Music Monday, March 22, 2021 – Strong Comebacks and Debuts from Yonghyeon x Woonie, WOODZ, PENTAGON,, DRIPPIN, Jessi, Ciipher, MIRAE

K-pop has been very busy to start of 2021! And this past week is no different. Here’s some great comebacks and debuts from Yonghyeon x Woonie, WOODZ, PENTAGON,, DRIPPIN, Jessi, Ciipher and MIRAE.

“Want” by Yonghyeon, Woonie

TST member Yonghyeon collabs with Woonie on the release of “Want.” This smooth R&B dance track is irresistible. The only downside is that at just over two minutes, it is too short! It’s definitely a song you want to vibe to for much longer. Yonghyeon has also teased more solo releases in the future, so that is something to look forward to. Could be one of my favorites so far this year.

“Feel Like” by WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn)

Cho Seung Youn aka WOODZ is back with a single album and its title track “Feel Like.” The sexy and playful song has WOODZ pointing out a mutual attraction with someone. The seductive lyrics pull everything together. And WOODZ’s great vocals bring it all home.

The other two tracks on the album, “Touche” and “Rebound” are equally excellent.

“Do or Not” by PENTAGON

PENTAGON returns with a bright, fun song in “Do or Not.” The group shows off their versatility once again as they sing of impatiently waiting for an answer to their love confession. The members vocals are highlights of the song.

The rest of the album is of a similar vibe, perfect for the start of spring. My other favorites from the album are “10s And” and “1+1”.

“Dazzle” by

It’s been almost exactly one year since released their solid debut. And they’re finally making their first comeback with the single “Dazzle.” The electronic dance track is similar in style to their debut, but a nice step forward for the group. The great pre-chorus leads in to a refrain that has you grooving along. Awesome to see them back with new music.

“Young Blood” by DRIPPIN

Rookie group DRIPPIN make their first comeback with title track “Young Blood.” The energetic dance track has the group singing about youthful hope and motivation. And it’s a great song to highlight the talented rookies.

“What Type of X” by Jessi

When Jessi releases new music, she always commands attention. And it’s no different with her latest “What Type of X.” Jessi exudes her signature confidence and carefree attitude while she lets the rap flow and even reminds a little that she does have a powerful singing voice. (I still miss when Jessi would effortlessly belt out notes like the strongest of vocalists in the industry.) The track is of course catchy with a great hook. Another “bop” (as the kids would say) from the baddest X in the business!

“I Like You” by Ciipher

The first of a few debuts this week, Ciipher announces their arrival with a bright, sweet track. The members make a youthful love confession and it is a charming and likable song and performance. Definitely a different kind of debut track, but that’s what makes it even more refreshing. A solid debut.

“Killa” by MIRAE

The second debut of the week is DSP Media’s new group MIRAE. “Killa” may be a more traditional K-pop dance track. The cinematic MV compliments their strong performance and actually adds a lot to the overall vibe of their debut. A sort of epic-feeling cinematic entrance. Also a good, solid debut.

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