Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 34 – Blue and Yellow Passion

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Garuza does not appreciate Carantula playing a recap of the last episode. But Carantula points out that Garuza has only gotten stronger thanks to his anger. Yodonna walks in with Numajo’s mask which she had picked up after Oradin defeated her. Yodonna says she is going to use it to have fun with the Kiramagers and suggests Garuza find his own fun as well.

Meanwhile, Juuru watches his cool older bros Shiguru and Tametomo showing how good they are at billiards. They suggest Juuru give it a try and teach him a trick shot which he ends up successfully executing. Shiguru and Tametomo acknowledge Juuru’s skill, but Juuru says he’s definitely not as cool as they are.

Muryou alerts them and the Kiramagers meet up in the garage where they are met by Yodonna. She remembers what Tametomo told her about how great it is to have friends. So she decides to make him suffer today.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Juuru notices Yodonna holding Numajo’s face. Yodonna holds it up and shoots something toward Tametomo, only to have Shiguru shield him from it and taking the hit himself.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Yodonna explains that she just shot a poison that will kill a human in a few hours. And to save him, they must play a game with her: destroy Numajo’s face.

Tametomo, Juuru and Sena henshin and take on Yodonna while Sayo tends to Shiguru who refuses to go back to the coconut tree. Muryou calls to say that Smog Jouki has appeared in the city.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

The distraction allows Yodonna to escape. But Shiguru henshins and chases after her. Tametomo follows. Juuru tells Sena and Sayo to take care of Garuza.

Takamichi hops into Gigant Driller and arrives first to take on Garuza. But Garuza tests out his increased Jamental. The ladies arrive in Express and Zabyun. But before they can combine into King Express, Garuza slams into them and gains control of Mashin Express. He instead initiates a gattai with Smog Jouki to form Jaaku King Express.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Sena is unable to control Mashin Express at all. Zabyun tries to help regain Express, but Garuza slams him and Sayo down to the ground.

Meanwhile, Tametomo, Shiguru and Juuru are battling Yodonna. Tametomo is able to get a clear shot at Numajo’s face. But Yodonna says the poison will only disappear if the infected person is the one that destroys the mask.

An angry Tametomo says he is the one Yodonna has beef with, so he should’ve been the one poisoned. But Yodonna said he always intended to attack his friends. That would maximize Tametomo’s suffering since she knew Shiguru would take the hit for him. And without one of Tametomo’s friends, they possibly can’t win.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Shiguru tries to use his signature strike at Yodonna, but he is too weak. Yodonna runs off, but Tametomo and Juuru are able to corner her on the rooftop. Shiguru hops onto Jetter so he can attack from above. But the poison affects him once again and he falls on Tametomo instead.

Garuza delivers finishing blows at Takamichi. Shiguru tells Juuru to leave Yodonna to him and Tametomo. Juuru calls goes Kiraful and calls Oradin to come help out.

Juuru hops into Grateful Phoenix and they continue the battle with Garuza. But Garuza is really much too powerful.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Shiguru is forced to dehenshin, growing weaker and weaker. Yodonna whips Tametomo out of his henshin as well and he runs to get himself and Shiguru to safety.

Tametomo tells Shiguru to just sit and rest. Shiguru says he’s fine, but Tametomo says he’s lying. Shiguru tells Tametomo to stop feeling guilty about this. Tametomo not being cool, calm and collected is clouding his judgment.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

The cool bros tell each other to stop worrying about the other. And now as they have calmed down, they come up with a plan that might work.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Yodonna has been sitting and waiting for a while when the cool bros finally come hobbling out from behind the truck. She summons Bechats. But Shiguru and Tametomo are ready. They henshin and charge forward.

Shiguru is knocked down by the Bechats. Yodonna laughs that he is almost dead. But Tametomo shakes off some Bechats and shoots a disk at Shiguru’s sword allowing it to bounce off and directly zoom toward Numajo’s face.

Numajo’s face shatters and the poison leaves Shiguru’s body. They were able to use the shot they taught Juuru earlier to their advantage here.

The cool bros battle Yodonna and they are able to knock her down. They deliver a Checkmage and she is engulfed by explosions.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

A defeated Yodonna falls to her knees. But her eyes light up red. She gets up on her feet, curses humans and a huge mass of darkness emerges around her.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Garuza is just about ready to finish off his brother. But he is shocked by a sudden message from an ominous voice. Juuru also hears it. The voice orders Garuza to rescue Yodonna.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Garuza drops everything (including Mashin Express) and speeds off to whisk Yodonna into the train and to safety.

Over at the coconut tree, the others compliment Shiguru and Tametomo’s feelings and support for each other.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

But they also notice Juuru has been frantically drawing. They go over and he explains that he saw this horrifying image earlier when he heard the voice.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 34 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Well that has to be the most bromantic episode of a toku series I’ve ever seen! (Outside of Kamen Rider Build and OOO of course lol)

The Shiguru-Tametomo bromance kind of came out of nowhere, but I appreciate the episode for what it was. It plays well with the idea of the Kiramagers having a close bond. They are friends and teammates. And they know they always have each other’s backs. It also works since both Shiguru and Tametomo are celebrities. So the cool guy aspect, especially as both are like older brothers to Juuru, worked well within the dynamics we know of the characters and in the show.

At the same time though, I almost feel like this is a Yodonna-focus. She was definitely the star of the episode alongside the ShiguTomo/TameGuru bromance. I gasped out loud when Yodonna… I don’t even know what happened to her. She cried out in agony? She blew up? She overflowed with darkness? She was driven to despair? What was going on there?

Whatever it was, it was shocking and surprising. I really love how they’ve used
Yodonna since her debut. She’s very much involved and she has no problem engaging with the Kiramagers. Plus she’s fun and sassy. And of course, badass. That’s the kind of villain you want to see.

Very interesting that she seems to be VERY important to the Emperor considering he ordered Garuza to rescue her. And also the fact that Garuza dropped everything to do so.

I also enjoyed calling back to Yodonna’s debut and her relationship with Tametomo. When you can draw upon moments and episodes like that, especially character interactions, in a natural way, you’re running a tight ship with the writing.

I was surprised though that Numajo is dead. I guess during that episode, so much was going on I didn’t realize that she blew up. But I’m kinda sad because Numajo was amazing and I’d love to see her pop up again and battle the Kiramagers.

Also, I love the scoring this season. The music during the episodes is so good. This episode had that ominous piano score playing when Yodonna was battling the Kiramagers in the garage. Really sets the tone.

Next week looks to be a Mabushina-focus! Yessir! The future Queen deserves it.

Overall, this episode was fun and exciting. This is kind of the episode that works after they’ve built up a connection and strong foundation to the characters and the world building. (Other shows take note 😉 hehe)

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  1. Yeah, things have really picked up since Garza came back. The villains are definitely keeping the Kiramagers on their toes.

    And that drawing by Juuru of the Emperor? How terrifying!

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