Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 9 – “I thought jokes were supposed to be funny.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 9 – Cut Off

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

The Rangers are on a camping trip, but they are a little wary of all the convenient, though unnecessary gadgets Ollie has brought along including electricity-generating shoes, built-in fans in his jacket and a remote control-powered hammock. The others’ appear to be validated when Zayto turns the hammock up too fast and he gets thrown across the clearing. Ollie says they’ll regret their mockery later.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

Nearby, Mucus prematurely releases a communication-blocking balloon before Void Knight gives the signal. While they and Roostafa try to figure out how to get it down so they can properly release it, the Rangers arrive. They morph and finish off Hengemen. But Mucus has sent the balloon properly into the sky and the correct height.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

The Rangers cannot teleport or call Solon on their cell phones. The conclude that the only thing they can do is walk back to the city. But ripping his shoe open, Ollie believes he can fashion a gadget out of all his tech that can get the balloon down. The others think he’s crazy and are a little annoyed Ollie is wasting their time in this way.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

Since Ollie has no more wearable shoes, he suggests he stay behind and work on his gadget while the others head back to the city. The others don’t really care what he does and leave.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

While Ollie gets started, Double J are in the city making a wish at the fountain where a Sporix blob crawls out. They try to call the hotline, but both their cell phones and a payphone are out of service.

Double J can only watch as Void Knight, Mucus and Roostafa freely go Sporix hunting with no Rangers to worry about.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

Ollie is making good progress on his device, but the other Rangers are terribly lost and end up going around in circles, arriving back at the campsite. An actual waste of time, they admit.

The Rangers are just in time though to see Ollie launching his brand-new Hyper Arrow at the balloon. But it falls just short. Ollie thinks it just needs a little more thrust.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

The other Rangers are shocked Ollie was right all along and apologize for being jerks earlier. Ollie says it’s alright and asks them to help build a huge bow for the Hyper Arrow. More of Ollie’s gadgets come in handy as they complete the bow and are able to launch the arrow directly at the balloon, causing it to pop and the blocking device to explode.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

With communication lines back up, Solon is able to reach them and they are able to teleport back to the city. The Rangers quickly morph to take on Void Knight, Roostafa and more Hengemen.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

Roostafa embiggens and Zayto, Ollie and Amelia hop into the Megazord. When they need more protection from Roostafa’s attacks, they switch to Fortress Formation.

The Garcia Sibs use some Keys to knock Void Knight down, but not totally out. Void Knight is able to escape with his sack of Sporix. Javi and Izzy hop into their zords and combine with the others into Warrior Formation to finish off Roostafa with a Mega Fury Saber Dino Mega Slash.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

The Rangers are able to swipe Roostafa’s Sporix blob before Mucus.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

Void Knight deposits the blobs he did collect into his machine, but he has an idea on how to get even more.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

The Rangers return to their camping trip and Ollie introduces them to jackets that transform into sleeping bags.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

But Izzy presses the wrong button and instead activates the life raft and goes rolling down the hill. She actually has a lot of fun and the others decide to join her.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 Recap

Episode Thoughts

So, Power Rangers possibly moving to and premiering on Netflix from now on is a whole other discussion. And not one to be had here. So whatever makes the most economic sense for Hasbro, then they should pursue it.

Instead, let’s just talk about this episode. Which was actually pretty great. It was nice to see a mostly Ollie-focus episode. And the lesson of the week having the Rangers not be so quick to judge when Ollie (and his mother) have already proven to be awesome tech wizards was very good.

It was still a very simple plot of an episode that looking back I am actually surprised was enough to fill ~20 minutes. But it had good pacing and was engaging, even if predictable.

The one unexpected moment for me was actually them building a big bow. Honestly, even though Ollie first called the thing a Hyper Arrow, the way he threw it like a javelin at first, I was totally expecting Izzy to step in with her state champ-level athleticism lol

But what they did was actually much better as it essentially proved even more how useful Ollie’s tech gadgets were.

When you go camping, the point is to be as disconnected as you can be. So there’s definitely a middle ground between Ollie having too much tech and the others being so quick to dismiss him. Really though, if you’ve having fun, then you do whatever you want on your camping trip. There are no rules, after all.

The one thing I’d change this episode though is the ending. They’re in New Zealand, why not have them actually zorbing instead of that thing Izzy was in. Would’ve been even better to have the jacket turn into a zorb ball. A fun little nod to their Kiwi home base of course.

But otherwise, this was a great and enjoyable episode. Simple and straightforward, but still fun.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 9 – “I thought jokes were supposed to be funny.”

  1. It was a good episode.

    To be honest, when Ollie started showing up, it reminded me of the Neo-Saban era humor, so I got a little nervous. But then the episode got better. The fact that the villains’ plan, even though it looked silly, it really worked, speaks a lot of Void Knight

    1. I thought Ollie’s gadgets were pretty harmless so the Rangers being so weirded out by him was weird and actually almost reminded me of how the Samurai Rangers treated Mia and her cooking. So that was a bad feeling, but thankfully, Ollie got the last laugh.

  2. Since it has been confirmed that second half of the show is moving to Netflix next year (2022), I guess this is sort of a trial/test run by posting 3 episodes at once, which was a good strategy during this timing, where we are technically in summer hiatus.

    It’s interesting to see camping themed episode, which you don’t see it often.
    Since previous seasons was heavily based on technology, it’s nice to see more outdoor setting for this season.
    Nice to see Ollie with all those interesting camping gadgets; though, that fan seems very dangerous, based on how it’s positioned. lol XD
    The faulty gadget gag was handled pretty well.

    It was very clever for Void Knight to come up with communication-blocking balloon, that disabled rangers communication.
    Nice to see payphone (any youngsters remember those? lol) gag by Double-J.

    Despite Ollie gadgets has it flaws, it was very clever when it combined together to destroy the balloon.

    The Ollie jacket gag at the end was handled pretty well.

    After 2 months of relatively short hiatus, it’s nice to see (3) new episode of Power Rangers on Netflix before airing it on TV/Nickelodeon; it’s especially relieving and breath of fresh air after 2 months of mostly mediocre ~ lacklusters episodes of Sentai (Zenkaiger) and Rider (Saber), especially the latter, where Power Rangers shines the most, which is rare in this day in age.

    Ollie has been my least favorite of main team and this is probably his strongest episode so far.
    He really should start business by selling camping gears and jackets.
    Speaking of camping, I would love to see camping motif Sentai and Power Rangers someday.

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