Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 35 (15) – “I don’t know what I’d do if my carrots stopped working.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 35 (15) – Goin’ Ape
Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 35

Ravi is waiting for a taxi to take him to Roxy so they can celebrate their anniversary. A grandma takes a seat next to him and admires his wonderful painting which he will give his girlfriend. Ravi rushes over to the taxi and leaves his drawing behind.

Thankfully, Ravi has his phone number on the folder so the grandma is able to call him. They agree to meet later. But Roxy is suspicious of Ravi’s phone call.

Anyway, Roxy has the Burke Sibs set up a romantic display at Riptide Gym where she presents him a bracelet as her present to him. She asks for her present, but Ravi says he doesn’t have anything right now. The Burke Sibs wag their finger at him and remove the romantic decorations.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 35

Ravi promises he has a surprise, but Roxy doesn’t seem too happy. Ravi is buying some smoothies when grandma Stacy texts Ravi. Roxy thinks Ravi has another woman and he cannot believe she does not trust him. He gets up and leaves.

Meanwhile over in the Crystal Dimension, Evox rails against his useless minions. RoboRoxy says her flower power should be enough to defeat the Rangers and decides to target Ravi. She promises that he will be dead by the end of the day.

Smash finds Ravi to comfort him after hearing what happened. Ravi asks Smash if he thinks he is trustworthy.

Just then, RoboRoxy pops up and morphs. Ravi tells Smash to go inform the others as he morphs and battles RoboRoxy. When RoboRoxy overpowers him, he goes Beast-X Mode. But it’s still not enough as RoboRoxy forces him to downmorph.

Zoey arrives and is able to take Ravi safely away. But Ravi is overheating and starts to rampage. Devon takes over against RoboRoxy while the others try to get Ravi under control.

Zoey grabs Ravi and hurls themselves into the water to cool him off. Jax sends over the Chopper Zord to pull them out of the water. The Rangers are able to drive RoboRoxy away and they head back to GBHQ. But Ravi is still hot.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 35

Devon asks Ravi if something happened. “Don’t ask me! Nate’s the boy genius!”

Ravi is about to storm out of the lab, but Smash walks in accompanied by Roxy. Smash suggests they talk, but Ravi demands an apology. The others try to butt in, but Ravi removes the bracelet Roxy gave him and leaves.

Roxy tells them about the girl named Stacy hitting Ravi up in the DMs and others are very confused.

They get some clarity though when the Burke Sibs walk in with Grandma Stacy and Ravi’s painting. The Rangers realize Ravi’s hotness is because of the misunderstanding. So they hurry to go look for him.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, RoboBlaze mocks RoboRoxy for her lame attempt at killing Ravi. Evox wants to punish her, but RoboRoxy pleads her case. Evox orders RoboBlaze to accompany RoboRoxy back to finish the job.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 35

RoboBlaze and RoboRoxy find a still hot Ravi in the park. They all morph. RoboRoxy tells RoboBlaze to hold off the others so this can be a one-on-one battle.

Zoey tries to calm Ravi down as he battles RoboRoxy. Nate saves Zoey when Ravi shoots at her. But the continuing battle snaps the rope bridge and Ravi and RoboRoxy fall into the river.

Ravi is able to destroy RoboRoxy and proceeds to attack the others when they find him. They take him back to GBHQ.

Ravi is still smoking hot and threatens to kill them all. But Roxy apologizes and tells him how much she loves him. She ties the bracelet on his wrist and he cools down.

Ravi forgives her and apologizes as well. They reconcile right before the Burke Sibs throw ice water on them.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 35

Episode Thoughts

Something about Ravi-focus episodes hit differently. Really, some of the season’s best episodes have been Ravi-focused. And I do think Ravi has been the best developed character on the season. At the very least, the most well-rounded and developed Ranger.

Now first, let’s get my one nitpick for this episode out of the way. And that is the reminder that the real Roxy and Blaze are so irrelevant. I think it was the wrong decision to revive them just for the midseason finale. I’d prefer the show drag that plot out into this half of the season, especially if they weren’t going to do anything with the real versions anyway. Maybe do something about Roxy and Blaze being evil or possessed. It actually would’ve been better than the Mayor Daniels/Evox story that went nowhere.

Anyway. Like I said, this was a very good episode. There’s some awkwardness with the watered down, PG-rated version of a typical infidelity misunderstanding plot. But the fact that the episode was much less childish or cartoonish is a huge plus.

The plot worked well with Ravi and Roxy’s relationship. It’s a very simple set-up. But they were able to work in the long-forgotten Ranger weaknesses. That in turn drew upon all the good development Ravi has had a character. His drawings, his love for Roxy. And the fact that we know he isn’t the type of guy that would easily cheat on his girlfriend of course. On the other hand, we don’t know much about who Roxy really is. So we can’t really question why she immediately thought the worst of Ravi since we don’t know anything about her. All the pieces came together well.

Since there was no zord battle, the episode was all about Ravi. A very character-driven episode that allowed Roxy to finally have something to do and also give Smash something to do as well.

Of the four human-Beast Bot pairs, Ravi and Smash have been the best developed. We’ve seen Smash be very involved in Ravi’s story. Even more than Cruise is with Devon, which is unfortunate. And Nate-Steel’s story is mostly played for laughs. So having Smash be concerned for Ravi is a good and sincere part of the story.

I would’ve wanted a little more reaction from Commander Shaw though. Since she also (obviously) has been a part of Ravi’s story.

I had to chuckle at Evox referring to Blaze, Roxy and Scrozzle as “three useless bots who do nothing but fail.” Indeed! They’ve been pretty pathetic and not much of a threat most of the time.

Anyway, a very good episode and perhaps one of the best of Beast Morphers. A pleasant surprise considering the most recent and much more hyped episodes of the last couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 35 (15) – “I don’t know what I’d do if my carrots stopped working.”

  1. Nice to see Real Roxy, who we haven’t seen since episode 2, “Save Our Shores”.
    Even though we haven’t seen Real Roxy for a while, it’s nice that her relationship with Ravi still continues.
    It’s nice to see Ravi weakness problem of overheating/anger was acknowledge, which we haven’t seen since “Seeing Red”, which was last year where (almost) everyone has forgotten.

    I like how Ravi anger was used for this episode, since it’s a very dangerous power/weakness, that could seriously end up harming someone.
    It’s not everyday you get to see a ranger who is heavily angry, where most of the time, particularly in Neo-Saban/Saban Brands Era, they are goody too shoo.

    While most of the fight scene relied on Sentai footage, there’s one shot during the battle at the beach, where it was shot using drone, which was nicely done by Hasbro.

    I also like that Beast Bots had more presence this despite, despite filler.
    Smash had lot of screen time and dialogue more so than other.

    It’s kind of weird that Commander Shaw had less to do with this episode, despite Ravi’s mother.
    I guess since Ravi is son of military commander, she thought he could take care of himself or have ranger solves the problem as teamwork, but it’s kind of odd that she didn’t have much screen time, even at the end.

    The ending of where Ben and Betty splash Ravi and Roxy with water AND freeze frame, was perfect way to end the episode. Had there been ice bucket challenge right now (anyone remember those?), this would have been a great meme. lol XD

    Overall, it was pretty solid Ravi episode and among the main team, he has the most character development and his weakness plot of overheating/anger, which was used pretty well; I just wished his weakness was mentioned frequently in previous episodes, since ranger’s weakness RARELY brought up (any one remember Devon’s dog issue or Zoey and carrots?).

  2. They handled this episode way, way better than last week’s.

    The fights were amazing, and the transitions between Sentai and original footage were almost flawless.

    To be honest, the episode was so good I didn’t even realize there was no Robotron or Megazord battle, heh heh.

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