Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 13 – “That’s what friends on this planet are for.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 13 – Man of Mercury

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 13

The Rangers are in Portugal examining a tree that has been blown out. Turns out the Fearcats have taken ancient writings from that tree to lead them to a jewel’s location in Brazil. That is where archaeologist Dr. Medland and his team have found the Yanomami statue. But no jewel.

The Fearcats ransack the team’s campsite to look for the jewel, believing that it is hidden there. Hartford picks up the disturbance on his system and tells Spencer to direct the Rangers to Brazil.

Miratrix and Kamdor find the Fearcats in the Brazilian forest and tell them to back off the jewel as it is theirs. Kamdor battles both Fearcats and Miratrix joins in as well, but the Fearcats are strong enough to drive them away.

The Rangers arrive at Dr. Medland’s campsite. He tells them what’s happened and points them in the direction the Fearcats left toward. Ronny says she will stay behind at the camp to help out as well as protect them just in case.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 13

The Rangers find the Fearcats and they battle. But the Fearcats are much too powerful for them. They are cornered. But Tyzonn appears to save them.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 13

Tyzonn says he’s been chasing the Fearcats which is part of his mission. The Rangers morph and along with Tyzonn are able to match up much better with the Fearcats.

Tyzonn’s ability to change into mercury allows him to shield the Rangers from attack. The Fearcats decide it’s time to leave.

Tyzonn explains that Cheetar and Mig are Fearcats who are intergalactic maniacs. When Dax says Ronny is back at the camp helping the people who are hurt, Tyzonn hurries over.

Flurious observes the new adversaries and seeing how they were able to overpower the Rangers as well as Miratrix and Kamdor, believes it’s time to use some extra firepower.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 13

Back at the camp, Tyzonn compliments Ronny on her fast work caring for the injured. But he suddenly has some kind of flashback to a woman crying for help. Ronny tries to see what’s wrong, but tells him that they’re all here for him as his friends.

Tyzonn says he has to take care of the Fearcats. The Rangers say they will come with, but Tyzonn says he must go alone on the dangerous mission. He says what they can do is to find the jewel before the Fearcats so they won’t be able to use its power to free their comrades. Tyzonn hurries off.

The Rangers agree Tyzonn isn’t being completely forthcoming with them. But they focus on the jewel and decide to split up to look for it.

Ronny is the first one to run into the Fearcats and they take her hostage. The Rangers meet up with Tyzonn and they track Ronny’s location to the beach.

The Fearcats tie her up to a pole and use her Tracker and a mirror to try and free their comrades. The Rangers arrive just in time. They morph and along with Tyzonn, again battle the Fearcats.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 13

Just then, another Fearcat Benglo emerges from the mirror. Tyzonn is able to grab Ronny’s Tracker when it falls on the ground and tosses it to her. She is able to grab it and morph. Breaking free from the pole, she takes the mirror and Tyzonn shoots at it, killing the Fearcat Army trapped inside.

Benglo shields Cheetar and Mig from Mack’s attack and embiggens himself to use his last bit of energy to try and defeat the Rangers. But the Rangers hop into the Megazod and then the Ultrazord to finish him off.

Tyzonn tells the Fearcats that he will not let them escape. But Cheetar and Mig say he will fail, just like he did before. Tyzonn flashes back to another painful memory of a cave explosion, freezing him in his tracks.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 13

The Fearcats send a finisher at Tyzonn who turns into mercury to avoid it.

The Rangers call for Tyzonn and find him as a puddle.

Episode Thoughts

This is a great episode. Definitely an exciting, action-packed episode with the introduction of the Fearcats as well as offering up more hints about Tyzonn’s past.

This episode is a great example of what’s lacking on contemporary Power Rangers. First the battles all episode were very nice. The Kamdor/Miratrix vs Fearcats battle. Then the Fearcats vs the Rangers. All-out explosive action and great, fun wire-fu. Plus the Koichisplosions to add some spice as well. Such great, dynamic and kinetic action scenes that were all filmed in New Zealand. These aren’t Boukenger clips.

Then we get great story for Tyzonn’s continuing introduction. It’s a mystery, but it is conveyed very well to the Rangers and to us in the audience. It keeps you guessing and it helps that Tyzonn is a likeable character as well.

The new villain faction also adds to the tension and allows the season to keep the threat high every week and avoid sort of diluting the danger from any one villain since they won’t be failing every episode.

The episode also gave each Ranger something to do as well. And more fun international travels with “Portugal” and “Brazil.” Plus Ronny’s morph while tied up was AMAZING. The OO morpher really allowed some great opportunities for creative morphs all season.

Overall, a fun and exciting episode with great action and good story.

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