Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 14 – “Have you lost the last marble in your head?!”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 14 – Man of Mercury II

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 14

On their way back, the Rangers wonder why the Portuguese clue led the Fearcats to Brazil, yet there was no jewel to be found. Rose reminds them that Portugal colonized Brazil so it may have come over back then. Ronny says she will drop the others back in the city while she brings Tyzonn back to the mansion.

Norg brings over two chillers for Flurious to try out his Gyros. But when he implants them into the chillers, they explode into snow.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 14

Down in the base, Hartford uses a Stabilizing Unit to help stabilize Tyzonn’s metallic DNA. And it works! Tyzonn is back to his physical body. Ronny welcomes him back and hurries downtown to help the others as the Fearcats begin rampaging.

Hartford again asks Tyzonn if he would like to join the team. He even has a Tracker all ready for him. Tyzonn, flashing back to a painful memory again, has to turn Hartford down.

The Rangers battle the Fearcats, but are having a little trouble keeping up. Suddenly, Tyzonn leaps in to help. The others refuse to give up. Mack goes Defender Vest, but it is still not enough.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 14

Tyzonn manages to grab the Fearcats’ staff and tosses it to Ronny who uses it against them. But the Fearcats suddenly embiggen so the Rangers hop into the Megazord and appear to defeat them.

The Rangers head back home and celebrate the apparent win and they thank Tyzonn for his help. They welcome him to the team. But he says that he doesn’t feel any better even though the Fearcats have been defeated. He can’t join the team. His mission is complete and he must leave.

Up at the North Pole, Norg drags in the lifeless bodies of the Fearcats. Flurious decides to insert the Gyros into them and they resurrect, now more powerful than ever. Flurious laughs as he has gained two new servants. He orders them to kill the Rangers.

Unbeknownst to Flurious, the Fearcats are merely playing along with the idea of being slaves.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 14

At the mansion, Tyzonn explains that while he wants to join the team, he cannot. Many years ago, he was part of an elite team of intergalactic emergency responders. One day, his team was responding to a cave in. As the leader, he helped care for the victims outside the cave while he sent his team in. One of the miners talked of Fearcats blowing up the cave from the inside. Believing they also needed to be saved, Tyzonn sent his team back in. But the Fearcats were no longer in the cave and they blow it up from outside, killing all the members of his team.

Tyzonn feels guilty about the death of his team. Because of that, he never wants to endanger another team again.

Tyzonn leaves, but Ronny chases after him. He tells her that he heard everything she said earlier when she was worried for his life and he thanks her. Tyzonn says Ronny will make a great rescuer. Ronny says Tyzonn is a great rescuer and she has been witness to that. No one can take that fact away from him.

Ronny says that what they do is dangerous, but the world needs them. What happened at the caves isn’t his fault. They can never give up. That’s what makes them heroes.

Hartford calls Ronny and the Rangers have to hurry downtown when the Gyro-powered Fearcats appear.

The Rangers and Fearcats battle once more. Mack has to go Transtek and Will hops on his Hovertek. The Fearcats are still too powerful.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 14

But just then, Tyzonn appears and he is now wearing his brand new Overdrive uniform! He affirms his commitment to protect this planet.

Tyzonn morphs for the first time into the Mercury Ranger.

Tyzonn takes on both Fearcats and he is able to go toe to toe with them. They try to run, but Tyzonn uses the Drive Detector to yank them out and is able to drive them away.

The Rangers are back in Brazil and meet with Dr. Medland who gives them a special present: the Yanomami statue. The Rangers’ Trackers immediately alert them to a jewel signature.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 14

Episode Thoughts

A great episode. This Tyzonn introduction arc has been really good. Lots of excitement and good story. Tyzonn’s backstory and his personality help endear him to the audience. And that’s always good when a new Ranger arrives.

The episode was good balance of action and character moments. The relationship that’s developed between Tyzonn and Ronny is very interesting. But it was a nice pairing to help flesh out Tyzonn’s story.

I just really love the serialized nature of the season. Having things from previous episodes actually relate to the next is so fun and makes the experience watching it more exciting.

I enjoyed the stealthy history lesson about Portugal colonizing Brazil at the beginning. Just a quick, passing line. But certainly a nice bit of information for the youngins watching the show.

Overall, a wonderful debut for the Mercury Ranger and a nice wrap up for Tyzonn’s introductory arc.

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