Music Monday, April 19, 2021 Extra – Four More Excellent Tracks for the Week from A.C.E, DONGKIZ, Hyunjun Hur and CIX!

Hold on a minute! After these four great tracks on Monday, I can’t forget another four tracks that have already been on repeat since their releases last week. And like Monday’s four, these tracks from A.C.E, DONGKIZ, Hyunjun Hur and CIX are going to get very high placements on my list at the end of the year.

“Down” by A.C.E featuring Grey

A.C.E teams up with American electronic music duo Grey for fun and playful romantic track “Down.” The summery pop track gets some EDM flavor from Grey and the group’s always silky-smooth vocals seal the deal. “Down” could be one of the most appealing and enjoyable tracks of the year.

“Universe” by DONGKIZ

Criminally underrated DONGKIZ is back with another great track. “Universe” sees the group back to a bit of a brighter concept after last year’s darker and sexier “Beautiful” and “Lupin.” “Universe” is sort of a balance between the bright, upbeat image they debuted with and the more mature sides they were able to effectively show off last year. And it results in a thoroughly enjoyable, fun and charming track. Complete with another great performance from the group of course.

“VO!D” by Hyunjun Hur

With “Baragi,” Hyunjun Hur firmly established his style and sound as he embarked on his solo career. And with “VO!D,” he takes it a step further. The considerably darker and more dramatic track is absolutely stunning. Hyunjun’s slightly raspy vocals are perfect for this slightly alternative rock track mixed with a bit of hip-hop and pop as well. As he sings of getting lost in his emotions as a romance doesn’t work out ideally, his passionate performance excellently conveys that conflicted feeling. It is quite frankly a breathtaking musical experience.

“All For You” by CIX

After releasing the Song of the Year (at least, my favorite song of the year so far 😊), CIX releases a new Japanese single “All For You.” The title track is a fun, romantic and funky dance track. And it keeps in line with the group’s current brighter image as they continue being able to show off their versatility.

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