Music Monday, December 7, 2020 – BoA, ONEUS, VANNER, Henry Lau

The Queen returns plus two fun comebacks and a B-side track from an album you should’ve definitely check out!

“Better,” BoA

One of my very first K-pop crushes, I’m always excited when K-pop royalty BoA is back with fresh music. And this time, a full album! Title track “Better” is some excellent dance-pop goodness. An effortless performance from BoA. Which is definitely not a surprise.

“Bbusyeo,” ONEUS

ONEUS returns with their brightest and most fun title track yet. “Bbusyeo” is a playful, funky song. Definitely a side of ONEUS not seen in their usual stage performances and releases. But for anyone who follows ONEUS offstage, you’d know this concept definitely comes natural for them.

“Form,” VANNER

After debuting last year, VANNER is finally back with fresh music after more than year. Their latest “Form” is a rock-infused hip-hop track that definitely has them storming back onto the scene. The music video is a fun and eye-catching, gangster movie-inspired story that goes well with the impactful comeback.

“Just Be Me,” Henry Lau

If you haven’t checked out Henry Lau’s new album, then you’re missing out! Henry’s just released a great MV for one of my favorite tracks from the album “Just Be Me.” Just an excellent, powerful song that exemplifies Henry’s talent and passion.

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