Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 29 – Lamentation V: Surprise! Bullfighting Game♡

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

Archimedel damns Ace for meddling in the JGP’s grand plans. But Michinaga has just the game for the next round.

Back in Tokyo, Neon wraps up her livestream by thanking everyone for the birthday greetings as today is her big day. But in reality, Neon considers today the commemoration of both her happiest and saddest day.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

Keiwa and Ace are out shopping. Keiwa hopes to buy a nice present for Neon and asks Ace what he’s getting her. Ace says his mere greeting will be enough to give her. Keiwa comments how it’s a bit hard to wrap his head around the idea Ace has been reincarnated and that he retains memories of his past lives. He acknowledges that’s probably why Ace has dominated the DGP.

Ace says he thought Keiwa would be more shocked by the revelation. But Keiwa says Ace is still Ace, after all.

Just then, a Jyamato appears waving a flag and scaring people outside. Keiwa and Ace run after it. But while Keiwa is able to catch up, Ace gets stopped by a barrier.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

Beroba and Michinaga pop in to meet Keiwa and Michinaga explains that this bullfighting JGP game was his idea. With Keiwa being the bull in this situation, he quickly henshins and takes on the Jyamato.

Beroba says the order for the Jyamato side will be Rook, Bishop and MichiBuffa. While for the DGPers, it’s Keiwa, Neon then Geats last. The losing team at the end of these one-on-one battles will be eliminated for good.

Neon wants to hurry and help Keiwa, but Ace says only audience members are allowed to enter the arena at the moment. But they will find a way around it as this is the perfect opportunity to eliminate the Jyamato players once and for all. That would be a fun birthday present for Neon. In addition to all the gifts her fans have sent in to the DGP.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

Ace notices Neon looks pretty down for her birthday, but she assures him that she’s fine.

They proceed to watch Keiwa’s battle just as he loses the first round to the Jyamato, thanks to interference from Beroba. Beroba laughs as Keiwa gets thrown in a cell. But Michinaga tells her to back off since this is his game. She tells him to chill out, especially since they won anyway. He should just sit back and enjoy the DGPers’ suffering.

Beroba has just the information that will ensure Neon’s defeat during her face-off.

Downtown, Kyuun tries to approach Neon with his birthday present for her. But he gets shy when she notices him and assumes he is here to help celebrate. Kyuun denies it and says he can’t help it when he just randomly runs into her all the time.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

To Kyuun’s shock, Neon knows he is her anonymous supporter. They head to her audience room and she asks why he is so sweet in his letters to her while being so salty in person. She asks which is the real Kyuun and he says definitely not the “sweet” one.

Neon asks if he was just bullying her for the heck of it. Before he can even answer, she storms out, saying that he is the worstest.

Kyuun talks to flowers to ask for clarification about his feelings for Neon. Papa Kurama approaches him and thanks him for his support for his daughter. While Mama Kurama wants to marry Neon off to someone who will be beneficial to their business, Papa Kurama would rather build connections with people from the future.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

Papa Kurama says he sincerely wishes for Neon’s desire of true love to come true.

Later, Ace finds Papa Kurama at a warehouse leaving flowers on the floor. Ace asks if these flowers are more important than his daughter’s birthday. Papa Kurama tells Ace to pretend he never saw any of this.

Ace finds Neon and mentions the incident when she was kidnapped 11 years ago on her birthday. Her parents paid ransom for her release, but the trauma has made this day a mix of both happy and painful memories.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

The Jyamato comes by to wave the red flag signaling Neon’s turn at the game. But Ace stops Neon and walks through the barrier himself first. Michinaga is annoyed and Beroba is pissed that her surprise will be a failure now.

Ace henshins using Keiwa’s Ninja Buckle and takes on the Jyamato. He revolves and then goes MarkII to get the advantage against the two Jyamatos that eventually pop up.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

But Beroba’s surprise kicks in when an announcement about Neon is made to everyone watching. Everyone is seemingly shocked.

Ace boosts himself and drives the second Jyamato away. Beroba says it’s no use because the Riders will still disappear, expecting Neon to lose the final round thanks to her wallowing in despair after the revelation.

Neon heads to her audience room and blows out her candles to apparent cheers from the gifts. But actually, the stuffed toys begin hurling insults at her. And the audience piles on, saying Neon only exists because of the Goddess’ power and that she is a fake “Kurama Akari.”

Neon has no idea who the hell “Akari” is.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

Turns out, Neon is fake and Akari, the true Kurama daughter, actually died in the kidnapping. Papa Kurama had been granted the desire for a new daughter who would be an embodiment of his ideals if he agreed to become a sponsor of the DGP.

So Neon isn’t even a real human, just something fashioned using the Goddess’ powers. This revelation angers the JGP audience who tell her to remove herself from the competition this instant.

Kyuun runs into the audience room to a devastated Neon.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 29 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Ace uses his anger over what’s been done to Neon to finish off the Jyamato.

Episode Thoughts

So this is one of those episodes of Geats where it feels like they’re just dropping something out of nowhere. And it’s only a “feeling” because actually there’s relatively enough foundation and lead-up to this revelation than other things we’ve been told recently on the show.

For me, the “feeling” stems from how the season’s narrative flow has been a bit meandering in how they jump from one idea to another. Again, I think I’ve mentioned how this season has some good, interesting ideas. But it hasn’t been able to piece them together as well as they could have. So it “feels” like the season’s story is all over the place with no consistent flow or focus. And it takes away from how punches land and how impactful any twist and turn can truly be. That’s why many times this season, things feel more like deus ex machina or straight up exposition rather than a well-paced, well-developed narrative.

Still, this revelation about Neon is certainly not the worst curveball the season has thrown. And it plays reasonably well with the season’s overarching plot regarding the Grand Prixeses and the granting of desires.

For example, we get the explanation (exposition! Lol) of why Papa Kurama is involved in the DGP. And it’s pretty good. It gives his involvement and Neon’s backstory a bit of unexpected dramatic heft that I think the season has been lacking. (The lack of clarity about Ace’s past and the show brushing off Keiwa’s past with his parents feed into that.)

And most especially for Neon’s character who has probably had the messiest development of any of our four main Riders. This helps to focus her character much better. And hopefully this revelation opens up more possibilities with her, especially with how it relates to her parents and then the DGP.

This more empathetic Ace that we’ve been seeing feels more convenient rather than a natural progression for his character. But this is one aspect of the season where I can look past the lack of cohesive movement because Ace had been so one-note. So anything that adds more dimension and color to him is welcome, regardless of how we got here.

The revelation about Neon also made me forget that they didn’t drag out the Neon-secretKyuun dynamic longer. On one hand, I think they could’ve done a lot with that dynamic for a few episodes. On the other, I don’t mind if they just move on from it instead. We’ll see what they do with them moving forward, as I expect Kyuun and Kekera to at least get 75% the amount of development focus that Ziin got last week (in one! week). Maybe more.

Overall, this was a fine episode. It’s another leap forward for the story instead of steady steps. But for this season, I will take any movement that potentially makes things much more interesting and engaging. Especially for our main characters.

18 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 29 – Lamentation V: Surprise! Bullfighting Game♡

  1. I honestly disagree that the reveal in relation to Neon this episode is even a curveball. They actually did a bit of prep work for it over the past few episodes

    1. curveball, twist, plot development; I would use them interchangeably in Geats. Basically just to refer to new information.
      Though I honestly disagree they did prep work for it in the last few episodes. I draw more upon her mother being overprotective in the beginning, I guess now we know so she doesn’t have another dead daughter. And what her father’s connection to the DGP is and why he might me less strict and more accommodating of her.

  2. Not exactly a fan of Neon but kinda happy that she was able to figure out who Kyuun was. Cause one of my biggest complaints on Neon is that she is a stupid. But she was able to connect the dots this time. Also seeing Kyuun and the King-Ohger episode this week, I realised that both of my favourite characters of the two series-Kyuun and Rita- are just like me-We have communication issues. Also about the reveal on Neon, I honestly read that theory on a fan site, though I didn’t expect it to be true. Thinking back, this series has a lot of similarities with Ex-Aid. Whether they’re coincidences or references is known only to the staff I think. Seeing Kyuun somewhat shy was both hilarious and somewhat connectable. This episode is making me wait for the next week as we will have a Neon/Kyuun focused episode. Hurray!!!

    1. For me, I feel like Neon is the worst developed character of the main four. I don’t know if she’s stupid or boring or the smartest person in the room pretending to be stupid. lol She’s been all over the place and I think mainly because she’s been used as a plot device rather than her own character. At least now, she has something that is for her alone and not having to depend on the boys for story.

      Interesting, a fan site theorized that Neon was a fake that replaced the murdered Kurama daughter? I honestly tend to avoid fan discussion like that during the season as I’ve had bad experience in the past having it affect my enjoyment of the season 😁

  3. Definitely agree that finally Neon gets something interesting about her. 🤣
    I feel the kidnapped dead daughter stuff was hilariously random. But I get it and how it justifies Neon’s existence I guess. 😂 Like you said, Geats is all about plot devices and plot-driven story rather than good characters.

  4. One thing that’s bothering me is that it’s Episode 29 and I still don’t feel like I know any of these characters yet. It’s like they’re just there.

    1. Here after reading your review for the past couple of episodes, one thing I can say is you weren’t actually paying attention to the show. You were probably so into donbrothers so you didn’t even focus on geats or even tried to. Cuz the way you act like everything that happened in the past couple of episodes mean nothing… Idk man, you sound like a hater even though you’re probably not being one. All the negative stuff you mentioned like not having enough build up or plots coming out of nowhere and so on, makes me wonder if we are watching the same show.

      1. I’ve actually liked the last couple of episode much more than the early 20s/late 10s episodes. Episodes 25 and 26 were especially good and maybe two of the episodes I like the most of the season so far.

        If you could point to things that I’ve missed that you think might help me understand the season better, then I would very much appreciate it. I don’t think I hate Geats. Now Saber though? Or the second half of Revice? That’s a different story. 😂

        But with Geats for me, I don’t feel as strong a connection as I would like to. Not to the point that I am frustrated by it or upset like I have been for say a Saber or Revice. But nothing has grabbed me or immediately pulled me in. Obviously, everyone has different preferences and things they look for in a show they enjoy. And for me, I haven’t found it in Geats yet. But again, if there’s something you think I am missing, definitely let me know. I’d like to love and praise Geats every week if I could. But I just don’t so far.

        1. Pointing out things that people miss can have them feel as if they’re condescending, but then again they have right to speak up when they feel as if the season is misunderstood in their eyes.

          For some fans Geats do get viewed similarly as seasons like Gaim, Ex-Aid, Build – said as the best season after Build for now.

          1. Well, since I specifically asked, I wouldn’t be offended if they pointed out things I missed. Many things go right over my head sometimes. And everyone can have different things they grab on to in shows and movies they watch. If they can point out something that I missed and can offer a new perspective for me, then that would be great.

  5. Your commentary is so annoying. From Power Rangers to Saber to Revice and now Geats. You just hate everything. Why are you watching if keep hating on it. Fuck. And your posts are in the top Google results too. I feel sorry for people clicking on the links to come and then see your ignorant commentary. 🙄

  6. OMG I thought I was the only one. Thank goodness others also expressed what I have felt too. Your reviews tend to be quite negative and almost with no basis too. So it’s been annoying me, but I didn’t want to say anything. Now that other’s have, not that I’m trying to pile on, but just want to suggest maybe try something else if you are so miserable watching this. There’s other stuff you can try out you know.

    1. Oh! Well, thank you for visiting anyway. 😀
      I think everyone can watch whatever they want for whatever reason they want. I have watched and expressed my thoughts on every season of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai and even Power Rangers that I’ve watched since OOO, Shinkenger and RPM, respectively. And I’m definitely not going to like or enjoy every season. But I never drop a season and always watch all the way through. And I’ll recap every episode regardless of how I feel about them. 😊

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