Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 19 – Partner

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

A friend of Juuru’s who teaches preschool asks him to help teach art to her students. But he’s having trouble with one of the kids, Takeshi, who wants nothing to do with drawing.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

The Mashins talk about their partners’ best qualities that could help Juuru. Like Tametomo’s leadership, Shiguru being a role model, Dr. Sayo having a caring smile and Sena’s ability to just let momentum carry her to victory.

Juuru says none of that really applies to him. Fire says that’s not true as Juuru’s always been able to come up with miraculous solutions to their predicaments.

Just then, the alarm sounds and the Kiramagers hurry out to help Takamichi who is battling a very erratic Garuza and Smog Jouki. Suddenly, the Kiramagers and Mashin get hit with a strange beam. Kiramaizin falls right on top of GigantDriller as Garuza speeds off, picking up a Jamenshi along the way.

The Kiramagers and Mashin feel weird and they realize they have switched bodies!

Over in the darkness, Carantula explains that humans move into different homes to match their lifestyles. So he gets Sumikae Jamen to do just that. (Including having switched Carantula and Garuza.) First with the Kiramagers and soon to the rest of the world.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

At the coconut tree, the Mashins are adapting to their human bodies and the Kiramagers have to deal with being a Stone.

Takamichi excuses himself to continuing treasure hunting while Fire decides to go in Juuru’s place at the preschool. Juuru asks Mabushina to take him so they can follow.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

Fire is all fired up as he gets the kids to passionately scribble all over their sheets of paper. Fire approaches Takeshi who tells him to buzz off and rips his paper up.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

Fire likes Takeshi’s style and encourages him to keep that up. Takeshi rips up more papers and the other kids join in too. Mabushina and Juuru arrive just to see the wild chaos in the hall.

Meanwhile, it’s chaos across the city as well as Sumikae Jamen continues switching people’s bodies. The other four Mashins arrive, already henshined. But they have trouble being able to fight effectively, acting on their tentative Mashin-selves instead of any possible strategy.

Mach wants to protect Sena’s beautiful body at all costs, but Sena says that’s lame and that he should fight. That stings for Mach who ends up sulking.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

Back at the preschool, Juuru says this is not how to teach art. But Fire says the kids are having fun. They notice Takeshi putting together a collage with the ripped up pieces of paper. Takeshi asks Fire if this is allowed and Fire says of course.

Fire says it’s awesome and Takeshi shouldn’t worry too much or he’ll lose his shine.

Takeshi thanks Juuru-sensei for all the nice things he said to him today. It really made him happy.

Mabushina can see Takeshi’s kirakira and Juuru realizes that helping to build one’s confidence through encouragement can be a powerful thing.

Fire hurries over when Muryou calls about the others being in big trouble. Garuza has arrived and says the Mashins won’t be able to do anything on their own.

But Juuru says that’s not true. The Mashins can do this. Just like the Mashins did for them, the Kiramagers must also encourage and support the Mashins too.

The Kiramagers offers words of encouragement and advice for their Mashin partners and they are able to take care of the Bechats.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

After their first roll call as a team, the Mashins take on Sumikae Jamen. Takamichi arrives and takes on Garuza one-on-one before Uncle runs away.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

Sumikae Jamen is surrounded, but Carantula has enough darkness to send Home Loan Jamenju.

The Kiramagers deploy in their mashin forms and the Mashins hop in to form Kiramaizin.

The Mashins are fired up and they completely manhandle the Home Loan. With a Kiramai Dynamic, they are able to pay off their loans with an explosion. Takamichi delivers a Shining Beam Attack to finish off Sumikae Jamen. All the switched people return to their own bodies, including the Kiramagers and Mashins.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

Back at the coconut tree, Juuru thanks Fire for all he did toady as he the preschool class sends him a photo of their finished art project.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 19 Recap

Takamichi says he learned a partner must be someone who helps you shine brightest.

Episode Thoughts

So this definitely felt like the most COVID-affected episode yet. The episode’s plot conveniently allowed just the minimum amount of time for the main cast to actually appear on-screen.

Of course, everyone’s safety comes first. Especially as cases continue to rise in Japan, including many toku alums recently.

At the same time, this kind of episode also feels like those ones that are filmed while the cast is off simultaneously filming a movie and they have to do more suit actor scenes than usual.

I only have to point out how coronavirus has affected production because it’s been very fascinating to see how productions adapt to the new normal. This was the traditional body swap episode. And as enjoyable as it was, we were definitely cheated out of a few more scenes of the actors playing the Mashins. (Thanks a lot COVID-19! Please go away.)

The fun of the body swap episode is seeing the actors playing each other’s characters or playing a character opposite to their usual selves. We only got that one quick scene and the rest of the episode was all voice overs from the cast and some extra (excellent) work by the suit actors.

We did get Rio Komiya playing Mashin Fire of course. But we missed out on Rui Kihara acting as a grandfather. Or Mio Kudo acting like a little girl. Or, yes, the awkward moments of Yuma Shinjo acting as a lovestruck man who has just found himself in the body of the woman he is crushing on. (Uh…)

But most especially, we missed out on Atom Mizuishi acting like a little brother. This would’ve been perfect for him considering how great he is with the randomly hilarious facial expressions and background sight gags.

It’s too bad.

Anyway, the plot for the episode was pretty sound. In a way, it worked out well with relation to Takamichi being able to turn into a Kiramai Stone. The foundation was there to kind of play around with. And in a season with mecha partners, it’s logical to have them swap bodies.

The main lesson of the episode was about that partnership. And how much the Mashins help the Kiramagers and how the Kiramagers learn that the vice versa also applies. The positive encouragement they give each other, aka teamwork, allows them to be as strong as can be.

The subplot with the children also needing encouragement is a good lesson as well.

The jokes with the Sumikae Jamen and especially with Home Loan Jamenju were very funny actually. “We’re tied down with loans!” lol That’s some real world hurting right there. Lol I’m sure all the parents watching can relate.

Overall, an enjoyable episode that I know could’ve been a lot more fun in different circumstances.

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