Music Monday Presents Filipino Friday, March 31, 2023 – ALAMAT’s “Gayuma”

Every time ALAMAT releases a new music video, of course it is worthy of special mention. And their MV for “Gayuma” might just be their most striking and captivating yet.

“Gayuma” was one of my favorite tracks from Pasulong. (Though how can you choose just one favorite, yeah?) Though the track has a similarly smooth and sexy vibe from other tracks on the album, I felt like it was a bit special. That is, with this track, ALAMAT once again gives it a unique quality and indescribable “extra” feeling by taking a modern pop dance track and making it distinctly Filipino.

It’s just really wonderful. And the music video is the same way. The kinds of striking, edgy visuals that you don’t expect from a Filipino music video. Yet, the lyrics and vibe are Filipino through and through. And together it is such an excellent and captivating example of what present Filipino pop music has to offer to the world.

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