Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 37 (17) – “Who can wipe out the most Rangers?”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 37 (17) – Fossil FrenzyPower Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 37

Zoey’s older brother Mike shows her what he says is the claw of a brand-new dinosaur he calls a Voltrasaurus. It was a dangerous trek, but the fossil might be his ticket to a university scholarship. He asks if she can have someone at GBHQ check it out to make sure it has dinosaur DNA and she says sure. He asks her to guard the fossil with her life as his entire future depends on it.

The Burke Sibs cause trouble around Riptide as they randomly chase after their dog.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, Evox enjoys a Morph X injection as his full strength is restored. He can now move forward with his plans and ridicules Roxy and Scrozzle for not being as awesome as Blaze. Roxy vows to find a way to prove herself.

Over at GBHQ, Zoey waits for Nate to finish tuning up Jax so he can help her with the claw. He tells her to begin cleaning the fossil with solvent, but she instead grabs acid. She pours it into a container which melts then proceeds to run down the table to also disintegrate the fossil.

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 37 (17) – “Who can wipe out the most Rangers?”

Zoey breaks the bad news to Mike at Riptide. He no longer has anything to present for his scholarship interview tomorrow. He can’t go back to the mountain where he found the fossil since he broke his arm last time. Mike sees how worried his sister is and says it’s okay. He can always apply for a scholarship next year.

Ravi offers to help Zoey, but she says she has to figure something out on her own.

Back at the Crystal Dimension, Roxy shows Scrozzle a newspaper reporting on Mike’s fossil discovery and says that is exactly the DNA she needs for a power up. She asks him to search the mountain and Scrozzle finds Zoey’s signal.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 37

Zoey is free-climbing up the side of the mountain. Her communicator has malfunctioned with the altitude.

At GBHQ, the others tell Ravi about Mike having climbed Honnald Peak himself and he realizes Zoey must have done so as well. Jax suggests they all hop into the Chopper Zord to find her.

Zoey reaches the top and finds the excavation site. Before she can take a fossil, Roxy arrives and shoots at her. Roxy scans the fossil and confirms it has the DNA she needs.

The other Rangers arrive and both Roxy and Zoey morph. Roxy summons Tronics and the battle ensues before she takes the DNA and leaves.

Zoey takes a fossil sample and they hurry back as well.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 37

At the Crystal Dimension, Roxy has Scrozzle turn on his contraption allowing her to infuse the dino DNA into her body. She emerges with a brand new powered up body. The DNA is so powerful, Scrozzle’s system explodes. And that means that Blaze and Roxy can never resurrect ever again. If the Rangers kill them, they’re dead forever.

At Riptide, Zoey presents Mike with the fossil she took from the excavation site and shows him the DNA results confirming it is a new species. She wishes him luck and he thanks her for what she’s done for him.

Downtown, the Rangers meet Roxy and Blaze. They all morph. Devon faces off against Blaze while the others take on Super Roxy. She embiggens herself and the Rangers hop into the Beast X King Ultrazord.

The Rangers are able to kill Roxy for good. Scrozzle comes to fetch Blaze, upset for allowing it to happen.

At Riptide, the Rangers are excited to hear of Roxy’s death. Zoey says she learned a big lesson today. Like Roxy, she shouldn’t go off on her own to solve problems and instead lean on the men.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 37

Mike comes in and announces that he got the scholarship.

Ben and Betty’s dog sneaks out of its cage to steal Devon’s hot dog and enjoy it with ketchup and mustard.

Epiosde Thoughts

Definitely not as mind-boggling as last week’s episode. That’s for sure!

Let’s get the negative nitpicking out of the way first. The episode was going fine. But at the end, Zoey essentially apologizes for going off on her own. That’s okay. But she then brings up Roxy as a comparison which then gives off this awkward vibe. As if to say that they, as two of the show’s only female characters, failed when they went off on their own. But if they had the men with them, by their side and helping them, they wouldn’t fail? What?

Then with regards to the fossil big brother finds. He makes it seem like it is some kind of secret that will give him this big advantage at the scholarship interview. But then it’s front page news. So everyone knows the fossil has been found.

The problem is the episode doesn’t make clear if Mike himself found the fossil. And therefore he was the one that dug it up, cordoned it off like that into a proper excavation site. If he didn’t, then who dug the fossil up? And how ethical is it to just take a bone from something you didn’t even find?

But if he did do all of that, then Zoey losing the claw should be no big deal and Mike would have nothing to worry about. He got proof. It’s been reported by the news. And surely some organization would help provide resources to reach the top of the mountain again without having to climb up himself. It’s a major discovery. It’s not going to just stay there untouched now that’s its in the news.

It’s very confusing and very haphazardly put together. Like, the main premise of the episode was Zoey wanting to make it up to her brother. But she probably didn’t even have to in the first place.

Whatever. The episode itself was fine. A little underwhelming end to Roxy. Since they’ve turned into comic relief since the real Roxy and Blaze woke up and disappeared into the darkness somewhere, there really wasn’t much excitement or anticipation for what should be a decisive battle.

But overall, thankfully there were no musical fantasies. So it was a standard episode or Beast Morphers.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 37 (17) – “Who can wipe out the most Rangers?”

  1. In “Golden Opportunity”, Zoey mentioned that she has older brother, Bill, who goes to college, so it was nice to see him showing up.

    Despite dinosaur themed episode (fossil), I wished this was aired before the Dino Team-Up, where it would have been perfect opportunity to reference past dinosaur rangers; so it’s kind of weird to bring up dinosaur themed at this timing, but I digress.

    The fight scene at the cliff was pretty decent and it was nice to see original Chopper Zord footage.

    I really, REALLY, hate Robo Roxy Dinosaur Form.
    I didn’t like Flower, and Dinosaur didn’t help.
    Then again, I hated that form, even for Go-busters, but that’s my minor nitpick.

    It’s interesting that Ravi referred Robo Roxy as Fake Roxy, to differentiate from Real Roxy, which was nice touch.

    Nice to see Devon weakness of dog was acknowledged, which was RARELY seen.
    Pickles sure is a talented dog, for not only unlocking a cage, but putting ketchup and mustard on hot dog AND squirting at Ben and Betty.
    Ironically, Pickles seems far more useful member for Grid Battleforce; had he joined the team or ranger, he would have been Brown Dog Beast Morphers Ranger. lol XD

    Overall, despite average plot and mediocre moral, it was a nice set up for endgame, since Scrozzle robot making machine is destroyed and Robo Roxy is gone permanently.
    R.I.P. to Robo Roxy; one of better female generals we’ve seen in a while for franchise.

  2. When I discovered that there would be robot version of Blaze & Roxy, I always dreamed on Blaze vs Robo Blaze and Roxy vs Robo Roxy. But after I watched how the show handled the real versions of them, I knew that idea would be very unlikely.

    Anyway, on the bright side, the production keep delivering us amazing original fights.

    1. Now that you mention it, I forgot Blaze and Roxy were supposed to become the Red and Yellow Rangers. So they obviously know how to fight. But since they woke up, they have been shown as if they’re just regular citizens and not people who underwent GB training and were just seconds away from becoming Rangers. Weird! But also, kinda makes me even more annoyed lol A realBlaze/Roxy vs roboBlaze/Roxy should’ve been how the avatars end up getting destroyed for good.

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