Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 41 – I Want to Remain As I Am

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Carantula is frustrated that he seems to be in a slump lately. He hasn’t been able to come up with interesting and powerful-enough Jamenshi, even though there’s plenty of inspiration on Earth. Yodonna tells him to stop whining and being pathetic.

Carantula says he needs to create interesting, fresh, provocative ideas. But Yodonna says that is completely pointless and that Emperor Yodon only cares about soldiers who are strong. Carantula vows to create the most powerful and interesting Jamenshi yet.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

At the coconut tree, Mabushina asks a drawing Juuru what he’s Hirameking-ing. But he says he’s just drawing for fun. Tametomo mentions that gamers can get their highest scores when they’re more relaxed and having fun. But Sayo cautions that even things you enjoy can make you feel stuck if it becomes a job or obligation.

The alarm sounds and the Kiramagers hurry over to find people sprawled all across a parking lot. Sayo checks and sees their vitals seem to be perfectly fine. But suddenly, the unconscious people sprout cat ears and begin acting like actual cats.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Carantula’s latest creation Maneki-neko Jamen appears and says he will be turning humans into cats who are selfish, moody and lazy, rendering them completely unable to properly function.

The Kiramagers think this Jamenshi is a halfhearted attempt by Carantula and they wonder if he’s in a slump. Carantula takes offense, warning them not to underestimate the Jamenshi.

The Kiramagers henshin and take on Bechats. Maneki-neko Jamen shoots maneki-nekos at them. Tametomo, Shiguru and Takamichi are able to dodge them, but the cats hit Juuru, Sena and Sayo directly. They are forced to dehenshin and collapse to the ground.

The guys hurry over just as Juuru, Sena and Sayo sprout ears and begin acting like cats as well. The guys have to chase them around the park. Meanwhile, Maneki-neko Jamen farts in Carantula’s face and runs off.

Carantula can’t believe he’s created another failure. He storms off to think of a way to fix this situation. But Juurucat, distracted by Carantula’s wavy coattail, follows.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

The guys bring Sayo and Sena back to the coconut tree where they’ve calmed down a little and are acting more kawaii. But still unpredictably unruly as well.

Carantula tells Juuru to stop following him, but Juurucat wants to play. He jumps on Carantula and tackles him to the ground. Juuru drops his sketchbook and Carantula opens it to see all his drawings. He did not realize Juuru was also a creator.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Carantula seems to relate very much to Juuru being a creative. Juurucat interrupts people painting banners at the park and proceeds to play around with the paint himself. Carantula admires Juuru just having fun with the paint without thinking of anything else. He admits that he’s drawn a lot of inspiration from the fun things of Earth when creating Jamenshi.

Juurucat gives Carantula a paintbrush and invites him to join in the painting. Carantula takes it and decides to match Juurucat’s creative energy. They begin painting a picture together and having lots of fun doing it.

Garuza watches from the Darkness, wondering if Carantula being different these days has anything to do with losing that 1/5 of himself earlier.

Downtown, Yodonna finds the sleeping Maneki-neko Jamen and whips his butt to give him some extra firepower. Maneki-neko Jamen sends a signal out to all the cat people to begin rampaging.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

At the coconut tree, Sena and Sayo’s attitude changes drastically. Sayo slaps Mabushina’s face before Sena joins her in roughing Mabushina up.

The alarm sounds and Muryou tells the guys to hurry over while he and Mabushina try to handle the two cat ladies. Takamichi does not let go of his cat toy, however, causing Sena and Sayo to follow them out.

Juurucat and Carantula have finished their nice butterfly artwork. Carantula pets Juurucat and says this was the first bit of fun he’s had in a long time. Just then, Maneki-neko’s signal reaches Juurucat and he too turns more aggresive. He begins attacking their pretty painting. Carantula tries to stop him from destroying his fun creation.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

But Yodonna appears and slices the painting in half. She again ridicules Carantula for focusing on fun and interesting things, describing it as being completely pointless. The only thing that matters is whatever benefits the Emperor.

Carantula realizes Yodonna forcibly whipped Maneki-neko’s butt to become more powerful. Yodonna says she did it since the chaos that has now engulfed the city has accumulated enough Dark Energy to send in Cat Food Ligany, which is ultimately beneficial for Emperor Yodon.

The Jamenju begins terrorizing the city and Takamichi hops into Gigant Driller to take it on.

Shiguru and Tametomo have to deal with Maneki-neko Jamen as well as Bechats AND Senacat and Sayocat being annoying.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Yodonna continues to mock Carantula and says he is no longer useful. She steps all over the painting, again saying it is useless. Carantula cannot take it anymore. He charges toward Yodonna and she raises her whip at him.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Juurucat slaps it away, protecting Carantula. But Carantula tells him to stop. He does a trick that frees Juurucat from Maneki-neko’s control.

A shocked Juuru shoves Carantula off him. But as Juuru sees Takamichi struggling against the Jamenju, Carantula holds Yodonna and urges Juuru to hurry to where he is needed most.

Juuru runs off and Yodonna slaps Carantula into the wall. She says Carantula helping Juuru constitutes treason against the Emperor. Carantula says there is something he cares more about than loyalty or the invasion. It is his pride as a creative Jamen Master.

Yodonna thinks Carantula has truly lost his mind. But Carantula says he has only become more dedicated as an artist.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Shiguru and Tametomo struggle against Maneki-neko Jamen with Sayocat and Senacat pestering them while fighting, causing them to dehenshin.

Just then, Juuru arrives and copies Carantula’s trick from earlier to wake Sena and Sayo up from their cat nap.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

With the three Kirameowgers back to somewhat normal, the five of them henshin.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Together, they fight off Maneki-neko Jamen using some newfound cat powers nya.

On the other side of town, Yodonna is chasing after Carantula who says he is exhausted. He doesn’t want to create just to fight and win anymore. He wants to now live a life where he can freely create things he enjoys. And it was Juuru who showed him that it was possible.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Suddenly, Emperor Yodon takes over Yodonna’s body and declares that Carantula has outlived his usefulness. He decides to dispatch of Carantula by shooting him with dozens of arrows, causing him to fall into the bay.

Takamichi realizes cats hate baths, so he activates a hot spring which rains down warm water across the city. That distracts Maneki-neko Jamen and the Jamenju enough for the Kiramagers to Go Kiraful and finish them both off for good.

Juuru heads back to the stage to find the ripped up painting and realizes he wasn’t dreaming. He really did have fun making art with Carantula. Freely creating art for no reason than to just do it was a wonderful experience.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Juuru wishes everyone could do that as well.

Later, Garuza pulls Carantula out of the water and says he has something he needs Carantula to do for him.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Very bold of Kiramager to have a filler episode with only four episodes left after this. I suppose this is the calm before the storm though. As illustrated by the dramatic preview for Episode 42, things are definitely going to get serious next week.

But let’s enjoy this calm before it gets crazy for the…


This was a fun episode and surprisingly touching, especially when it was a Carantula-focus. Wait, what? Yes indeed!

All season, Carantula has been fascinated by different Earth things. It’s easy to just brush those moments off as funny jokes. But I think it really would’ve been an interesting story to flesh out more. Perhaps like how Ryusoulger did with Kureon last year.

This episode played out very well. But I think it would have had even more impact had they sort of played up Carantula’s “artistry” a little more. I think Ryusoulger even did more with Wiserue and his wanting flashy showtimes.

So Carantula as the lighthearted villain of the season was good, but after this episode, you can definitely see some wasted potential for good story as well.

Still Carantula’s “death” scene was pretty effective. And you actually cared about his demise. It was actually sad. And I think it helped that he was having fun with Juurucat all episode. It built up just enough goodwill to have you care.

This episode was another example of what Kiramager does so well. Balancing the silly with the serious. An episode with a silly, amusing plot of cat people paired with a nice message about being able to do what you love and enjoy.

Having that freedom to do those things you enjoy is a happy positive. And that sometimes, you can be as productive doing what you enjoy as much as if you were obligated to do so. But at the same time, knowing the balance between the two as well.

Nonetheless, the episode got the point across well. And it was a good plot to give nice character moments for Juuru and Carantula.

It also sets up the final, final arc of course. And I do have (unfairly?) high expectations for Kiramager with these final four episodes.

Overall, a great, fun episode. A necessary breather before what I hope will be some crazy, insane, emotional weeks ahead!

Also, I see you Mabushina holding that apple and pineapple:
Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 41 Recap

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