Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 25 – Start Over! Zenkaiger-kai!

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25 Recap

The Zenkaigers are already in the middle of battling a Tojitendo that looks like Noon World. But Secchan flies in to tell them it is actually Sundial World who ends up using a device similar to Retro World’s that rewinds time.

Kaito finds himself back on the day of the Tojitendo’s first invasion of Earth.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25 Recap

Barashitara explains to Bokkowaus that Sundial World has transported the Zenkaigers back in time. And if they can prevent them from ever teaming up, then their take over of Earth will be much easier.

Kaito saves Grandma Yacchan from Kudakks and when she has no idea what he’s talking about regarding Zyuran and the others, Kaito realizes this is before they became Zenkaigers. He takes Secchan and activates him again, but he too is stuck in the past.

Present-day Secchan is taken hostage by Sundial World and he watches as Kaito begins to lose his memory of the time that has passed.

Secchan watches as Kaito and Zyuran meet for the first time, again. Secchan then narrates the rest of the clip show recapping how Kaito met the others as well.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25 Recap

Sundial World warns Ijirude about needing to defeat the Zenkaigers now before things get out of hand. But Ijirude does not believe Sundial World is from the future and ignores his warning.

Sundial World is frustrated by his bosses not believing him. When Stacey comes running up, Sundial World tries to warn him about showy pirates. But Stacey has no idea what he’s talking about either and shoots Sundial World instead before walking away.

Sundial World decides to target Flint before she creates the Zenkaiju Gear. He freezes her before she meets with Secchan. But the old Secchan flies out and teams up with present-day Secchan to beat up Sundial World.

The Zenkaiju Gear is still created and everything still proceeds as they originally had. When Secchan mentions, through his recap, that it was Papa and Mama Goshikida who may have sent the blueprint for all of the Zenkaiger tech, Sundial World knows exactly what to do. That is, go further back to destroy the husband and wife.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25 Recap

Sundial World reveals he took Secchan in order to get this kind of information. Before he can travel back in time, we are right back at the start of the episode when the Zenkaigers arrive to battle him.

Turns out Secchan has been in contact with them the entire time, so they know all about Sundial World.

The Zenkaigers use a Zyuranger Gear to finish off Sundial World for good.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25 Recap

Back at the shop, the Zenkaigers and Grandma Yacchan celebrate Secchan being the MVP today.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25 Recap

Secchan wonders to himself where Papa and Mama Goshikida could be.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25 Recap

Episode Thoughts

What in the clip show?! Lol Of course we get a clip show every year. And sometimes it’s to grab some of the extra possible viewers from either the finale or premiere of the new Kamen Rider season with a quick CliffsNotes version of what’s happened so far. Also, the extra week off for the TV episodes allows for movie filming as well of course. So, as always, it’s an unavoidable annual occurrence.

This episode was just okay. What more can be said about a clip show. The only somewhat-new information we got was Secchan showing care and concern about the whereabouts of Papa and Mama Goshikida. It actually goes a long way to make Secchan his own character rather than simply a narrator.

Overall, not much to get excited about for a clip show. But next week’s episode looks much more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 25 – Start Over! Zenkaiger-kai!

  1. Since this episode marks the halfway point of the series (assuming if there’s 49/50 episodes total), it’s a nice timing for clipshow.
    Despite clipshow and not much happened, the time travel aspect was cleverly implemented.
    While this is tiny nitpick, Gege’s voice actor has changed from Tatsuhisa Suzuki (who was also Usada in Go-busters) to Masaya Fukunishi, due to health issues (NOT COVID).

    I’m going to discuss few thing regards to the show so far, since it’s halfway mark.
    The show itself is so far alright; nothing too particularly special, but I’m decently enjoying.
    It’s definitely better anniversary series than her previous attempt with Zyuohger… which is not that hard to accomplish though.
    The characters are good enough for the show; I especially like Zox/TwoKaiser.
    While Tojitendo as villains aren’t too particularly memorable or special (though that comes to writer, Junko Komura, issues with writing villains, which tends to be lackluster), I do like the mystery behind Stacey, which is probably the most interesting part about the show.

    Overall, it a decently enjoyable anniversary series so far.

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