Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 11: Disturbed Thunder, Spreading Dark Clouds.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Tassel is speaking with someone on the phone and says things are going crazy on the show!

Touma approaches Kento on the rooftop and tells him about remembering that Daichi saved his life on That Day. Kento realizes Daichi is the only one who can answer his questions about his father.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Back in the shop, Mei says she can’t even imagine how she would act if she was in Kento’s situation. Touma says he believes in Kento and that he will be fine. Mei says his face doesn’t seem to match what he’s saying. He should look a little more hopeful, especially when the four of them made a promise. Touma only acknowledges him, Rintaro and Kento making a promise and Mei calls him a jerk.

Over at the Megid Mansion, they believe now is the time as all six Swordsmen have come together. Legeiel is downtown and unleashes a couple of Goblin Megids into the city.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Touma and Mei arrive at the North Pole just as Rintaro and Kento are arguing. Rintaro is trying to calm Kento and prevent him from being too reckless. He says Kento must suppress his personal feelings and focus on his responsibilities as a member of the SoL. Kento says he may be a swordsman, but he is human first. Tetsuo screams at them to stop and leaves as he hates fighting.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Rintaro says if Kento does not care about his responsibilities, then he has no place as a Swordsman and should turn his sword in right now. Kento says he’ll do that once this is all over.

Rintaro follows Kento out. Just then, Mei gets an alert in her book as the Megids book several locations in Tokyo. Touma hurries out. But before Mei can follow, Sophia hands her a key to keep safe and asks if she can watch SoL HQ for a while.

The Goblin Megids are flattening people in the city. Ren takes one of them on. Before Ogami-san can head inside a booked area, Desast appears and they battle as well.

On the other side of town, Rintaro again tries to get Kento to calm down and not do anything reckless. But Kento says Rintaro knows nothing about him.

“Do you know what if feels like to know your father betrayed you?” Kento asks.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Rintaro says he does not because he does not have any parents. As an orphan, the SoL took him in and gave him a home. The swordsmen are his family. Which is why he is ready to give his life for the cause. Kento says that’s Rintaro’s story, not his.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Kento walks away, but Reika calls to tell him where Calibur is. And he is meeting Sophia under the bridge.

Sophia says she never expected Daichi to be reborn as the Swordsman of Darkness, but she believes he must have a reason for it. Daichi says he gave up everything and sold his soul to the devil so he could see the eternal truth.

Kento is shocked to see Sophia and Daichi together and believes they conspired to betray his father. Sophia says it’s not what he thinks. But Kento does not want to hear any more. He approaches Daichi and henshins, hoping to force him to talk. Daichi henshins as well and they battle.

Rintaro henshins and reminds Kento to calm down, but he refuses to listen. Kento demands Daichi tell him what happened to his father. Daichi says he cut Kento’s father down as he was a traitor.

Kento is tired of the runaround and decides to Triple Book uphenshin, vowing to destroy Daichi. Daichi decides to finally use Jaou Dragon and uphenshins. Kento has no chance against the terrifying new form.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Suddenly, Sophia disappears in a poof of smoke. Back at the North Pole, Mei wonders what the key Sophia gave her is for. She decides to search the library and finds where the key fits. She turns it and falls down the stairs just as the live feed shows Kento struggling against Calibur.

Elsewhere in the city, Touma and Tetsuo are working together to defeat one of the Megids. Ren takes care of his Megid too. But Legeiel smiles as strange columns of light rise from the booked areas of the city, corresponding to the elements of fire and wind. Desast tells Ogami-san that the real fun is about to begin.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Both Daichi and Kento deliver finishers at each other. But it is only Kento that is forced to dehenshin.

Daichi says he acknowledges Kento’s determination, but he is not cut out to be a Swordsman. Daichi raises his sword and says he will be sending Kento to his dead father. But Rintaro steps in and shields Kento, absorbing the attack himself.

Rintaro is forced to dehenshin. He spits out blood. Kento rushes over to take Rintaro into his arms.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Rintaro tells Kento that maybe he’s not cut out to be a Swordsman either as he acted on his feelings just now. Kento asks Rintaro why he would do this for him.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Rintaro says he and Kento are not just allies, they are family.

Daichi says the world is about to come to an end and he can finally own the eternal truth.

Meanwhile, Tassel has a visitor.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 11 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Well that escalated quickly!

That’s what I said after the tense scene between Rintaro and Kento at the North Pole and then later when they speak about their parents.

But at the end, not only did things escalate even more, they just blew everything up. How dare they hurt poor Rintaro like that! I will not have you hurting one of the few characters I actually care about! Hmph!

Really though. Obviously Rintaro isn’t going to die. But the episode was definitely a much more engaging episode for me since the biggest events in the episode involved Rintaro (with Kento) and Mei, interestingly enough.

But seeing Rintaro spit out blood like that took it to a whole other level! Wowow. That’s V-cinema level gore! It’s a devastating scene. And it works because of how great a character Rintaro is. I certainly care about what happens to him. And the wonderful character moment between him and Kento earlier also helped effectively set-up the genuinely emotional moment to end the episode.

I mean, it’s not AMAZING. But it’s certainly an impactful cliffhanger during a season that I’ve said still needs to find its footing.

With Rintaro and Kento, I really liked the insight we got in their confrontations too. It’s easy to understand where Kento is coming from with his anger and confusion. And with Rintaro, hearing him talk about being an orphan and how he was taken in by the SoL is great as well.

Everything with Daichi and Sophia and the towers of light are just going to play out how they’ll play out. And unlike the moments with Rintaro and Kento, there’s not really much depth or support for those developments. So it’s all about where they go from here.

I mean, I didn’t even realize Sophia disappeared until Tassel said so. Lol So that’s how much I cared about what she was doing while the battle was raging.

On the contrary, I enjoyed basically every single scene Mei was in. First it was Mei calling Touma a jerk for excluding her from the promise. Then it was Mei tagging along to the North Pole and Sophia giving her a random key. And finally, it was Mei’s excellent reflexes on display when she fell down the stairs. That’s badass! Someone give Mei her own Driver and Book please!

Oh! I also liked Tetsuo screaming at them to stop fighting. It was a nice little character moment from him as well. In general, I do enjoy seeing everyone be a little more serious without the quirks and stuff like that.

Overall, a much more exciting and enjoyable episode for me this week. We’ll see how things turn out next episode.

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