Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 12 – “Behold the technological marvel known as glue.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 12 – Face to Face IIPower Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 12

Mack and Tyzonn take on an army of Lava Lizards. Tyzonn is happy to discover that his power of being able to turn into mercury is still intact. Later, Mack says he needs to know the whole story before he can trust Tyzonn.

The Rangers return home with no leads on Mack’s whereabouts. Hartford tells them that Mack has turned off his Tracker. He asks to speak with Spencer about Mack acting odd lately. Hartford is worried about Mack, but Spencer says he was once like that too and that Mack will be fine.

Tyzonn explains to Mack that he came to Earth not for the jewels of the Corona, but for something more important.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 12

Upon his arrival on Earth, Tyzonn ran into Moltor who attacks him and smashes his crystal. Tyzonn fought back, but Moltor turned him into a lizard to blackmail him into working together.

Mack suggests his father and friends can find a way to help Tyzonn.

At the base, Mack introduces Tyzonn who apologizes for what happened earlier.

Mack shows his father the full parchment and their search for the diamond is back on.

While they try to decipher the glyphs, Spencer comes in with a tray of lemonade for everyone. Tyzonn does not know what lemonade is. Rose explains that it is made from a citrus fruit. Tyzonn has heard of this acidic liquid before. So he takes glass of lemonade and splashes it onto the parchment, much to everyone’s shock.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 12

But even more shocking, the citric acid has revealed secret information on the parchment: coordinates. The Rangers believe this is the location of the mountain they must search.

Tyzonn joins them in the S.H.A.R.C and they hurry over. But Bullox is there to meet them. The Rangers morph and easily finish off the Lava Lizards.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 12

Bullox takes on Tyzonn and they battle. Tyzonn tells the others to stay out of this. But Mack says they should take on Bullox together. They’re able to knock him down for a bit. But in fly Moltor’s new Lavadactyls which will fly into the volcano to retrieve the diamond.

Hartford launches the Sonic Streaker from Mt. Fuji and it zooms over. Mack and Tyzonn hop in to race against the Lavadactyls toward the volcano.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers use the Drill Blaster against Bullox. Moltor embiggens Bullox and the Rangers must hop into the Megazord.

Mack and Tyzonn reach the volcano. Tyzonn lowers himself into the volcano, able to withstand the heat thanks to his scales, and grabs the diamond. They hurry back to help the others. Hartford tells them to combine the Megazord with the Sonic Streaker into the DriveMax Ultrazord.

They easily finish off Bullox.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 12

Back at the base, Tyzonn presents Hartford with the diamond. He places it in safe keeping.

But suddenly, Sentinel Knight appears to thank them for their continued courage and for finding two jewels. Dax asks Mr. Knight if he can use his magic to help Tyzonn. Sadly, Sentinel Knight does not possess that power. But the Rangers do.

Rose realizes they have the jewels. And Sentinel Knight says that two jewels have enough power to cause a catastrophe or bring forth a miracle.

Just then, the two jewels send their powers toward Tyzonn and release him from his scaly prison.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 12

Later, Tyzonn thanks them for all they’ve done for him. But he must go. He has a mission of his own.

Before Tyzonn leaves, Mack hands Tyzonn his crystal back, now back together. Tyzonn is surprised. “I told you we’re ‘high-tech.”

“Oh yes, behold the technological marvel known as glue.”

Tyzonn places the crystal on his wristband and they wish each other luck on their respective missions.

Episode Thoughts

Now that was a truly exciting episode! A lot of fun and a lot of thrilling moments.

The battles, the stakes, the Sonic Streaker and Ultrazord debut. And to top it all of, they got the next jewel of the Corona and a tease for Tyzonn eventually joining the team later on. It was a great episode.

First of all, the Sonic Streaker’s launch was epic. The high-tech garage and mechanical runway. And that stunning shot of it flying out of the ground in front of Mount Fuji! The most epic zord/mecha debut evah?! At least, the most beautiful setting for a zord debut.

This two-parter, though partly to introduce Tyzonn, also served as a great set-up for them acquiring the Toru diamond and the debut of the Ultrazord. The struggle the Rangers faced these two episodes are the kind of buildup you love to see before the debut of a big new power. And it worked very well.

Tyzonn and Bullox’s battle was amazing. Not sure if it was Boukenger footage or NZ footage. I might think it was NZ footage because that was a lot of explosions and slow motion. Either way, it was awesome. The kind of explosive action that gets you hyped up. They were going at it. And it makes sense as well in the story and plot of the episode.

Mack befriending Tyzonn is also a great character moment for him. And that in turn allowed for a great introduction to Tyzonn’s real personality as well.

My only criticism though is Sentinel Knight just popping up and the jewels immediately turning Tyzonn back to his “human” form. Mecurian form, I guess. Now that was anticlimactic. Especially after such an exciting episode. A little more teasing perhaps first. And then he just immediately leaves. They could’ve executed that part of the story better.

But overall, a very exciting episode.

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