Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 32 (Season 2, Episode 10) – “I hope he gets a brain freeze.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 32 (Season 2, Episode 10) – Losers Weepers

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 32 Recap

Izzy and Aiyon challenge each other to a bike race in the mountains, but Izzy ends up flying off her bike when Aiyon bumps into her. They end up finding an old Area 62 truck. Izzy finds a box and when Aiyon says they can share what’s inside, Izzy explains the Earth concept of “Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

Izzy opens the box, but it’s a spikey “dog collar.” She tosses it into the bushes. Aiyon also finds a box and opens it up to find wads of cash. Izzy is excited that they’ve hit the jackpot, but Aiyon turns around and tells her exactly what she told him. He ain’t sharing.

After they leave, Mucus arrives to pick up the collar which attaches to him and immediately embiggens him. But after a while, he slimes back to size.

At the command chamber, the other Rangers watch as Izzy and Aiyon continue to snipe at each other over the money. They call each other selfish and jerks for the way they’ve acted toward each other since the bike race. Aiyon decides to go on a shopping spree on his own.

Over at HQ62, Santaura cackles at Tarrick whom she’s now trapped inside her pod. She doesn’t let the others know she’s already captured him. Mucus shows her the collar and Santaura forces him to hand it over to new Sporix Flapnarok.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 32 Recap

At the command chamber, the Rangers are shocked to see a Sporix already embiggened. Zayto tries to call Aiyon who is too busy enjoying froyo. Izzy says this just proves how much of a jerk he is.

The Rangers hurry out to face Flapnarok who has already ravaged downtown. They hop into their zords, but are no match for the Sporix. They immediately get ejected, but Flapnarok returns down to size when the collar runs out of juice.

Izzy realizes Flapnarok is using the collar she found in the forest. Hengemen appear to keep the Rangers busy, allowing Flapnarok to leave safely.

Downtown, Pop Pop runs into Aiyon who tells him about his argument with Izzy. Pop Pop gives Aiyon some wise advice and in return, Aiyon gives Pop Pop the new jacket he bought as a thank you. Aiyon gives a little boy the new skateboard he bought and then proceeds to pass out the rest of his new purchases.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 32 Recap

At the command chamber, Solon says the only zord formation that could counter Flapnarok could be the Primal Ultrazord. But Zayto does not want to use it because it is too dangerous. The last time he and his team used the formation was when his teammates died and he and Aiyon barely survived.

Ollie suggests they find a way not to blow up and Solon says they just might be able to use modern technology to tweak it enough for them to use safely.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 32 Recap

Izzy leaves to look for Aiyon and is surprised when Pop Pop tells her he’s been giving out gifts to people. She fills Aiyon in on what’s happening and he apologizes for not hearing his communicator. They hurry back to the command chamber where Solon is able to modify the formation into a safer combi.

With the Primal Ultrazord, the Rangers are able to finish off Flapnarok for good.

Back at the command chamber, Aiyon again apologizes to everyone and especially to Izzy. Izzy apologizes as well and admits she was being a jerk.

Aiyon gifts Izzy a new bike so they can race again.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 32 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Well, this was a simple filler episode. But an above average episode in general, relatively speaking.

The good lesson of the week was seeing both Izzy and Aiyon acknowledging they were wrong in their greed and selfishness. But with the money, I would think the right thing to do is to bring it to the authorities, yeah? Lol

And yes, I saw that cute moment between Ollie and Amelia. Lol

Otherwise, an easy, quick and simple filler episode that was much more enjoyable than the usual. Especially the early part of this second half of the season.

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