Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 35 – Yearning III: A Sister’s Wish, A Brother’s Wish

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Neon is filling Sara in on the DGP while having some coffee. Sara is surprised that Ace was a DezaShin and they must now fight against him. But she is determined to continue fighting as long as she can keep Keiwa from being a Rider again. Neon realizes Sara did not see Keiwa henshin last episode.

At home, Keiwa asks Kekera why he allowed Sara to become a Rider. Kekera explains that it was Sara’s decision and that she did it so Keiwa will not be in danger anymore. Kekera adds that it’s a good thing they have more allies in the DR.

Keiwa asks Kekera not to tell his sister that he’s become a Rider again so as not to have her resolve go to waste.

Just then, Sueru announces the next round of the DR: For the players to retrieve the ID Cores taken by the Jyamato within three days. The one who retrieves the most ID Cores will decide who to eliminate. Sueru says this is to make up for the cheating of one of the players

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Ziin finds Ace and asks him what he’s going to do about the DGP. Ace says he will get rid of it if it means he can save his mother. Ziin says Ace is being pretty rude to his fans. But since he’s still his supporter and even if he doesn’t agree with Ace’s goal, Ziin gives Ace his Laser Raise Riser.

The players are taken to the forest. Neon is with Sara who is able to easily use the Core ID radar since she’s pretty good with gadgets and stuff. Keiwa camouflages himself and follows them.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Neon and Sara, however, run into Michinaga almost immediately. And he is ready to eliminate them here. They all henshin and battle. Keiwa henshins, but uses an invisibility cloak to hide himself from his sister.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Invisible Keiwa helps his sister by tripping Michinaga and allowing Sara to send a blast toward him. That in turn allows her and Neon to escape.

Meanwhile, Daichi is nearby battling Jyamato and Ace approaches him. Daichi asks Ace to work with him, especially in taking on Michibuffa. Ace will not be tricked by Daichi so they battle until Daichi leaves.

While Neon and Sara find some Core IDs, Daichi hits the jackpot. He heads to the DGP green room and apologizes to Sara for attacking her yesterday since he didn’t know she was pro-DGP.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Neon asks what he’s doing here, but he says he has every right considering he’s also a DR player.

Daichi wants to have a three-day truce so they can work together against Michibuffa. But a strange tanuki suddenly pops up next to them. He introduces himself as Ponchihi, Sara’s supporter.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Neon is excited to see Sara also has supporters. But when she approaches the tanuki, she sees Keiwa is providing Ponchihi’s voice from behind the couch. Keiwa whispers for Neon to keep this is a secret from Sara.

Ponchichi reminds Sara that Daichi deceived Keiwa in the past. Daichi says he won’t make excuses for that because he will use anyone to realize his ideal world. Sometimes that will be the Jyamato, sometimes it could be them.

Neon and Sara aren’t convinced. But Daichi says he will give them all the Core IDs he’s collected so long as they choose to eliminate Michibuffa. Neon asks Ponchichi what he thinks and he thinks there’s nothing wrong with accepting the Core IDs.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Daichi gets up and smiles at a surprised Keiwa behind the couch, saying that’s what a smart brother would do.

Sara says she’ll go home first so Keiwa won’t worry about her. After she leaves, Keiwa asks Neon and Daichi to please keep this secret. And also for Daichi to not lay a hand on his sister. Daichi says Keiwa’s secret is safe with him.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Downtown, Ace approaches Michinaga to say he better be collecting Core IDs as well, otherwise they’re gonna vote him out. Ace tosses Michinaga an onigiri and they both have a snack while talking about the current situation.

Michinaga asks Ace his reason for wanting to work with him and Ace says it’s all about wanting to save his mother. Michinaga realizes this was Ace’s desire all along. Ace adds that now that he knows the truth, it is his only goal.

Michinaga is not sure he will work with him.

Meanwhile, Keiwa catches up to his sister so they can go home together.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Over at the temple, Tsumuri tells Sueru that she can’t stand to see the Riders fighting each other. It suddenly gets dark and Sueru pops in behind her, saying her opinion as a Navigator is irrelevant. Anyway, this world is just a stage for the performance. Once they’re done with it, just throw it away. They will leave this world as if they were never there.

Tsumuri asks what the point of pitting the Riders against each other is then. Sueru says they no longer need to feed the circus animals.

Tsumuri can’t believe it. But suddenly, two guys come walking in, saying she must prepare to say goodbye as well.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

It’s Day 2 of this round of the DR. In the green room, Daichi shows them a map of where they should search for more Core IDs. He offers to be bait for Ace and Michinaga while the ladies retrieve the Core IDs.

Neon just reminds Daichi not to betray them. Keichichi tells Sara to be careful and she says she’ll be fine since she has Neon with her. Daichi adds that them working together can mean no longer suffering under Michibuffa.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Unfortunately, Daichi calls Michinaga to tell him exactly where the others will be heading off to. He is doing this to get revenge against the others for when he was accused of being the DezaStar. So he will leave their execution to Michinaga.

It is noon and the DR resumes play. Keiwa follows Neon and Sara to the river where Daichi suggested. But Sara does not see anything on her radar. Just then, a rustling in the bushes.

Meanwhile, Daichi heads into the mountains to get the Core IDs himself. Michinaga finds him and says he doesn’t think it was the others who got scammed.

Ace is the one that emerges from the bushes and says Daichi has outsmarted them once again. He says the greedier you are, the more you lose. So ironically, it will be Daichisparrow who get the worst of it.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Daichi reminds Michinaga that he will also lose everything without the Goddess. But Michinaga just says Daichi is like everyone else, selfish. Michinaga does not agree with achieving the ideal world by stepping on others.

They henshin and battle.

Back at the river, Ace reminds them that in the DR, all Riders are their rivals. But Neon says she and Sara share the same goal. And Sara would make the best DezaShin to keep the DGP running.

Neon asks Ace why he doesn’t get rid of them then. Ace says his enemy is the DGP management, not them.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Ace passes by Keiwa hiding behind a tree and repeats that they are not his enemy. Keiwa says he will do all he can to protect his sister.

Back at the mountain, Michinaga explains to Daichi that the most greedy will lose the most. That’s how life is.

Michibuffa delivers a Hyper Zombie Strike to force Daichi to dehenshin. Michinaga grabs Daichi’s Core ID, saying this is how Daichi will no longer be a Rider. Daichi screams out that this is not the end.

Daichi is officially retired.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Beroba is watching the DR with Kekera and says this is not what she wants to see. Kekera admits this is different from their plan, but Beroba seems to understand what is happening.

Michinaga encounters Archimedel who says he still has his ideal world to achieve. Kekera thinks this is a good development.

Back at the temple, Tsumuri is face to face with Niramu and Win. They explain that Sueru resurrected them.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 35 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

An alright episode. I most enjoyed seeing goofyKeiwa. It was a lot of fun actually. And it was a nice contrast to later when he glared at Ace which I would love to see more of. More Ace vs. Keiwa action please! But also more goofyKeiwa!

I also like the Neon and Sara duo. Definitely more than the other attempts at a “partner” for Neon outside of the core four. Sara is a much more established character. So having Sara with her clear objective and her connection with one of the main characters allows her to be a good partner for Neon compared to the other randos that pop up.

Speaking of, Daichi’s demise is just such a great example of what all the other characters have been like this season. Outside of the main four plus Tsumuri and maybe Sara, everyone else has basically been introduced merely to be fodder. Like, most of (if not all of) the supporting characters have been uninteresting, unexciting or ultimately irrelevant. Being a plot device isn’t necessarily a good character thing. So even if they might be consequential in moving the story an inch forward, that doesn’t make them an interesting or engaging character.

So Daichi getting “retired” is just a meh moment since he hasn’t really done anything.

Now they bring back Niramu and Win. Which feels so random. Not to mention Archimedel who turned out to be a dud. Like, I would rather they just clean house by now and just focus on the core four + Tsumuri with Sara and Ziin and Kekera and Beroba dragging us all the way to the end. At this point, I don’t know that any new twist or surprise will get me excited about the season anymore. So I’m just hoping for good action and satisfying conclusions for the MAIN characters.

Geats is really a unique season for me. Definitely far from a favorite. But also not so painfully and offensively bad like certain other seasons. Far from that too. Like, it’s not even the same kind of apathy I have for Power Rangers. I do like these characters actually. I just don’t really care enough to put the effort into getting excited about them? I don’t even know lololl

Anyway, an alright episode. The more in-fighting, the better. Also the more goofyKeiwa, surprisingly enough, the better too.

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 35 – Yearning III: A Sister’s Wish, A Brother’s Wish

  1. The issue with cleaning house is they are (supposedly) playing for mega keeps. They need extras to be eliminated so they don’t have to eliminate the main 4.

    1. I guess therein lies the flaw to this season’s game premise. Which is why I thought, originally, that we’d get to see many “seasons” of the DGP or whatever new reality show pops up with different winners. And how those different worlds would eventually affect each other, etc. Oh well.

  2. Those supporting characters have as much characterisation as a regular monster-of-the-week. If they have too much focus, there will not be enough material for the main four, and the “too many characters” red flag will be raised.

    1. I’d say a number of them have received more. But not actually enough to be full side characters. So the wrong amount on both sides.

      1. That’s a good way to put it. The show definitely hasn’t found the right balance. Which then affects the most important aspects of the season (main four, Ace’s story)

    2. That’s true. But at the same time, they still hang around for a while. And sometimes they feel integral to the story, other times they feel like set pieces. So they still take away time and material from the main four, regardless. I guess I’d at least want to have the fodder be fun or interesting. Which, for most part, they have not been. To me.

  3. This was a good episode as it was a bit lighter than usual. If the story is 🤧at least the season can be fun. So I liked it.

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