The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 22

OMG!! It’s back! What?! How is that possible. Craziness.

But yes! The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition is back for its 22nd season! Bonkers!

I realized that the TARPHDME seasons now coincide with the year they “air” just like Samsung’s Galaxy S phones coincide with the year as well. So while I felt a bit bored with TAR after TARPHDME21 last year, the realization of the correlation between season and year revved up production for this new season. Wow!

And this season will feature a brand new cast of teams on a Race that may look a bit different considering the world is still navigating COVID-19. Season 21, which “aired” last year was filmed in February 2020 and safely wrapped up just days before the first lockdowns.

TARPHDME22 is the first TARPHDME season filmed in the COVID Era in March and April 2022. All locations were chosen based on countries whose entry requirements allowed for teams to Race through during that period of time.

So sit back, relax… well, until you are drawn to the edge of your seat of course as we set off on another unique, fun and exciting alliance-free Race!

Teaser Release Schedule

Meet the Teams and Opening Credits Reveal

Season Preview

Race Tracker

Leg 1 – “Wag sumubsob sa sand, that’s embarrassing.”
Philippines → United Arab Emirates

Leg 2 – “I think your voice is offensive.”
United Arab Emirates → Georgia

Leg 3 – “Heaven won’t help you now.”
Georgia → Greece

Leg 4 – “I want to float with the enemy.”

Leg 5 – “We need this penalty!”
Greece → Denmark

Leg 6 – “Merry Christmas to everyone except you.”

Leg 7 – “Gold medal sa pagiging bobo.”
Denmark → Italy

Leg 8 – “Nasaan ang kalabasa?”
Italy → British Virgin Islands

Leg 9 – “I can’t taste myself anymore.”
British Virgin Islands → Grenada

Leg 10 – “This is more important than your bag falling down!”
Grenada → United States

Leg 11 – “Who has the worst teamwork? Us.”
United States → South Korea

Leg 12 – “Top to bottom, not bottom to up!”
South Korea → Philippines


It’s back! You can now track the Racers and the Racecourse all in one place! The TARPHDME Race Tracker will feature the leaderboard each week, a simplified Route and tasks as well as the best “moments” from each Leg!


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