Music Monday, August 30, 2021 – VERIVERY, T1419, Stray Kids, MIRAE

Four powerful comebacks from VERIVERY, T1419, Stray Kids and MIRAE.

“Trigger” by VERIVERY

VERIVERY continues to mature and grow with every release. And “Trigger” shows off another step forward for the talented group. The song’s chorus is especially excellent, pulling together the song’s diverse mix of hard-hitting charisma and softer, mid-tempo vocal acrobatics. It might just be my favorite title track from them so far and I find myself saying that after every release. The rest of the four-track album is also great.

“Flex” by T1419

“Flex” by rookie group T1419 seems to have found the middle ground between their first two title tracks. It allows the group to give a powerful performance like their debut, while still having the opportunity for quieter moments to let their vocals and charisma shine. They’re well on their way and this is another solid track from them.

“Thunderous” by Stray Kids

I must admit, I haven’t been feeling Stray Kids’ latest title tracks as much as I used to. They’re leaning into an obvious direction and it’s yielding great success for them and more mainstream attention. So that’s great to see. They deserve it. “Thunderous” is another one of those songs that I might like, but probably won’t be putting it on the regular playlist. I gravitate more toward songs like “The View,” “Sorry, I Love You,” “Secret Secret,” or “Star Lost” from their newest album NOEASY.

“Splash” by MIRAE

MIRAE had a solid debut, but I must admit, I kind of forgot about it already. It wasn’t a song that I felt compelled to listen to often. But their first comeback track “Splash” might be different for me. The rookies give off a more confident vibe with their performance and that matches the lyrics about bravely diving into something new. From the album, my favorite is “#Secret.”

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