Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 23 – “No Ranger left behind!”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 23 – Ronny on Empty I

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 23

It’s Halloween and Ronny decides to scare Dax and Will while they’re playing pool. Will says Halloween is for kids. Ronny says if they don’t help decorate for the party, they won’t get any punch.

Harford calls everyone down to the command center to show them a secret compartment at the bottom of the Centurion Torch. Inside is a golden scarab beetle with a strong jewel signature. Hartford says he will send it to the lab for analysis and also that he has a new zord for them.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 23

Moltor, meanwhile, has inserted his gyro generator into a new robo. But it is unable to power it. Moltor complains to the Fearcats who promised it would work. The Fearcats just say that sh-t happens. But they might know of a way to fix it.

Up in the North Pole, Norg shows Flurious the anchovy treats he has ready for the Trick or Treaters who usually dress up as penguins. Flurious sees that his gyro is being used and he orders Norg to round up some Chillers so they can search for it.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 23

Everyone except Will is excitedly decorating for the Halloween party. Will still thinks the holiday is for little kids only. Just then, Hartford alerts them to the Fearcats rampaging downtown. The Rangers and Sentinel Knight hurry over where the Fearcats announce Moltor is joining them at this time. And with the power of the gyro, they are more powerful than ever.

The Fearcats take Ronny hostage while Moltor takes everyone else on. Sentinel Knight tells Will to use him as a sword. But Moltor grabs hold of them both as they and the Fearcats leave.

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 23 – “No Ranger left behind!”

They tie Ronny and Will to a tree and seal the Sentinel Sword in a containment field. The Fearcats ask why Moltor grabbed the Black Ranger too when they only need the Yellow Ranger. Moltor wanted the Sentinel Sword that Will was holding. The Fearcats think Will is a liability to them so they all agree to kill Will and keep Ronny. Hearing this, Will quickly uses his laser to try and break themselves free.

Back at the mansion, Hartford tells the others that they must head to Egypt immediately. The scarab has been traced back to Egypt and it could very well lead them to the next jewel. The Rangers are worried about Ronny and Will, but Hartford says they are trained Power Rangers and will be able to handle themselves, Plus, Hartford will call them if there’s trouble.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 23

Will is able to laser his and Ronny’s way out of the containment. The Fearcats and Lava Lizards chase after them. Ronny asks Will what he heard them say and he tells her about them only wanting her.

When the Fearcats and Lava Lizards arrive, Ronny gives herself up so Will can escape. They drag her away. Will calls Hartford who orders him back to the mansion. But Will says that is an order he cannot obey. “No Ranger left behind.” Will asks Hartford to maintain radio silence until he contacts him.

Moltor decides to plug the Sentinel Sword into the converter. Either it will turn him evil or he will be destroyed.

Will runs through the forest and runs into Flurious, Norg and Chillers. Will morphs and then summons the Hovertek Cycle. Flurious orders Norg to go find the Fearcats’ secret hideout.

Will takes care of the Chillers. But Flurious poofs himself away.

At the Fearcats’ lair, the Fearcats attach Ronny to the device that will drain her of all her power.

Will runs into Norg who gives himself up to be captured. But Will is more interested in finding Ronny. Will asks Norg questions about the Fearcats and Moltor, but Norg knows nothing. Will, calling him Flurious’ dog, tells Norg to sit.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 23

Meanwhile, the Rangers are in Egypt and meet with a shopkeeper who is amazed by the golden scarab and might know what it is.

Moltor believes he has enough power to use in his robo, even though they haven’t finished draining Ronny yet. The Fearcats try to stop him, but they battle. That’s when Sentinel Knight is able to break free and tries to save Ronny by taking on the Fearcats.

Moltor leaves to check on his robo. That’s when Sentinel Knight is able to break free and morph back into his body form. The Fearcats, however, kick him into the converter and he turns evil.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 23

In Egypt, the shopkeeper shows them a book with more information about the legendary beetle. He says they must dig in the Giza desert for them. Hartford calls them and the Rangers have to hurry back. What they don’t know is that Miratrix has been listening to them the whole time while in disguise.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 23

The Rangers hop into the DriveMax Ultrazord and Flashpoint Megazord to take on Moltor and his robo and an embiggened Sentinel Knight. But the Rangers struggle and even get ejected from their Megazord. They land in the water.

Hartford and Spencer decide it is time to dispatch the Battle Fleet, the new zords they’ve been working on.

Mack, Rose and Dax are able to easily take care of the swarm or Lavadactyls in the sky. Moltor has to retreat when his runs out of power. Hartford calls them back to base as the Battlefleet Zords are not fully operational yet.

Back in the forest, Will vows to find Ronny. But time is running out, Ronny’s life energy is almost completely drained.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 23


Episode Thoughts

A great first half of a two-parter. And it’s also a Halloween episode that isn’t a clip show. IMAGINE THAT!

It was a very exciting episode because the stakes were high, all the villain factions were involved again and there was a lot going on.

The jewel search continues (and they travel to Egypt this time!). But Ronny and Will are in a dire situation. The Rangers are concerned for then, but they have to trust they can handle it while also focusing on the mission at hand. Though of course, one can argue whether the jewels truly take priority over saving their comrades.

Nonetheless, the villain factions were all on the move. And it helped warrant the need for new zords. Though it was done in a way that allows for the zords to not be fully operational yet. Sort of like a teaser for the actual big battle perhaps in the next episode.

The episode title is “Ronny on Empty,” but I think it was more of a Will-focus actually. He was awesome while trying to find and save Ronny. His quick, witty remarks with Norg and his defiant attitude with Hartford were pretty cool. Matched his charismatic, spy-like personality.

I’m sure choosing Ronny to get captured has something to do with the Boukenger footage. But it worked out anyway.

I checked and this episode originally aired in August. So even though it is set on Halloween, it didn’t have to be a filler clip show. Saban Brands and Hasbro would never. Lol

Overall, an exciting first part of a two-parter.

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