Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 31 – Full Combination! New Release!

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Kaito visits Secchan down in the lab as he has been looking into some untapped power that Papa and Mama Goshikida developed into the Zenkai Cannon, but did not put in the blueprints. Just then, Milk World appears in the city and the Zenkaigers hurry over.

Milk World has been spraying everyone and everything with fresh milk. Hakaizer appears and vows to protect Milk World from the Zenkaigers. The Zenkaigers henshin, but have trouble against the very powerful Hakaizer. Kaito hates that something his parents developed is doing such bad things.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Hakaizer says that’s not his problem and shoots at the Zenkaigers to allow him and Milk World to leave.

Bokkowaus is upset with Ijirude and the fact that Hakaizer has already lost a powerful weapon. Gege tries to calm Bokkowaus and says they should just wait and see what happens. Ijirude promises that he has another powerful weapon coming soon.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

The Zenkaigers are walking back home when they find things that have gotten splashed with milk turning white. The whiteness is starting to cause chaos around the city as everything from the color of the Tokyo Tower to books and movies are being erased. But they are shocked when Secchan calls them to say that all the data in the lab is being wiped out.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Hakaizer is on a rooftop surveying the impending doom of humanity. But Stacey warns not to be too complacent and that especially in a pinch, the Zenkaigers rise to the challenge in surprising ways. Hakaizer says that sounds pretty fun and is sure he too can step in to protect Milk World.

Just then, Zox jumps down and challenges Hakaizer to a fight. He henshins and they battle. Stacey is intrigued by the face off.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Meanwhile, the Zenkaigers head back to the shop. A worried Grandma Yacchan explains that Secchan came upstairs carrying the Cannon, but something is wrong with him. Kaito tries to talk to Secchan, but it appears he has lost his memory. They wonder if the milk has also erased Secchan’s data as well.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Kaito cries, refusing to lose his friend Secchan like this.

Flint comes in to tell them about Milk World’s current location. Kaito leaves Secchan in Grandma Yacchan’s care as they hurry out to face the Tojitendo.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Milk World expects Hakaizer to show up to help him, but he is still busy with Zox. Milk World summons Kudakks instead. While the others deal with the grunts, Kaito faces off against Milk World using the Cannon’s Beast Power.

When the others are able to come back, they join together to deliver a Full Power Zenkai Finale Buster at Milk World. That returns everything back to normal, including Secchan. Grandma Yacchan happily hugs Secchan before he hurries back down to the lab.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Hakaizer notices the world is back to normal and fearing Ijirude will be upset with him, he abandons his fight with Zox.

Dai Milk World appears and the Zenkaigers hop into VrooMagine and ZyuraGaon. Secchan suggests Kaito use the Cannon’s Jet Mode. Kaito activates it and the Cannon embiggens into a full-sized jet to allow Kaito to hop in. With the new jet, he quickly defeats Dai Milk World.

But Ijirude sees this as the perfect time to debut his new creation: New Kudaitests. Secchan says they too have something new up their sleeve. He suggests the five of them combine.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

And for the first time, the Zenkaigers are able to combine into Zenryoku ZenkaiOh. They battle one of the New Kudaitests and use the powers of legendary Sentai mecha to deliver different, powerful attacks to finish it off.

But the other New Kudaitest has been quietly embiggening itself. Continuing to draw upon the previous Sentai teams, they are able to deliver a Zenryoku Grand Zenkai finisher at the New Kudaitest to destroy it for good.

Back home, the Zenkaigers sit down for a delicious dinner Grandma Yacchan has prepared for them. Secchan says they were successful today because the five of them were able to team up. But Kaito and the others say Secchan was very much a part of that success as well. Grandma Yacchan says Zenryoku ZenkaiOh is a result of all their powers, including Papa and Mama Goshikida, combined.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Secchan is very touched by their words.

Meanwhile up on the ship, Flint notices Zox has something on his mind. He says he noticed something about Hakaizer reminds him so much of Kaito.
Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 31 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A big episode for the new toy debut and I think it was great. Whenever we get a new power-up or toy, I like to see the episode’s plot support it enough to make the debut more meaningful. And this episode did a good job with that.

Especially when it involves seeing the Zenkaigers finally combining into one mecha, the theme of them all contributing and being a part of what powers this new combo is a great way to accomplish that. It’s not just about one person or one thing. Their ultimate power is when they are together. And of course, that is always a great, powerful lesson on Sentai.

This episode did a great job at highlighting Secchan as being very much an important member of the team. But even more, it also showed how Secchan has been a friend of Kaito’s since his parents disappeared. Not only that, but Secchan is perhaps Kaito’s only connection he has left to his parents. We know how much his parents worked to perfect Secchan for Kaito. So seeing Kaito be very emotional at Secchan possibly losing his memory data was a great moment to further strengthen that part of Kaito’s character and the overall narrative about the missing Goshikidas.

Kaito always puts on a brave, happy face. But we know deep down he’s hurting and missing his parents very much. So I really hope for a big payoff with that mystery in the future.

I assume Zox being suspicious of Hakaizer’s personality has something to do with that plot thread as well. Did the Goshikidas infuse some of Kaito’s personality into the plans for Hakaizer. Or could there be something more? We’ll wait and see.

As for the debut of Zenryoku ZenkaiOh, CGI can offer exciting new sequences that are not possible with practical effects or traditional costumed scenes. But it can also be a bit jarring at the same time. Toei has experimented with all-CGi mecha battles and they’ve actually been done quite well. The battle in this episode too was very dynamic, but probably the longest and most significant use of CGI so far. At least, that I’ve seen.

I just hope they can maintain a good balance since the traditional costumed battles are still very much a signature element of Sentai that one would hate to see go away. But there’s no denying the CGI battles offer a refreshing element to what has sometimes become boring and lifeless in recent years.

Zenryoku ZenkaiOh itself has some fun powers too and the way it and the Cannon call upon the past Sentai teams has been creative.

Overall, a really great episode. Perfect combination of character moments, plot development and an exciting new toy debut.

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