Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 10 – Stratagem I: New World Beat

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

Tsumuri is creeped out by Ace’s new world in which he wished he would be a family with the DGP management. So now, Tsumuri is his older sister and Girori their father. Girori is appreciative of Ace wanting them to be family.

They share a nice breakfast together where Ace asks about how the DGP chooses who to invite to play. Tsumuri explains that the Game Master chooses the players after a thorough evaluation of potential candidates. Girori adds that they don’t know what Game Master’s exact criteria is.

Tsumuri doesn’t understand why Ace wants to know since after winning his first DGP, he is guaranteed to participate in every season.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

After their meal, Ace accompanies Tsumuri when she presents Michinaga with his official invitation. Michinaga initially only recognizes Ace from TV. But as soon as he touches the Buffa Core ID, his memories of the DGP come flooding back.

As they walk to the next invite, they spot Neon who seems much happier. Tsumuri asks Ace if he misses her, but he says no and that it’s better for her to not remember anything.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

At the park, Sara is surprised to find Keiwa scratching off lottery tickets. In the past, if Keiwa had enough money to buy lotto tickets, he’d probably just donate it instead. Keiwa says he still doesn’t have a job and decides a lotto ticket is his only chance. Sara tries to encourage him and offers to buy him lunch.

Later, Tsumuri welcomes all the new players to the temple and begins explaining how the DGP works. Master Girori watches from his control room and focuses on Hareruya Win who he is counting on this season.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

Ace asks Michinaga what he’s wishing for, but Michiniga says it’s the same as it was before. Ace says he’ll reveal what his own wish is when he wins.

Win suddenly starts playing his guitar and sings to Tsumuri for her to marry him. Ace steps in to protect his sister.

The first round Pirate Game begins immediately with players randomly grouped into teams. Ace and Win are paired up while Michinaga is teamed with Grandpa Tanba Ittetu and a young woman, Yaginuma Yukie.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

When they receive their special toys for this round, Michinaga exchanges his Ninja Buckle for Grandpa Tanba’s Zombie Buckle since it’s too dangerous for him. For this round, players must prevent Jyamatos from capturing the flag.

Everyone henshins and the game begins. Ace is surprised that Win henshins into Punkjack. Meanwhile, Master Girori notices the Jyamato have grown stronger. And after a notification pops up on his screen, he asks if new players will be added.

After the first wave of pirates, only ten players are left as they assemble in the green room. Michinaga asks his teammates what they wished for. Grandpa Tanba says he wants to be younger. Yukie says she wants to lose weight and marry her idol. Michinaga says they better fight for their wishes then.

Ace confronts Win and asks if he is the Punkjack who was also DGP staff. Win sings that they’ve got the wrong person and he’s just a famous street rocker.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

At the Kurama manse, Mama Kurama tells Neon about the man she has arranged for her to marry. Neon says she’ll do whatever her mother wants. But Papa Kurama walks in to ask if that is what Neon truly wants. He welcomes in Neon’s guest who has just arrived: Tsumuri.

Neon initially has no idea who she is, but she eventually accepts the invitation back to the DGP. She joins Michinaga’s team for the second wave after Yukie gets eliminated when she tries running away. Michinaga takes the Ninja Buckle from Grandpa Tanba and has him use the Propeller Buckle instead.

Michinaga is surprised to see Neon pop in. But she is able to use a new Beat Buckle to help take care of some of the Jyamatos. She also helps give Grandpa Tanba some extra power so he can get some hits in as well.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

Meanwhile, Win leaves Ace to battle the Jyamato on his own, believing this will eliminate him. But Ace Revolves and has no trouble fighting by himself.

Back in the green room, only Ace, Win, Michinaga, Neon and Grandpa Tanba are left in the game. Grandpa Tanba thanks Neon for her help and Ace welcomes her back.

Outside, Ace approaches Neon and says he didn’t expect her to come back. She says she wants to fight for her wish of true love.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

Neon asks Ace why he is still fighting. He tells her that he is looking for his mother.

In the green room, Master Girori approaches Win to tell him that taking down Geats is his responsibility.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 10 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I was really bored with this episode, to be honest. It wasn’t bad or anything. (Or maybe it was?) But I just wasn’t excited by it. Though I guess that’s my feeling with the season so far. I like it alright. But I’ve been in a wait and see mode.

Now after the week off and the “new world” beginning, it’s almost like we’re starting over. And that’s an odd feeling unique to this season I guess. I had an expectation of what the transition to a new world might entail. But it definitely didn’t happen in any way I expected. So I feel kind of lost and a “What now?” feeling.

It’s very strange to me. But I dunno. The reset kind of gives me reason to remain in a “wait and see” mode.

I did like a few things in this episode though.

Yay Keiwa! It was very nice to see him pop up again. For now, I’m probably looking forward to seeing how he gets roped back into the DGP. Perhaps in the next season? Having him enter when there’s only five players left in this current season would be interesting. But as an Amazing Race fan, I hated and complained about teams popping in and out at random times. So I won’t be a hypocrite and want to see Keiwa entering the game at the last minute and bypassing all the rounds. Lol.

Anyway, I also enjoyed seeing Michinaga be the vet of the group. Him being experienced and helping out his teammates, somewhat, especially Grandpa Tanba was fun.

I guess the episode had big story developments regarding Girori recruiting Win to take down Geats or whatever. (Is that what the “stratagem”/”plot”/”conspiracy” of the title is referring to?) But I dunno. It wasn’t the most exciting episode, for me. We’ll see how this “season” of the DGP develops.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 10 – Stratagem I: New World Beat

  1. I can see Keiwa getting looped back in if the numbers get low enough (potentially with suspension of elimination rules), because remember the game has a primary goal of defeating the Jayamato.

  2. Yeah, it was kinda boring. But I guess since it’s the new “season” of the DGP, it was like a set-up for this arc.

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