Music Monday, October 11, 2021 – Growth and Maturity from Golden Child, BLITZERS, N.Flying, CRAVITY

Growth and maturity are on display for these four talented groups with their excellent tracks. Featuring Golden Child, BLITZERS, N.Flying, CRAVITY.

“DDARA” by Golden Child

Golden Child is back with a stylish and funky title track to lead their repackaged album. “DDARA” showcases the group’s continued growth and maturity, both in style and sound. And I definitely enjoy the classy, sophisticated vibe of the song and the MV. The other new song of the repackage, “Oasis,” is also a great track with a particularly awesome chorus.

“Will Make a Mistake” by BLITZERS

BLITZERS made an impactful debut earlier this year with a refreshing rock-infused pop/hip-hop sound. And their first comeback “Will Make a Mistake” is another rousing track in the same vein. The song is an energetic message of encouragement to get right back up even when you fall down. A sentiment that matches the group’s youthful and confident image. The rest of the album includes a diverse group of songs that showcase the group’s versatility as well. An excellent comeback.

“Sober” by N.Flying

N.Flying releases Turbulence, a repackaged version of their first full-length album from June. And “Sober” is a different, but equally great title track compared to “Moonlight.” Also encouraging young people through difficult times, the song has a wonderfully dreamlike aura that is a contrast to the idea of facing turbulence and difficulty with a forceful, but hopeful landing. After the band’s recent recovery from COVID-19, the song and album hold even more special meaning for them. And it is definitely felt in their performance which is, as always, excellent and passionate.


CRAVITY’s “Gas Pedal” will definitely find a spot on my year-end list of favorite songs. But B-side track “Veni Vidi Vici” from their latest album could easily follow as well. Aside from “Gas Pedal,” it was definitely my favorite track from the album and I was happy to see them releasing a music video for it. The rock-tinged dance track is another excellent showcase of the group’s steady, but impactful growth since their debut. I think CRAVITY is one of the groups who have really been able to grow and develop their sound and style in a way that feels natural and seamless.

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