Music Monday, November 2, 2020 Part 1 – Powerful Debuts from ORBIT, BXW, P1Harmony, DRIPPIN

It’s been a busy few weeks in K-pop (and J-pop!) with debuts and comebacks! First up are four debuts I enjoyed. I know a little about Japanese group BXW before their debut as well as ORβIT, but haven’t really followed pre-debut activities of P1Harmony and DRIPPIN. (Though I do remember watching those mysterious member teasers for DRIPPIN, I think.)

“Universe,” ORβIT

ORβIT’s debut “Universe” is an incredible debut. Not only are all the members Produce 101 Japan alums I actually liked and rooted for, it also includes three members from K-pop group HALO which I am a fan of as well. “Universe” is a commanding track that grabs your attention right from the start. The big budget, glossy music video highlights the groups unmistakable charisma and talent. And it’s certainly a stunning start for the group.

“Takaiyumeni,” BXW

Japanese boy band BXW finally make their debut with “Takaiyumeni.” I’d been keeping an eye on the group as it features Japanese-Filipino member Gutierez Takeru from Produce 101 Japan. So I was looking forward to this debut track and it does not disappoint. The soaring dance track of encouragement would fit well as the theme of a PD101 season. And it’s a positive track for them to debut with. A solid display of vocals and performance.

“Siren,” P1Harmony

FNC’s new group P1Harmony make a very impactful debut with “Siren.” The hip-hop-infused pop dance track is very much old school K-pop through a contemporary filter. And I’ve enjoyed such style and sound recently. P1Harmony introduces themselves well. And their mini-album is full of strong supporting tracks. My favorite of which is a haunting, midtempo track “Butterfly.” A very promising debut.

“Nostalgia,” DRIPPIN

Over at Woollim Entertainment, DRIPPIN make their debut with a similarly classic-sounding K-pop track in “Nostalgia.” It’s impactful in a different way from P1Harmony’s track. But equally engaging and promising for a rookie group. The MV showcases their visuals and performance skills very well.

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