Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 39 – Infinite Happy New Year Birthday Parties

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Recap

It’s Kaito’s 21st birthday and everyone’s gathered for a party. Grandma Yacchan is relieved they were able to make it to this day after the crazy year they’ve been through. The Kikai4 show Kaito the cake they made and decorated themselves.

Zox is about to perform an original song he’s written for Kaito. But Secchan sounds the alarm when Shougatsu World is making his move downtown.

The Zenkaigers hurry over and express their annoyance that Shougatsu World has ruined Kaito’s birthday as well as the holidays. The Zenkaigers henshin.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Recap

Shougatsu World calls Hakaizer and Stacey. But Stacey watches from around the corner, thinking about what happened last episode. Shougatsu World is upset that no one is showing up to help him after they helped Bonn World.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Recap

Shougatsu World sends a flash at the Zenkaigers and they give their New Year’s greetings. Immediately after, they get up and leave to make holiday plans. Shougatsu World sees the time is 10am and says everything is going according to plan.

The Zenkaigers arrive back at the shop and Grandma Yacchan, Secchan and Flint are confused why they seem so nonchalant. The Zenkaigers say they should leave all their troubles back in the past year.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Recap

Over at the Palace, Bokkowaus tells Stacey that he’s given Ijirude and Hakaizer specific orders. Barashitara would like to know what kind of mission he’d entrust to Ijirude, but Gege snaps at him and says he better check his curiosity. Bokkowaus laughs and tells Gege to calm down.

Bokkowaus says Ijirude and Hakaizer are busy creating an ultimate weapon. So Barashitara and Stacey should focus on their own responsibilities.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Recap

Meanwhile, Secchan alerts the Zenkaigers that Shougatsu World has appeared once again. The Zenkaigers hurry out, but Grandma Yacchan asks Flint and the twins to keep an eye on them.

The Zenkaigers face Shougatsu World, but when the clock strikes 11am, the Zenkaigers make their New Year’s greetings again and also leave the scene, once again.

Flint tries to stop the Zenkaigers from leaving and slaps them to try and snap them out of whatever’s going on. The Zenkaigers are annoyed since they believe you should leave your troubles in the past and have a fresh start on the New Year. But Flint points out that it’s not even Christmas yet.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Recap

Back at the shop, Secchan explains that the Zenkaigers and the public have been struck by Shougatsu World’s New Year’s Flash which causes people to temporarily forget their troubles.

Stacey goes to Ijirude’s lab, but no one is there. Except for Gege who tells Stacey that Ijirude and Hakaizer are in the hanger. Gege says it’s up to Stacey if he wants to take a peek. But he should be mindful of what he wants his future with the Tojitendo to look like before he makes his decision.

Barashitara listens to this short exchange and feels Gege has changed his tone.

At the shop, Secchan and Flint say they’ve discovered the Flash makes you think New Year’s has arrived at the top of every hour. Secchan alerts the Zenkaigers to Shougatsu World popping up again so the Zenkaigers hurry over.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Recap

By the time they reach Shougatsu World’s possible location, it’s 12pm and a new year has begun again. They have to head back to the shop, frustrated that Kaito’s birthday is going to go by without them being able to celebrate it.

Kaito says it doesn’t matter if they celebrate today or tomorrow, as long as they’re together.

Secchan’s detected Shougatsu World and the Zenkaigers hurry over. This time, they are able to outsmart the Tojitendo with an early and happy celebration. And maintaining their positivity prevents them from forgetting their troubles aka them needing to fight the Tojitendo.

Kudakks appear so Zox uses Shinkenger Gear and Secchan suggests Kyoryuger Gear for the others. Stacey arrives and blocks Ohren-powered Zox’s attack. Secchan suggests the Zenkaigers use Gokaiger Gears to take on Shougatsu World.

Kaito summons Chanbara Power before he and Zox go Super to finish off Shougatsu World.

Dai Shougatsu World appears and the Zenkaigers form ZyuraGaon, VrooMagine and Twokai-Oh Ricky.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Recap

After some New Year’s attacks, Kaito hops into Zenryoku Eagle and uses a Zenryoku Kaiser Storm to free his friends from mochi. Then with Zox hopping into Twokai-Oh Ricky, they are able to finish Dai Shougatsu World off for good with an embiggened Zenryoku Zenkai Finale Buster.

Suddenly, a strike of lightning and a fearsome new robo appears.

Episode Thoughts

A fun episode. I think it very much worked to set up whatever will be happening next week with Hakaizer. Especially as it is Kaito’s birthday, what better way to spoil the celebration than him battling his father, yeah? Lol

The MOTW was relatively lowkey. But that too also worked to emphasize that there were other things happening back at the Palace. Of course, resulting in the last-minute arrival at the end of the episode.

They’re also continuing to plant the seeds for whatever Gege is going to do or become in the future. It’s good Barashitara is on to him as well. I appreciate some good inter-villain drama.

I was quite looking forward to seeing Atsuki Mashiko show off his idol moves again, but Shougatsu World kept interrupting lol

What I hope to see, character-wise with relation to Kaito’s birthday and Christmas is seeing the Kikainoids enjoying the celebrations that I guess are very foreign to them. At the start of the season, I had hoped to see some great fish out of water stories. But I only now remember and realize that we haven’t really gotten many of those this season. And we’re already heading into the 40s. So a nice late-birthday/Christmas party after what I assume and hope will be a dramatic and climactic battle (as is usually the case for Christmas episodes) should be a great moment.

Overall, a straightforward episode. Enjoyable. But certainly more of a set-up and calm before the storm ahead of next week’s big confrontation.

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