Thursday Tunes, May 2, 2024 – Xdinary Heroes, The KingDom, TOZ, YOUNITE

Some interesting new tracks from Xdinary Heroes, The KingDom, TOZ and YOUNITE!

“Little Things” by Xdinary Heroes

The amazing band Xdinary Heroes finally release their first full album in Troubleshooting. The 10-track album is the perfect showcase of the band’s diverse sound and style. From big rock anthems like “Little Things” to my favorite track from the album, the rock ballad “until the end of time”; Xdinary Heroes deliver with every performance. And this album is definitely one to experience all the way through.

“Flip That Coin” by The KingDom

It’s going to take some getting used to having KINGDOM, now The KingDom, with a not-royal concept. Their seven-part epic was so creative and always attention-grabbing. And while their B-sides have had more familiar sounds when you think of K-pop, it’s still a bit different now with their latest title track “Flip That Coin”. It’s very much your typical K-pop dance track. It’s good. But it’s not a song that I might listen to on repeat like many of their previous title tracks. Still, The KingDom is still one of the most underrated groups. So hopefully this new era can bring in some new fans.

“Geekin” by YOUNITE

YOUNITE are finally back with fresh music. And “Geekin” is definitely not the track I would have expected from them. The hip-hop/R&B-powered title track is definitely a step forward for the talented group. A different sound and style for then, but they deliver a strong performance. And if this signals a fresh new era for the group, then they’re off to a good start.

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