Meet the Teams of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 21

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So quick story before we meet these 2.0 teams. It was back in 2017 when I whipped up the first “opening credits” for TARPHDME. I was bored one day during the “season” and decided to throw something together which resulted in this, the first ever full opening credits of this “franchise.”

I actually had fun doing it, so I’ve thrown together an opening credits sequence for every TARPHDME season since. I definitely learned a bit about editing and such since then. And though fun, it’s certainly hard to find intro-worthy videos of “teams.” Which is why I’ve used Filipino celebrities as casts since I’m not going to use some random people’s videos, after all. lol

I’ve had the idea of having Racers coming back with new teammates for a while. I put it on the backburner until I would need to pull the gimmick out for an opening credits sequence. That is, if I couldn’t find high quality, intro-worthy video of potential new teams for an opening credits, then I’d have to fall back on the new teammate angle. (That’s essentially why TARPHDME19 was All-Stars and TARPHDME20 was vs The World. lol Not enough videos for new “teams.”)

Last year, Coca Cola Philippines launched a fresh ad campaign featuring celebrity parents and children in some nice, glossy promos. And lucky for me, six out of the eight celebrity parent-child pairs included former TARPHDME Racers! Benjie & Kobe Paras, Ruffa Gutierrez & Annabelle Rama, Carmina Villaroel & Cassy Legaspi, Janice & Inah De Belen, Alex and Mommy Pinty Gonzaga and Heart Evangelista & Rey Ongpauco.

As much as Annabelle Rama would be a hilarious Racer and it would be awesome to watch Heart and her father Rey traveling together, neither would likely be on a shortlist to actually go out and Race. But, all for the sake of a sleeker opening credits, I included them. Especially since both Ruffa and Heart are legit TARPHDME All-Stars, yes? (Hope they both last more than one Leg!)

And as for Alex Gonzaga and her mother, that would be fun too. Despite having one more good quality vid of a team, I was intent on having an Alex Gonzaga and Raffy Tulfo team after watching their vlogs together lol So I wouldn’t be using their Coke video.

Also perfect for this season was being able to pull in some actual Racers from the real TARPH. Both Jervi and Gee would definitely be considered realTARPH All-Stars. And since that first season, both have found love so what perfect way to invite them back than with their significant others.

So, that said, here are the 12 teams “Racing” on this season! Woohoo!

Benjie & Kobe

Returning Racer: Benjie Paras (Season 15)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Andre Paras, Son (8th)
New Teammate: Kobe Paras, Son

Benjie Paras and son Andre Raced eight Legs on TARPHDME15 and eventually finished in 8th place at the Mat in Belgrade, Serbia. Their best and most dramatic Leg was the SuperLeg in which they arrived last at the Midpoint and then went on to win the Leg despite having to complete a Rewind penalty. Now, Benjie will give it a go with his 2nd oldest son Kobe with the hopes that a “younger” teammate could help him go farther in the Race.

Troy & KC

Returning Racer: Troy Montero (Seasons 16 & 19)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Aubrey Miles, Significant Other (S16: Winners, S19: 3rd)
New Teammate: KC Montero, Brother

Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles are TARPHDME All-Stars. Winning their first season and placing 3rd on All-Stars, it would seem like Troy would have nothing to prove. But now Racing with brother KC, the competitive siblings admit they will be a very different team.

Ruffa & Annabelle

Returning Racer: Ruffa Gutierrez (Seasons 14 & 19)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Raymond Gutierrez, Brother (S14: 7th, S19: 12th)
New Teammate: Annabelle Rama, Mother

Always delivering fun moments when on the Race, Ruffa and younger brother Raymond did well on their first season, finishing in 7th after eight Legs. Though they were eliminated first on the second Leg of All-Stars. This time, Ruffa takes her chances with mother Annabelle who thinks what Ruffa needs on the Race is her stern hand and no-nonsense personality to get them far.

Janice & Inah

Returning Racer: Janice de Belen (Season 16)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Gelli de Belen, Sister (11th)
New Teammate: Inah De Belen, Daughter

Placing 11th on season 16 with sister Gelli, Janice is determined to prove she’s got more to give on the Race. And this time, Janice believes Racing with daughter Inah will give that extra spark to at the very least get past Leg 2.

Carmina & Cassy

Returning Racer: Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi (Season 15)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Zoren Legaspi, Husband (10th)
New Teammate: Cassy Legaspi, Daughter

Carmina finished in 10th place on season 15 with husband Zoren after a tough SuperLeg in Italy. But the married couple had not finished higher than 9th on any of the four Legs they Raced. Carmina thinks Cassy’s youth will help get them far in the Race.

Heart & Rey

Returning Racer: Heart Evangelista-Escudero (Seasons 18 & 19)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Lovi Poe, Best Friend (S18: 2nd, S19: Winners)
New Teammate: Rey Ongpauco, Father

Heart and original teammate Lovi are the most accomplished team in TARPHDME history, placing 2nd and 1st on their two seasons of Racing. This time, Heart is racing with her father Rey. And the Race means much more than just reaching the Finish Line, especially after being able to grow closer again in the last couple of years.

Jervi & Luke

Returning Racer: Jervi Li (Original TARPH, Season 1)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Saida Diola, Amiga (5th)
New Teammate: Luke Wrightson, Boyfriend (at time of filming)

Saida & Jervi are undoubtedly one of the most colorful teams in TARPH history. Finishing 5th on the original Amazing Race Philippines on TV5 with Saida, Jervi will this time Race with boyfriend Luke*. Originally racing with her amiga, Jervi knows Racing with her boyfriend will be a different dynamic. Add in the very different Race and they will be facing a challenge. But she believes in her and Luke to go all the way.

*Jervi & Luke became engaged after the season.

Gee & Archie

Returning Racer: Gee Canlas (Original TARPH, Season 1)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Sheena Vera Cruz, Reunited Friend (4th)
New Teammate: Archie Alemania, Husband

Sheena & Gee were one of the fiercest teams on season 1 of the original Amazing Race Philippines. Now racing with husband Archie, Gee knows it will be a completely different experience though will be equally as fun.

Marco & Michele

Returning Racer: Marco/Michele Gumabao (Season 17)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Katrina Gumabao, Sister (6th)
New Teammate: Michele/Marco, Sibling

The Gumabao Siblings were one of the strongest teams on season 17 before their shocking elimination in Slovakia on the Leg 9 SuperLeg. Now Marco/Michele are back with their other sibling with the hopes that they can pick up right where they left off.

Solenn & Erwan

Returning Racer: Solenn Heussaff (Season 17)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Georgina Wilson, Best Friend (4th)
New Teammate: Erwan Heussaff, Brother

Solenn & Georgina had a solid Race on season 17 including a very strong final stretch that saw them just miss out on the Final Leg thanks to the final memory Road Block. This time around, Solenn Races with her brother Erwan who believes he can deliver the win for their team.

Vicki & Hayden

Returning Racer: Vicki Belo (Season 16)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Christalle Belo, Daughter (8th)
New Teammate: Hayden Kho, Husband

Vicki & Christalle held on for seven Legs on season 16 until they got lost at the Road Block in Bucharest. Since then, Vicki tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Hayden and the married couple believe they have what it takes to make it farther in the Race together.

Alex & Raffy

Returning Racer: Alex Gonzaga (Season 15)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Toni Gonzaga, Sister (12th)
New Teammate: Raffy Tulfo, Friend

Returning Racer: Raffy Tulfo (Season 7)
Original Teammate and Final Placement: Erwin Tulfo, Brother (?)
New Teammate: Alex Gonzaga, Friend

The only team of two returning Racers this season, Alex and Raffy are two of the most popular Filipino YouTubers, in addition to their showbiz careers of course. Longtime friends and former network neighbors, Alex and Raffy have no idea how they will do on the Race together. But they both know it’s going to be crazy and fun.

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