Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 22 – “I’m glad I’m still breathing!”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 22 – One Fine Day

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 22

Rose is trying to read her advanced physics book, but is weirded out by Tyzonn staring at her. He suggests they talk then, but it’s not exactly what Rose meant. It’s the Rangers’ day off and while the others went out for a picnic, she had hoped to stay home and read her book alone.

Tyzonn tells her to go on ahead and enjoy her book, but he then proceeds to pester her again. Rose decides to hurry and join the others on their picnic instead.

Meanwhile, the others are hiking up to the perfect picnic spot. Mack takes the heavy backpack from Dax and reminisces about the times when he would go on picnics with his dad when he was a young kid including the delicious fried chicken lunches Spencer would pack them.

Rose catches up to them and tells them about Tyzonn wanting to stare at her all day. They know the feeling. Just then, Tyzonn comes running up with Rose’s book. Will invites him to come along.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 22

Suddenly, they see Norg who they believe is Bigfoot strolling into the forest so they decide to follow him.

Nearby, the Fearcats are searching for the Centurion Torch which they can use to destroy the Power Rangers. The computers at the command center detect the activity. Hartford says they should call the Rangers, but Spencer says it’s their day off. And if possible, he’ll continue to observe the situation until it is absolutely necessary to call the Rangers.

Hartford understands being a youth and wanting to go on picnics. He mentions how it’s been two years since Mack arrived and six months since Operation Overdrive started. Spencer agrees, two years ago, it was just them two.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 22

Back at the forest, The Rangers are following Norg’s footprints when they just stop. They find that there is an invisible force field. Tyzonn recognizes the force field and says that only a Mercurian like him can go through. Mack will not let Tyzonn go alone so Tyzonn says he can hold Rose’s hand and then someone else’s and so on so they can all pass.

Tyzonn warns them that they must not break physical contact, otherwise they won’t be able to make it.

Tyzonn steps through the force field and Rose is able to go through as well. But force field prevents Mack and the others from walking through.

Tyzonn says he knows of the force field because it is used by the Fearcats. He believes that he can deactivate the force field if he can find the source seal. As they proceed forward, the others on the other side try to figure out a way themselves. Mack summons the Sentinel Knight and he tries to break through, but cannot.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 22

Inside, Rose and Tyzonn come across Norg who has gotten a huge twig stuck in his foot. Tyzonn removes it for him and he hugs them in thanks. Rose recognizes Norg as a yeti.

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 22 – “I’m glad I’m still breathing!”

Mig appears. Norg runs off and Rose and Tyzonn morph to take on the Fearcat. But during the battle, Tyzonn feels weak and he and Rose have to run.

By a waterfall, Tyzonn bandages himself up and admits that while Mercurians can pass through force fields, it weakens them. Rose asks Tyzonn what’s up with him lately.

Tyzonn says he just wants to grow closer to her. But Rose says they are already close since they’re friends. Tyzonn says Rose actually doesn’t let anyone get close to her. She loves answering questions about books, but not about herself. That’s why Tyzonn wants to know more about her. Rose says she doesn’t like talking about herself.

Rose says she never felt special when she was a little girl. No one ever told her she was. So she decided to learn everything there ever was to know so she could feel special. But she didn’t. Tyzonn says what makes us special is already inside us when we are born. What we accomplish is just what we do.

Tyzonn says he believes Rose is a very special person. She says the same about him.

Benglo finds the Centurion Torch, but Tyzonn and Rose find the force field seal. Before they can morph, Mig appears and stops them. Tyzonn tries to hold on to Mig so Rose can go break the seal. But Mig fires at her.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 22

Rose gets flattened by the explosion, but she whips out her blaster and shoots at the seal, breaking it.

Mig tosses Tyzonn aside and then shoots at him, causing another huge explosion. Rose runs over to the lifeless Tyzonn. She channels her anger, morphs and takes Mig head-on.

Rose struggles for a bit, but as soon as she gains the upper hand, Benglo appears in the Fearcats’ robo with the Centurion Torch. Before Benglo steps on Rose, Mack uses the Sentinel Sword and Will uses his zord to stop him and Mig.

Dax and Ronny check on Tyzonn as Mack calls on Sentinel Knight to see if he can help.

The Rangers ask Spencer to send the zords and they hop into the Megazord. The Fearcats activate the Centurion Torch to use against the Rangers. The Megazord becomes overheated, but the Rangers give it everything they’ve got.

The Fearcats can’t believe the Rangers haven’t burned to death yet. Even more, the Rangers are able to blow up the Fearcats’ robo, ejecting the Centurion Torch which the Megazord catches.

The Rangers hurry back to Tyzonn where they find Norg doing some kind of chanting spell around him. The spell works and Tyzonn wakes up. When Norg recognizes Mack and that the others are all Rangers, he runs away.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 22

The Rangers welcome Tyzonn back to life. Rose excitedly gives Tyzonn answers to the questions he asked her earlier, happy that she actually can now that he’s okay.

Flurious asks Norg where he’s been all day. Norg says he wanted to go for a walk in the woods on his day off. Flurious is upset that Norg would go prancing through forest while he needs help conquering the world.

“Do you think the Power Rangers are walking through the woods?!”

Back home, the Rangers present the Centurion Torch to Hartford.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 22

Episode Thoughts

A fun, interesting episode. Such an interesting plot. I think the immediate thought or in any other season, this would be a pretty overt attempt at a romantic coupling. But I really don’t feel that way here. It’s just a nice, sweet moment between two friends. Strictly platonic. And that’s actually very refreshing.

The biggest lesson in the episode was what Tyzonn told Rose about what makes someone special. Everyone is special in their own way and people shouldn’t have to do something to be seen as special. Everyone is unique and that’s a good thing.

The episode also really talked about trying to be open to others. That spending time to yourself is fine. But opening up is also good as well. Especially when you have people who are sincere in wanting to be friends and close with you.

So a nice focus episode for both Rose and Tyzonn.

The action was also great. The unmorphed fight between Rose & Tyzonn and Mig was so good. You could tell which was New Zealand footage and the signature Koichisplosions added a lot to the scenes. The way they edited those new scenes together with the Boukenger scenes was very seamless. The morphed battle between Rose and Mig, some original NZ footage there too, was also great.

Now the big twist this episode, which really was very subtle, was Hartford and Spencer talking about how Mack “arrived” two years ago. Yet Mack has memories of being a kid going on picnics with his father with Spencer’s packed lunches.

I absolutely remember not even giving those moments a second thought before. But watching now, knowing what’s ahead, it’s so amazing to watch episodes like this with scenes like that. The seeds are being planted. And in a great way too.

Overall, a great, fun episode.

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