Thursday Tunes, March 30, 2023 – “Collide” by Dami Im

Dami Im is just an incredible talent and amazing person. It was so awesome to follow her winning journey on The X-Factor. And her career since has produced some excellent music and exciting moments.

But her journey has not been without struggles. In the last few years, she has been able to leave her previously oppressive management and has spoken about those struggles while fighting to overcome them. And in the last year, has welcomed a beautiful baby into her family.

Her newest single “Collide” is a perfect encapsulation of that transition and and all of our ever evolving lives. Dami explains that “Collide” depicts the “complexity of the end of a season and the beginning of a new one.”

Dami’s always powerful vocals shine through the meaningful lyrics. Her passionate performance really brings to life the emotions of the song. And also, like always, there is a sincerity that makes every Dami Im performance one to be captivated by.

Always awesome to be able to enjoy new music from Dami Im. And “Collide” is just another wonderful addition to her discography.

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