back on Boazan, Zardoz is excited to show Uncle Zambojil and Lola Contessa the medal he received from school for his top ranked intelligence. Zambojil says he definitely did not make a mistake in taking him in and says he’s proud of him. Zardoz thanks his uncle with a hug. Much to Zambojil’s disgust, actually.

Zambojil advises Zardoz not to hug him anymore. Any emotion such as love, sadness and crying are all signs of weakness that could eventually bring about his downfall. Zambojil wants Zardoz not to follow in his traitorous father’s footsteps.

Zardoz snaps back that Hrothgar is not his father. Zambojil reminds Zardoz that Hrothgar is a traitor who lied and cheated the nobles as well as the slaves of their planet.

After Zardoz leaves, Lola Contessa tells her son how great it is that he has been able to brainwash Zardoz against Hrothgar. She believes Zardoz will be of great use to them in the future.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Meanwhile on Earth, Ned is saying goodbye to his family. He tells his sons to be nice and to take care of their baby brother and mother. Steve and Bert ask where Papa Ned is actually going. Ned says he just has to go someplace where he must fulfill a promise he made long ago.

The boys still don’t understand, but Mama Mary Ann tells them not to ask too many questions of their father.

Dr. Smith tells Ned that everything is ready and he must go now. Ned asks Dr. Smith to look after his family while he’s gone. And if he can’t return soon, to train the boys enough that they will be able to protect their mother and the world.

Ned tells Mama Mary Ann how much he loves her and their children. She says she will hold on to that love as a promise that he will return safely to them. Dr. Mary Ann hopes he will not forget how much they love him as well.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

The husband and wife share a hug. But it’s really time for Ned to go. Ned tells Lt. Sumera that he has asked Col. Robinson to assign him to watch over his family. Lt. Sumera says Ned can count on him.

The Armstrongs watch as Ned is escorted to his spaceship and he blasts off into space.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Later, Col. Robinson apologizes to Dr. Smith for arriving late and not being able to see “the Boazanian” off. He hopes Ned will be able to arrive at his destination safely. Dr. Smith says it’s too bad the warp drive engine Ned was developing was not finished before leaving. Without it, it will take Ned at least seven to eight years to arrive on Boazan.

Fast forward ten years later. Steve, Bert and Little Jon join their mother as she looks out over the ocean, thinking of Ned. She tells them how much she regrets not stopping their father from leaving back then. Little Jon wishes he had been able to know him. Steve and Bert say they should be happy with the good weather instead of thinking of their sad past.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Later, Steve and Bert are at Camp Big Falcon (CBF) along with other fresh rookie cadets. Bert tries to rizz up some of the female cadets and tells Steve that they have special privilege here at camp since they’re Armstrongs. Steve agrees and says this place wouldn’t even exist without their father and mother.

Overhearing their conversation, SPC Apable intentionally bumps into Steve who tells him to “Chill out bro.” SPC Apable reminds Steve and Bert that he is their senior and that the two of them shouldn’t go around acting like the princes of CBF.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Lt. Sumera approaches them to ask if there’s any problem. He tells SPC Apable to cool down on the new recruits since they’ve just arrived. As Apable and the other specialist leave, humirit pa si Bert with a “Serves you right!”

Lt. Sumera scolds both Steve and Bert and tells them to keep a low profile. Their parents wouldn’t be happy seeing the two of them act like cocky show offs. Bert apologizes and Lt. Sumera leaves.

That’s when their childhood friend Jamie sees them and they share hugs. But Steve’s girlfriend Eva also shows up and while Steve introduces the two ladies to each other, Eva doesn’t seem to want anything to do with Jamie.

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 5 – Camp Big Falcon

Watching this scene are fellow rookie cadets Mark and Tomas. Tomas says it must feel great being a “PK” or “Privileged Kid” around here. The two of them share their disdain for the cocky PKs. At the cadets’ first training session, Steve, Bert and Eva (arriving late) all take reserved chairs while everyone else sits on the floor watching an already ongoing sparring match.

Steve points Mark and Tomas out to Bert, assuming they’re being talked about again. But Bert says not to mind them.

Suddenly, a small mechanical tutube comes flying in. It’s actually a small camera drone invented by Little Jon. Bert, knowing this, grabs the drone and smashes it like a bug.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Lt. Sumera calls on Jamie and Eva to be the next pair to spar on the mat. Eva takes the first round on the strength of her gigil toward Jamie. But Jamie is able to easily best Eva in the second and final round.

Jamie reaches out her hand to help Eva up, but good sport Eva just slaps it away. Steve asks poor Eva if she’s okay and she says yes. Jamie says “Cheese” under her breath at the corny display.

That evening, Steve joins Mama Mary Ann as she looks up at space thinking of Ned. They reminisce about the times Papa Ned would enjoy looking up at the stars.

Steve asks Mama Mary Ann where Papa Ned actually went, especially since he left in a spaceship. Mary Ann has no answers to any of Steve’s questions. Steve just wants to know why he’s fatherless. But Mary Ann says like soldiers, there are just missions that can’t be talked about.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Next day, Dr. Smith assembles the recruits who have shown initiative in being part of the EDF special program. Standing outside Hangar E29, Dr. Smith says to actually become part of that team, they will need to be fearless and be ready to put their lives on the line for the world against a big threat.

Steve and Eva interrupt the doctor to ask what kind of threat. Dr. Smith says more than terrorists, aliens. The cadets laugh, but Dr. Smith is definitely not joking.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Mark says if the doctor is actually serious, does he really think they are the ones who can fight against them? Dr. Smith shows them the weapon that they will use to do so. Steve and Bert remember seeing the big robo that was being built when they were kids.

And sure enough, the doors open to reveal the completed Voltes V robo.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 5 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Another interesting episode. We finally arrive in the present day-ish. But before the fast forward, I honestly felt like HrothNed’s goodbye to his family felt kind of cold? I feel like the final scenes in Episode 4 were more emotional and maybe even felt more sincere. Whereas the goodbye scene in this episode felt really distant and cold from actually both Ned and Dr. Mary Ann. Kinda weird feeling. I’m not sure.

But you know what? I am definitely going to be ranty this episode about something else. Because not gonna lie, when Steve and Bert rolled up to CBF like that I was all “Damn, ang yayabang nila! Sobrang mahangin sa labas ng CBF. Grabe!!!” lol

Just because they’re Armstrongs doesn’t give them free reign over the Camp. I mean, they didn’t even take the threat of aliens seriously. So how do they think they are the big boys on camp-us just because of who their parents are. Totally typical rich kid behavior.

And don’t come at me with the “They’re just teens!” and it’s just “typical teen behavior” excuse. Because I know damn well Dr. Mary Ann and even HrothNed did not raise them to be cocky pricks. Zambojil to Zardoz, yes. Dr. Mary Ann and HrothNed to Steve and Bert? Come on now! lol

With Little Miss Thing Eva, I’d love to see her be that type of character who screws up so bad because of her selfishness and, obviously, jealousy toward Jamie regarding Steve. But so far, Jamie is #BestGirl and knowing that we’ll more than likely get some love triangle action, I’ll probably be #TeamMark 2nd lead syndrome unless Steve gets over himself. Lol Or maybe Mark is all business and could care less about romance. Which, even more reason to like him! lol

Especially with Cowboy Mark coming from humble beginnings on a farm, I assume based on the hat, it endears him a lot more than whatever that second scene of the brothers was with them thinking they own Camp Big Falcon. I understand and definitely relate! to Mark more with his contempt for cocky jerks rather than feeling the silver spoon-ish personalities of Steve and Bert in this episode.

Again, based on just this episode, the older Armstrong Bros definitely came across as spoiled brats. Little Jon though is cool and I’d love to see him be that type of smart, witty little kid that can put his older brothers in their place. And I assume he already does considering his intelligence and skill in engineering already? Certainly more impressive than his big kuyas.

But of course this is all preparation for whatever big character development and character growth they’ll have later on. I just hope they don’t annoy me to the point of no return that there is nothing left to redeem! lol Because I’ve definitely experienced similar situations in many a toku season lol

I also hope we see a bit more about Zardoz’s childhood and the way Zambojil and Mama Contessa just absolutely destroyed his mind with the manipulation and brainwashing. It was actually so sad to see him appear to be a nice, positive-thinking young man. And then the mother and son just flip the switch and the trash attitude is immediately activated. Really sad.

It’s interesting because even now, I already feel sorry for him. And I kinda feel like learning about his childhood and even his true identity should have been saved for later in a sort of pseudo-redemption arc. But already knowing that he’s been brainwashed, it kind of lessens the impact of Zardoz’s eventual clash with his brothers and the Voltes team. Like, learning all this about Zardoz would hit different after he and the Voltes team maybe already engage in big battles and we actually see Zardoz committing atrocities like his Uncle Zambojil, etc.

So couple that with the way Steve and Bert came across in their first impression, it’s almost like I’m rooting for Zardoz at this point. Lolololol

But it’s still very early of course. Episode 5 of 80?! There’s still a lot more character development to come.

And overall, this was a solid, if not strong first week for Voltes V: Legacy. It definitely gave a sense of how the series will play out. Basically like a traditional Filipino teleserye, but with a refreshingly unique twist. And definitely a bit more effort in its production and visuals. Lots of familiar Filipino stories mixed with the atypical (for Philippine TV) sci-fi angle as well.

The accomplishments in the visuals will be the biggest win of this first week. Maybe in these latter episodes of the week, the visuals carried much of the weight.

I do feel like they could’ve paced this first week a little better. Because it’s unavoidable to feel such a huge adrenaline rush from Episode 1 and then lose all that energy by the end of the week. Perhaps finding ways to insert a bit more action in places and then finish off the week with a big cliffhanger. I mean, we already saw the robo in action in Episode 1. So revealing it at the end of Episode 5 and being the week-ending scene isn’t that exciting.

Anyway, it’s been a fun week. Lots to like and enjoy, but again, it’s still early. And there’s a lot ahead.

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 5 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:

However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!
I like how GMA made the effort to really build up hype for the show worldwide, outside of the Philippines. But has not made it possible for anyone outside the Philippines to watch the series without subscribing to GMA Pinoy TV or using other, unofficial means. Even as they also started a “No to Piracy” campaign specifically with the Voltes V cast. lol

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