Music Monday, November 2, 2020 Part 2 – Latest Releases from Demian, MVP, DKB, D-CRUNCH

It’s been a busy few weeks in K-pop with debuts and comebacks. Here are four of the recent comebacks I’ve enjoyed:

“6 days,” Demian

Though not officially a comeback, singer-songwriter Demian celebrates six months since his debut with an excellent song for his fans. Released onto his Soundcloud account, “6 days” is an upbeat track that shows off a different side of Demian compared to his more atmospheric releases since his debut.

“Every Day,” MVP

It was a pleasant shock when group MVP announced a comeback two weeks ago. Three and a half years since their debut (which until now was their only release), MVP returns with an emotional track that showcases their strong vocals. Perhaps even more so than their debut. I was initially interested by the group because it included former MR.MR member Gitaek (Ryu in MR.MR) who enlisted just last week. While I liked the debut enough, it wasn’t a song I put on repeat. “Every Day” is definitely the opposite. I love it. It’s just my kind of song and vibe. It’s a wonderful reintroduction to the group. And hopefully they’ll be able to release something much sooner next time.

“Work Hard,” DKB

DKB has been one of my favorite debuts this year. Their impactful debut “Sorry Mama” and comeback “Still” are two of my favorite tracks from the first half of the year. “Rose,” from their second release is also one of my favorite B-sides of the year too.

DKB returns with an interesting track in “Work Hard.” The romantic lyrics match the laidback vibe. “Tell Me Tell Me” might be my favorite track from this album though, another strong release from the rookie group.

“Across the Universe,” D-CRUNCH

D-CRUNCH returns with a powerful track “Across the Universe.” The group delivers great vocals along with a strong performance. The rest of the mini-album is also wonderful, especially the two beautiful ballads “One Word” and “Flower Cup.” Perhaps a surprise to listeners who may only know of D-CRUNCH’s powerful title tracks.

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