Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 27 – “We’re not here to tiptoe through the tulips.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 27 – Home and Away

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 27

Rose has found that the Octavian Chalice can synthesize the energy of three other ancient relics: Minerva’s Staff, The Root of Heisker and The Sands of Sila. When placed in the chalice, it can unleash a power that can destroy worlds. Rose has already initiated a global search for the three relics.

Tyzonn slams the computer, frustrated about the Fearcats continuing to act on their evil. They killed the person he loved most and he vows to not let anyone else die at the hands of the Fearcats.

When signal traces of the Staff pop up, Hartford tells Rose to take Ronny, Will and Mack to check it out. Tyzonn says he should go too, but Hartford says he needs to stay behind and cool down.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 27

Over in a forest, Norg accompanies Flurious as he finds Minerva’s Staff in a tree. The Rangers arrive and shoot at them. The Staff flies out of Flurious’ hands. Will tries to leap up to grab it, but a Chiller grabs it and returns it to Flurious.

Back at the command center, Dax has found the two other relics. Hartford tells him to inform the others. But Tyzonn says he can retrieve the Sands of Sila himself. He assures Hartford that he has calmed down.

Mack tells Will and Rose to deal with the Chillers while he and Ronny go retrieve the other relic.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 27

Meanwhile, Miratrix and Kamdor have already found the Sands of Sila. Tyzonn arrives and demands he hand it over. Miratrix says she’ll fight, but Kamdor says it’s time he finishes off these Rangers himself once and for all.

Kamdor is able to force Tyzonn to demorph and he and Miratrix prepare to leave. But Mig arrives and swipes the Sands of Sila from them.

Tyzonn loses consciousness and when he wakes up, he is shocked to see Vella standing next to him, alive and well. He asks her where they are. Vella says they are on Mercuria of course. He had just been in an accident.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 27

Tyzonn says it was she who was in an accident. But Vella says Tyzonn is just confused and needs to relax. Tyzonn explains that he is a Power Ranger, was just fighting Miratrix and Kamdor and that they need to stop the Fearcats. Vella has no idea what he is talking about and says he has never even left Mercuria.

Back on Earth, a Lava Lizard has retrieved the Root of Esper for Moltor. Mack and Ronny arrive and battle Moltor and the Lava Lizards. Mack upmorphs to Sentinel and is able to take on dozens of Lava Lizards. But Moltor shoots at him and forces him to downmorph.

In the forest, Rose and Will finish off the last Chillers. But after Flurious steps on Norg’s flowers, he shoots at Rose and Will allowing them to escape with the Staff.

On Mercuria, Tyzonn tells Vella his entire Earth story so far. He feels like it is so real. Vella says his mind must be playing tricks on him. It’s only been three days since the cave in. It was Tyzonn who got trapped inside when she was able to escape on her own.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 27

Dax arrives to help Mack and Ronny finish off the Lava Lizards. Flurious arrives holding Minerva’s Staff. But Benglo swoops in to grab it. He uses it to shoot at the Rangers. Meanwhile, Mig speeds through and swipes the Root from Moltor.

The Fearcats now have all three relics which they will use to create a monster so powerful that it will eradicate the population of Earth. Then they will be able to easily find the jewels.

Miratrix and Kamdor arrive and they, along with Moltor and Flurious agree they have had enough of the Fearcats.

“You call yourself villains?!”
“You can’t even hold on to your relics.”
“Flurious, the frozen fool! Go back to your igloo and cool off.”
“Moltor, who’s about as dangerous as a wet match.”
“Kamdor and his silly sidekick, you two are just sad. You never posed a threat to us.”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 27

The Fearcats place the three relics into the chalice and pour out the huge Agrios. They hop into an airship which then attaches to Agrios to become its armor.

Will and Rose arrive and the Fearcats shoot at them. They quickly hop into the DriveMax Megazord and give it all they’ve got. But the Fearcats are invincible with Agrios’ power.

The Fearcats bombard the Rangers with powerful attacks and force the DriveMax out of commission. The Rangers have to evacuate the zords. Mack asks Spencer to send the Battlefleet and they quickly form the Megazord.

Mack calls on Sentinel Knight to join them in the fight, but the Fearcats easily swat him away. They then force the Battlefleet Megazord to separate as well. The individual zords scatter and crash into the ground.

The villains are shocked that the Rangers have lost. The Fearcats tell them that they are their new masters and that they must bow down to them.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 27

Flurious thinks bowing to the Fearcats is absurd, but he wonders if they really have defeated them all.

The Rangers emerge from the rubble of their zords, unsure what to do now.

Over in Mercuria, Tyzonn and Vella take a walk. He finally believes that everything Vella has told him is true. And that he was never a Power Ranger.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 27

Episode Thoughts

Wow, this was a very exciting episode! I didn’t know it was a two-parter, so the cliffhanger was great.

I assume this is setting up the defeat of the Fearcats next episode. So it’s perfect to pair this two-parter with a quick dive into Tyzonn’s story. Pairing Tyzonn’s story with the impending demise of the Fearcats is good stuff. It’s pretty shocking for the show to essentially have Tyzonn go through a purgatory experience. I think it was done very well. And it’s the perfect time to address Tyzonn’s past.

The Fearcats had some great lines, especially against the other villains. They may have been the 4th ranked villain faction, but they were still a threat all season. And the backstory with Tyzonn was a great way to integrate them into the fabric of the show. It makes these episodes have depth and worth.

It’s definitely the kind of episode that helps gear up for the final arc as well. Lots of great action sequences and little character moments here and there for the other Rangers.

Overall, a good, exciting episode.

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