Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 28 (Season 2, Episode 6) – “You’re such a hypocrite!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 28 (Season 2, Episode 6) – Jam Session

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 28 (Season 2, Episode 6) – “You’re such a hypocrite!”

Tarrick is surprised to find Santaura holding a Sporix blob which she says she got from his machine outside. She assures him that no one saw her, but she questions why he is being so secretive about her to the others. Tarrick says he must remain in the Void Knight suit to ensure power over his minions. But Santaura suggests they could become even more powerful if they use all the sporix in their quest for revenge. Tarrick again says they don’t need revenge, only for them to get off this planet.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 28 Recap

Over at Buzzblast, the Screaming Zombies band are preparing for a live show. Papa Garcia walks in and immediately mocks his son Javi after seeing him play a guitar now on top of all the other instruments he’s taken up. “Do you have any idea what you want?” Papa Garcia asks.

Papa Garcia says Javi has his head so high up his… um, so high in the clouds that he forgot the suit he was supposed to wear to the medal ceremony today at home. Papa Garcia says this ceremony is very important to him and reminds Javi it is at 2pm.

After Papa Garcia leaves, two of the Zombies approach Javi to compliment him on his guitar riffs. But band leader Blair tells them to get back to work. Javi asks if Blair always treats his bandmates like crap and Blair says it’s hard to be a leader.

Anyway, Javi is shocked to see Blair wearing a Dino Key around his neck as a necklace. Blair says he found it in the woods and after Javi suggests he hand it over to the Rangers, Blair says hell no.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 28 Recap

Over at the command chamber, Javi tells the others about the Key and Zayto peruses through Javi’s memory to see that it is the Freeze Dino Key. Solon says it can activate the Terra Freeze Zord.

For now, the Rangers have to hurry downtown where Void Knight has Slyther launching the Zord Jammer into the sky. Having stolen the zord summoning signal data, Void Knight was able to create the jammer, blocking the Rangers from calling their zords.

Nothing the Rangers do can destroy the jammer.

Ollie puts Doomsnake to sleep, so Void Knight and Slyther whisk him back to HQ62.

Ollie says they’ll be able to use the Terra Freeze zord since Void Knight has no data on it. But first, they’ll need the Key. Javi and a morphed Zayto and Izzy find Blair who is about to enjoy pancakes after his guitarist quit on him for being a jerk one too many times.

Blair says he will hand the Key over if Javi fills in on guitar at the 2pm online livestream. That’s the same time as Papa Garcia’s medal ceremony so Javi asks Izzy to tell him something came up.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 28 Recap

Too bad for them, Mucus has overheard everything about the new zord and hurries over to tell Void Knight. Void Knight has his entire team head out to find the zord before the Rangers. And after they leave, Santaura emerges from the backroom and plays with Tarrick’s Sporix machine.

Izzy arrives at the medal ceremony and tells her father that Javi is an essential worker and needed to deal with an emergency at work. Papa Garcia wanted a nice family photo, but Izzy and Mama Garcia says it’s okay and they’re proud of him. Izzy rolls her eyes at her father.

After Papa Garcia is awarded his medal, he sees Izzy watching the live Screaming Zombies performance on her phone. Papa Garcia cannot believe the “emergency” was just some music thing and he hurries over to Buzzblast.

Blair hands Javi the Dino Key. But their happiness is short lived when Papa Garcia arrives to scold Javi. Javi tries to explain he was trying to help the Rangers, but Papa Garcia doesn’t want to hear it. “If you don’t want to support me, just say so,” Papa Garcia says.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 28 Recap

Javi has had it and calls his father a hypocrite. Papa Garcia wants Javi to support him with his medal thing, but Papa Garcia doesn’t want to support Javi with his music thing. Javi stomps off.

The others sideeye Papa Garcia as they storm off as well.

Jane approaches Papa Garcia and says this was one of Buzzblast’s most popular livestreams ever. She hands him the tablet so Papa Garcia can watch the performance in full.

The Rangers find where the new zord is, but Void Knight and Co. also arrive and they battle first.

Javi uses the Smash Dino Key to smash into the rockface to release the Terra Freeze Zord. The zord flies into the sky and shoots at the Zord Jammer. Javi smashes Doomsnake as Void Knight and Co. retreat.

The Rangers hop into the Terra Freeze Zord to destroy the Zord Jammer for good.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 28 Recap

At HQ62, they are shocked to see the Sporix machine turned on. Void Knight quickly turns it off and heads into the backroom.

Santaura has absorbed the Sporix energy and emerges in her new form as Void Queen. She cackles as Tarrick watches in horror.

Over at Buzzblast, Papa Garcia compliments Javier on his “impressive” guitar playing. He says he realizes he has been too hard on Javier, but no more. He will support his son from now on. Javi says Papa Garcia did have a point. He used to just do music for fun, but now thinks maybe he wants to do more with his skills. Papa Garcia says he will support Javier in all his future endeavors.

They hug.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 28 Recap

Episode Thoughts

My goodness. I was enjoying this episode until Madame Noir popped up and my annoyance at them raiding ToQger‘s costumes just bubbled back up.

At the very least, they didn’t bastardize the costume like they did with Baron Nero. But still, I feel so annoyed. Allow me the space for this incoming completely irrational and absolutely unreasonable rant: =)


This really annoys the hell out of me. For all the belittling and dismissing and utter contempt of ToQger by both Power Rangers fans and people actually in charge of producing Power Rangers, raiding its closets for costumes to be used on a lesser than series is so gross to me. You want a badass costume for Santaura? Make one yourself.

Am I supposed to be happy, as someone who loves ToQger, that Power Rangers has granted us the privilege of watching the beautiful costume of an excellent character be used on the stateside adaptation? I am not.

Power Rangers paid for the old costumes? I don’t care. Let it collect dust in the New Zealand warehouse.

This is such disrespect for the original series. I’ve moved past the idea that a poor Power Rangers adaptation would affect my view or feelings of the original Sentai season. Just like Samurai and Megaforce are absolute garbage, I can take comfort in the fact that Shinkenger, Goseiger and Gokaiger still exist and are still superior. But I was definitely triggered.

I for one am so happy that Toei has come up with Sentai seasons that are far less adaptable than ToQger in recent years. I am all for making Hasbro’s adaptation process as hard as it can be. Especially when they continue to churn out a product that is less than the original Sentai season.

I have become a proud Sentai Snob over the last couple of years. And it is all thanks to Saban Brands and now Hasbro for churning out a show that makes even two year olds feel dumb. Whatever.



Anyways, soo… moving on. I feel like the Javi/Papa Garcia “acceptance” storyline was a substitute for the Garcia’s accepting Izzy for “who she is.” They’re trying to be progressive, but not that progressive in terms of storytelling Lol But it was a good conclusion to that plot thread from last year anyway.

The more interesting development was Santaura becoming *shudder* Void Queen. I like it. (The story. Not the use of Madame Noir’s costume.) I don’t necessarily like the abrupt character change for Void Knight/Tarrick. Like, drop the hints and clues and foreshadowing about his “true” personality. Don’t just take his helmet off and *poof* he actually just wants to run away with his wife.

I honestly would have rather watched the first few episodes focus on developing the dynamic between Tarrick and Santaura instead of whatever less-than-interesting stuff they were doing with the Rangers.

It would’ve made the big reveal of Santaura actually being evil even more impactful. Or at least, as impactful as contemporary Power Rangers can be. I hope the rest of the season is Santaura unleashing hell for whatever humans did to her and her husband and family(?). I might even be rooting for her lol

Welp. Overall, it would’ve been the best episode of this half-season so far had it not been for my irrational annoyance popping back up again. But I declared my apathy toward Power Rangers last year. So instead of stewing over the ToQger disrespect, I’ll just cleanse my mind of Dino Fury with a rewatch of the far superior ToQger instead. Simple.

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  1. Is that a quote from the episode? lol They shit on ToQger and then use its costumes. Hyprocites indeed!

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