Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 2 – “I’m just tired of reading everyone else’s adventures”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 2 – Kick Into Overdrive II

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Hartford surprises the Rangers and says the Crown that Moltor took isn’t the real Corona Aurora. He tells Dax, Rose and Ronny to go stop the new volcano at its source. Will says he and Mack will go into town to ensure the people’s safety.

Hartford doesn’t want Mack to get himself into any more danger, but Mack says he’s going to finish the job. Mack and Will hurry into the city.

Spencer tells Hartford that Mack will be fine.

While Mack and Will save people from the path of the lava flow, Rose, Ronny and Dax use their Drive weapons to seal up the volcano’s lava source.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Back at the command center, Hartford commends the team for their great first day. The Rangers, however, owe a lot of their success to Mack’s leadership. Hartford agrees he did well. But he says it’s time for Mack to give up the morpher. He takes it from him and heads upstairs to place it in a safe with the Corona Aurora.

Hartford takes the crown to admire it, but Moltor appears and says he will be taking the real one this time.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

While the other Rangers are downstairs getting to know the incredible technology and vehicles they’ll be using, Spencer finds Mack alone outside.

“What, no book?” Spencer asks. Mack replies, “I don’t feel like it today. Guess I’m just tired of reading everyone else’s adventures.”

Spencer takes a seat next to Mack and says he knows he’s upset.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

But Mack says he’s more confused than upset. Mack says his father’s kept him sheltered his whole life. And the one time he is able to prove himself, Hartford takes it away.

Spencer says while Mack may not understand it now, but Hartford is only doing this to protect him. Hartford is the most fearless man he’s ever met. But Spencer knows the one thing Hartford is truly afraid of: Losing Mack.

So if Mack sometimes feels he is one of his father’s possessions, Spencer says Mack should know he is the only one of his father’s treasures that is irreplaceable.

Mack hurries inside to look for his father. But instead he finds the mansion ransacked.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Moltor takes Hartford to a distant island where Flurious also appears. The brothers take passive aggressive digs at each other before Hartford demands his release. Moltor says he will get Hartford to help search for the crown’s jewels. Flurious says to give him a call when it’s less warm.

Back at the command center, Rose begins to program a search for Hartford using his locator watch. Spencer drops a not-so-subtle hint to Will to crack the safe where Mack’s morpher is kept.

While Will gets to working, Rose has located Hartford’s watch on Rotuma Island somewhere north of Fiji. Spencer says the fastest way for them to get there is to use one of Hartford’s vehicles, the S.H.A.R.C (Special Hydro Aero Recon Craft).

Ronny calls dibs on driving. But before they leave, Will gives Mack his morpher.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Ronny has fun speeding through the water driving the S.H.A.R.C. and they quickly arrive on the island. Will uses his eyesight to find a cave where Moltor might be holding Hartford. But lava lizards pop up to stop them.

The Rangers battle the grunts and are able to use their powers to maneuver out of trouble. Dax hops over to the cave first.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Inside, Hartford refuses to help search for jewels so Moltor decides to toss him into the lava. Dax arrives just in time to save him and they hurry back to the beach.

“Mack what are you doing here?!”
“Saving your butt!”

Hartford again tries to stop Mack from getting himself into harm’s way. But Mack insists he fight.

“Sorry dad. You’ll have to finish yelling at me later.”

The Rangers regroup and they morph together as a team for the first time.

They battle the lava lizards and Mack is able to knock Moltor on his back to give them all just enough time to hop back into S.H.A.R.C. and speed off. Moltor vows to kill everyone on this island.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

The Rangers arrive back home, but the alarm sounds as giant sea creatures terrorize Rotuma Island. Hartford tells the Rangers to take their DriveMax zords and hurry back.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Hartford allows Mack to join his team and tells him to Be careful before they leave.

The Rangers combine their zords to form the DriveMax Megazord and quickly dispatch the sea creature.

Later, Flurious essentially calls Moltor a failure and says he should take the crown instead. Moltor will not have any of that and the brothers battle. They make it clear that it’s every man for himself.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Back at the mansion, Mack returns the morpher to his father. He says he understands why his father doesn’t want him on the team and will respect his decision.

Hartford asks if Mack really wants to be a part of this and he replies that he does.

“Then I guess it’s time you make your own decisions.”

Hartford may not be crazy about the idea, but he won’t stop Mack. And Hartford will need to take care of things from home base too.

“I hate to admit it, but you look better in red than I do.”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Mack thanks his father and heads downstairs to get his DNA resequenced.

The others officially welcome Mack to the team as he discovers his power is superstrength. He tests it out by raising Spencer up with one hand.

Hartford walks into the room and Spencer says he recalibrated the DNA resequencer especially for Mack.

Hartford says the mission of Operation Overdrive will be to stop the jewels from falling into the wrong hands.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 2

Episode Thoughts

This was a good episode. But it’s definitely better to watch the two-part premiere together. It gives a great, epic feel to start off the season.

While the first episode did a good job of introducing the Rangers, this episode was all about world building. From the technology the team will use to the dynamics between Flurious and Moltor and the first indication that these Rangers wouldn’t be staying in San Angeles for their battles.

It’s so interesting to watch Spencer and Mack’s conversation outside knowing what’s to come later in the season. On its own, it’s a great conversation between someone Mack sees as a mentor and second father. Especially when his real father is off doing who knows what all over the world. Spencer is always there for Mack who is able to confide in him.

Knowing what I know of course, the scene turns out to be the first real seeds being planted for what’s to come. There’s also a couple more moments later in the episode that would seem fairly innocuous if you were watching the season for the first time. But for anyone familiar with the season, you’ll probably notice and point things out a lot more.

And in the grander scheme of things, it makes it even more amazing how the season’s overall plot is clearly there from the beginning and not pulled out of nowhere.

The first part of the episode had some clever use of Boukenger footage though it’s one of those situations where the Rangers immediately know how to use their weapons even though they just got them. For world building, that’s fine. Better to get that out of the way quickly so we can get to the action and plot.

The original NZ footage though was great. It was a great unmorphed fight on the beach. And each Ranger got a chance to shine.

One thing I notice watching Operation Overdrive is its one-liners and zingers. They are delivered well and in appropriate moments. That’s definitely not the case in modern Power Rangers where Rangers are too talky during fights to the point that it’s laughable.

The build up to Moltor and Flurious going at it at the end was great. The passive-aggressiveness from earlier in the episode was fun and it was a good set-up for the lines being drawn at the end of the episode.

And again, Spencer is such a great character. Already showing how important a character he would be as a comic relief and as a mentor. David Weatherley really is one of the very best actors from the entire franchise.

Overall, this episode and the two-part premiere really set the stage for the season in an exciting way.

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