Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 10 – “I tried to say ‘no,’ but ‘yes’ came out instead.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 10 – Lights, Camera, Dax

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 10

Hartford introduces the Transtek Armor to the Rangers to help them against Miratrix and Kamdor.

Dax excitedly arrives in the base to tell them about an audition for a handsome actor that can do their own stunts in a movie. It’s only a one-day shoot, but Ronny reminds Dax that they have a responsibility to save the world right now. Hartford agrees and says he can’t allow Dax to go for the part.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 10

Later, Rose finds Dax acting out lines from the movie he won’t be auditioning for. Rose gives him some advice, based on what she’s read: “The objective of acting is to not look like you’re acting, while acting.”

Rose says she knows how much this audition means for Dax. Technically, Hartford didn’t say he couldn’t audition. So she encourages Dax to go ahead and audition. And if he ever gets the part, he can just say No since he has bigger responsibilities to take care of.

Dax goes to the audition, but the director casts someone else before Dax even gets a chance. The director says Dax does not look like a hero.

Suddenly, a huge light falls over and almost crushes the director. But Dax acts quickly to save him and knock him out of the way. The director changes his tune and believes Dax actually is a hero. He immediately gives him the role.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 10

Dax remembers Rose’s advice. But instead of turning down a possible offer, he accepts instead.

Elsewhere, Moltor summons Scaletex and orders him to find Miratrix. She and Kamdor are currently following the clues on the parchment.

The alarms sound in the base when the system detects the battle between Scaletex & Lava Lizards and Miratrix & Kamdor. Hartford asks where Dax is and Rose covers for him by saying he’s out for a walk. Hartford tells them to hurry over to retrieve the parchment and grab Dax on their way there.

Hartford is suspicious and makes a call.

Dax is about to begin filming his scene. But Rose calls and tells him to hurry over. Dax excuses himself from the set and says he has to call his agent.

The others are shocked when Dax arrives in his costume. He explains what happened. But before they can talk more, Scaletex shoots at them.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 10

The Rangers morph and battle the Lava Lizards. Miratrix and Kamdor run into the cave. Dax attempts to chase after them, but Scaletex tries to stop him. Mack comes to Dax’s aid and Dax is able to run in.

Kamdor initiates an earthquake that causes the cave to collapse. Scaletex is able to run in before the opening is sealed off. Dax uses Drive Vortex to fly out of the cave.

Back at the base, Hartford asks them where Dax is. But he already knows. He actually owns the studio that is making the film. Hartford says Dax has disrespected them by disobeying his order.

Rose says this is Dax’s dream and admits that she encouraged him. Hartford accepts her apology and says hopefully Dax will remember his real priorities.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 10

On the set, Dax does very well as they film the scene and he ignores calls from the base. He is almost at the end of the scene, but he thinks about the others and realizes he was wrong.

Dax tells the director that he can’t do this anymore and he runs off.

Just then, Miratrix and Kamdor invade the set and take the ninja stunt actors under their control. Kamdor also creates two monsters to help.

Dax returns to the base. Hartford asks how his first starring role was. Dax says it was great, but he realized acting was something he wanted just for himself. Whereas being a Power Ranger is something that is for a lot of people. He apologizes.

Hartford accepts his apology and says the consequences will come later. For now, they have to stop Miratrix and Co.

Moltor arrives with Lava Lizards and they again battle Miratrix, Kamdor and their ninjas. The Rangers jump in and the two villain factions battle their common enemy.

The Rangers are having trouble against the sheer number of their opponents. Hartford sends the Transtek Armor and Dax hops in. Moltor and Kamdor team up against Dax. But Dax transforms the Transtek Armor and is able to take down both Moltor and Kamdor.

Kamdor drops the parchment and Dax is able to retrieve it. Kamdor and Miratrix leave and the spell cast over the ninja stuntmen is broken.

Back at the mansion, Spencer issues Dax and Rose’s punishment: clean all 27 bathrooms on the estate.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 10

Episode Thoughts

A pretty solid episode. Kinda iffy with the lesson of the week though.

Like, obviously being a Ranger is a big responsibility and the Rangers must be 100% committed to saving the world. Obviously. But they could spare Dax a couple of hours. He was filming perfectly fine and was able to leave whenever they needed him. So really, there’s no reason for Hartford to have been that strict with Dax.

Now, what they should’ve done instead was have the movie commitment actually interfere with the mission. Like, Dax could go film, but then he’d have to get called away when Miratrix/Kamdor popped up. When those two are taken care of, then Dax would hurry back to set only to get the call that Moltor was rampaging or something. And so on.

That way, we would get scenes of Dax realizing he must set aside his dream, for now, and focus on the mission. At the same time, Hartford supporting that dream and saying that he can pursue it once the world is saved. Something like that.

Anyway, Rose did have some great advice for Dax. And it’s advice Rose probably needs to give to Saban Brands and Hasbro Era-casts too.

“The objective of acting is to not look like you’re acting, while acting.”

The commentary on Hollywood though in this episode. The director cast the role based on who “looked” like a hero. Implying that Asian-American Dax Lo did not “look” like a hero. Even though he is perfectly qualified. Hmm… Still applicable today, 12-13 years later.

Another thing to point out also is seeing how they worked the budget to allow for a movie set within the show. It’s crazy! It’s no secret Disney was decreasing Power Rangers‘ budget every year, but they were still able to produce great shows and pretty elaborate set-ups with the money they had. They made it work.

Again, it’s awesome to see the villain factions battling as well. That part of the story is moving along well.

Overall, a solid episode with great action. But it certainly could’ve been executed much better than it was.

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