Music Monday Special – My Favorite it’s Live Performances from the Last Year

The MBC music channel it’s Live (formerly Mdromeda KPOP) features special live performances from a diverse mix of artists. And quite often, artists are able to present a side of themselves that they’re just unable to do on the regular network television music shows. When they say “it’s Live,” it really is LIVE. And these great examples are some of my favorite performances from it’s Live this past year.

“Antidote” by Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel’s “Antidote” is one of my favorite tracks of 2021. But his live performance on it’s Live accompanied by a full band opened up a whole other dimension to the song. Again, Daniel is able to perform in a way that is just not possible on the regular music shows. The performance might have even shown that “Antidote” suits the band vibe even better.

But the emotions of the very personal track are able to flow even more strongly. The support of the band behind him gives Daniel a chance to prove his vocal strengths with a performance that might come as a surprise to many people. But it’s a welcome surprise and shows that we’ve only seen the start of what Kang Daniel is capable of.

“Presente” by 777 (Triple Seven)

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year for me was seeing B.I.G and 3YE coming together to form co-ed group 777 (Triple Seven). And even more of a surprise, the fact that “Presente” is an amazing track. (Also one of my favorites of the year.) While they thankfully got a chance to perform on the music shows, their it’s Live performance gave them the opportunity to do just that: perform live. Quite often, the limitations of the network music shows prevent artists from truly performing live. But that’s not an issue on it’s Live.

Triple Seven are able to flawlessly perform the sexy, intense choreography while effortlessly showing off their live vocals throughout. The performance leaves you as breathless as the group is at the end of it. But before that final pose, Triple Seven have no problems showing off their talent, charisma and professionalism with a fiery performance. And again, shout out to the amazing band that helps support and elevate the already great performance as well.

“Universe” by DONGKIZ

DONGKIZ is one of the most underrated groups in K-pop today. And this performance is a perfect example of that. Before debut, DONGKIZ was known as a performance group that did excellent, rousing covers of popular K-pop songs. And now as debuted artists themselves, DONGKIZ shows off their performance skills with every release of their own original music.

Their it’s Live performance of track “Universe” might be the very best showcase of that. Flawless live vocals throughout full choreography while maintaining their always bright energy; DONGKIZ more than deserves attention. And this is a performance that very much commands it.

“Fake Love” by LUCY

I’m so happy to have gotten to know LUCY and their music this last year. And their cover of BTS’ “Fake Love” on it’s Live, like I’ve already said for the previous videos, offers an opportunity for the band to showcase their excellent talents. LUCY gives the iconic BTS track a refreshing new feel that both respects the original while stamping their own mark on it as well. For a nice introduction to LUCY, this would be a great video to start off with. And from here, you’ll be led to their own original discography of excellent releases and performances.

“Numbers” by Jamie

And a bonus performance! In October 2020, Jamie performed her liberating track “Numbers” on it’s Live. Though Jamie’s had many opportunities to show off her powerful live vocals in the past, this is a special performance at the start of the next chapter of her career.

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