Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 34 (14) – “Who’s that overgrown bouquet?”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 34 (14) – Golden Opportunity

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 34

Nate’s parents come to visit in Coral Harbor and he introduces Zoey to them as well as his adopted brother Steel. Hoping to experience what it’s like to be a real kid, Steel asks his adoptive mother to read him a bedtime story and his adoptive father for ice cream money. Embarrased by him, Nate tries to shut him up by having Zoey drag him back to GBHQ.

Nate’s parents are much more friendly to Ben & Betty who offer to take their several large pieces of luggage to the hotel for them, but they end up losing all the luggage along the way.

Inside the gym, Nate and his parents excitedly tell each other about their lives away from one another. But the good vibes end when Nate’s parents drop the bomb that they still won’t be moving back home with him. Instead, they will be living permanently overseas and leaving him alone.

Nate’s parents say that their worldwide travels are very important. Nate asks if it’s more important than being with him. But they say of course not. That’s why they want him to move to Costa Rica with them for two years. But he’s got responsibilities here too.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 34

Nate tells the others about the situation and says of course he has to turn his parents down. But both brother Steel and girlfriend Zoey encourage him to follow his dream to be with his parents.

Despite modern techonological advances that would allow Nate to still be very much involved with Grid Battleforce while in Costa Rica, Devon, Ravi and Commander Shaw all say they’ll just have to find a way to mange without him.

Devon offers to take care of the weapons, Ravi the zords, Steel will collect DNA and Zoey says the awesome Megan can take over the lab.

Nate excitedly agrees with their idea and immediately makes preparations for his departure.

Later downtown, Nate teaches Steel how to collect DNA. Nate says he will miss Steel. But Steel says Zoey is still very close with her brother that goes to college in another city. So the two of them can also do the same.

Out of nowhere, Roxy comes running in and attacks the brothers. The three of them morph and battle. The others arrive to help, but Roxy just grabs Nate’s DNA scanner and leaves.

The Rangers are having trouble adjusting to learning all of Nate’s responsibilities. But Nate is so excited to be with his parents in Costa Rica, especially after reading how they swoop in to make poor people’s lives better around the world.

Zoey is sad and Nate asks what’s to become of their love story. Zoey says she will wait and they can just video chat every night.

Everyone gathers to say goodbye to Nate, including the Beast Bots who they remember actually exist. Ben and Betty present their robotic luggage invention to add to the episode’s comic relief in the meantime.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle uses the DNA scanner Roxy stole to create Clawtron. But Roxy also has him infuse her with the flower DNA from the scanner and is now very, very powerful.

While the Silvas are heading to the airport, Zoey’s scanner repair causes something to short circuit in the lab. But the Rangers’ immediate concern is Roxy and Clawtron.

Devon, Ravi, Zoey and Steel try to morph. But Zoey damaged the transporter case so their morphers cannot appear on their wrists.

The entire transport system is down. Nate hears GBHQ in distress and tells his parents he has something to take care of before the flight.

Roxy and Clawtron completely overpower the Rangers. Nate has Cruise rush him to GBHQ to grab the morphers and weapons and then over to where the Rangers are.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 34

The Rangers morph to take care of Clawtron. Steel, Devon and Nate go to take care of the Gigadrone and return to help drive Roxy away.

The Rangers tell Nate that they are hopeless without him and they beg him to stay. Nate has to hurry to the airport as his flight is leaving. But Nate tells his parents that he has to stay here to save the city. Nate’s parents understand.

Nate now understands that his parents haven’t abandoned him. They also have a mission to save the peoples of the world. And their family can still be a loving and caring family while apart. They reluctantly include Steel in that family.

The Rangers put their arms around each other and walk off to finish off the episode.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 34

Episode Thoughts

An above average episode with a premise I’m not really sold on. But it’s contemporary Power Rangers, so I’m not expecting depth and nuance of course.

The part I don’t necessarily believe in is how Grid Battleforce will be absolutely crippled without Nate. They made it seem like he is the only person at GBHQ that does anything of importance. His responsibilities were even equally divided among the Rangers PLUS the awesome Megan. I’m pretty sure Grid Battleforce has an entire building full of people working on stuff. Not just Nate.

Then there’s the idea that the Silvas are apparently literal miracle workers. Someone needs help, they swoop in to make people’s lives better and leave for the next poor family or community. Uh… okay.

Generally speaking though, the episode was okay in wrapping up Nate’s abandonment issues.

They actually remembered the Beast Bots exist! And Cruise was actually given something to do this episode. Imagine that.

The way they treated Steel though is just more of the same poor attitude toward the Beast Bots and apparently alien beings. Like, be more compassionate. Beast
Bots and half-robots deserve more than to just be the butt of jokes.

Speaking of jokes, Roxy popping out of nowhere to spar with the Rangers was very strange and hilariously so. That whole thing about just chancing upon the DNA scanner and then powering up into a flower really came out of thin air.

I did very much enjoy Roxy and Clawtron throwing the unmorphed Rangers around though. That was great.

Overall, an above average Beast Morphers episode, relatively speaking. It’s a good idea for a Nate-focus episode. But nothing in the actual story is anything more than just plot driven hollowness.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 34 (14) – “Who’s that overgrown bouquet?”

  1. Well, we finally got to see Nate’s parents.

    But I felt they didn’t handle this episode very well. I mean, there wasn’t anyone at Grid Battleforce to get the morphers and weapons to the Rangers besides Nate? Maybe Blaze or Roxy…oh, right, they are never there, even though they still work for Grid Battleforce…

    Now the bad guys can create Robotrons with DNA in them. It’s gonna be an interesting concept.

    1. So Blaze and Roxy still work at GB? I don’t even think they do. They just randomly pop out outside of Grid Battleforce. They are so irrelevant, it’s crazy! Waste of two characters. Should have kept them asleep and focused more on the avatars

  2. Since 5-part story arc with Space Police Chaku and Dino Rangers ended, we’re back to main plot.

    At long last, we’re FINALLY get to see Nate’s parents.
    It’s interesting that Nate is the only principal characters to have BOTH parents, mom and dad, where everyone else only has one.
    One of the things I found this season particularly interesting is that EVERY rangers parent/relative had a screen time and some of them serve an importance to season; Ravi’s mom, Shaw, is ranger’s commander, Davon’s dad is mayor, and Zoey’s mother is a reporter. Even a comedic relief, Ben and Betty’s father, Burke serves an importance, where he’s general. Roxy’s aunt, Regina, also had screen time, so this leaves Blaze the only one who we haven’t seen relative. But given the remaining episode counts, I don’t we’re going to see anyone from him.

    Nice to know that Zoey has older brother in another state for college. I’m curious what he thinks of his sister as ranger.

    The interaction between Nate and his parents were quite subtle, regarding whether or not they should leave Nate or take him along to Costa Rica. While the issue was subtle, I honestly think they should have waited for few more days, rather than immediately (next day!); I guess their work is really important. I kind of wished Nate’s parents had more screen time and interaction with his “new” son, Steel; they only had screen time together at beginning.

    It’s kind of odd that ranger thinks Grid Battleforce is vulnerable and weak without Nate, since it’s been more than year since they encountered Evox, so certainly there’s someone (like Megan) could take role. I wished this was more of recurring issue throughout the season, since Nate’s parents was only mentioned once last season (I think).

    Since this was Nate centric episode, it was awesome to see him ride bike (Cruise), a highlight of this episode. I kind of miss bike action in Sentai and Power Rangers in recent years (especially in civilian form).

    Ben and Betty are back (…yay).
    No too much to say about luggage gag, but it wasn’t too obnoxious.

    While it wasn’t best Nate centric episode, it’s a decent start for last stretch of the season.
    It’s nice that Nate story arc of abandonment issue with his parents are resolved, I kind of wished it had more time to breath. I also wished Robo Roxy upgrade should have used in separate episode, where it felt out of place for this episode.
    On a side note, I NEVER liked Robo Roxy Rose (Flower) upgrade; even in Go-busters it felt silly and out of place, but that just me.

    1. Yes, it is nice to see the Rangers’ family members part of the story.

      I agree about Nate’s story with his parents being rushed. it was mentioned once before about him feeling left alone, which is why he wanted Steel to be his brother. But it really was so sudden. They could’ve have spread it out over two episodes like they did with the guest stars arc.

      And yes, Megan can definitely take over for Nate. And I’m sure there’s plenty other people at GB also who are capable.

      I also agree about the Roxy upgrade being out of place. It might have fit better in the next episode which is Roxy-Ravi focused.

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