The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition Season 20) Race Tracker – Leg 13

Incheon International Airport to New Manila International Airport (Bulakan)
Bulakan to Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Skydive Vigan, Mindoro Airport (Vigan)
Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (Santa Maria)
Sugarcane Farm (Santa Maria)
Narvacan Outdoor Adventure Hub (Narvacan)
Blacksmith (Santa)
Plaza Salcedo (Vigan)
Pagburnayan District (Vigan)
Bantay Bell Tower (Bantay)

The thrilling Race to the Finish Line starts at the Vigan Airport. Martina & Phil are first to the skydive followed by Danica & Ciara and Megan & Mikael.

Martina & Phil maintain their early lead as they drive to Santa Maria Church and to the sugarcane farm. Danica & Ciara and Megan & Mikael arrive shortly after.

All three teams struggle initially with the hard candy. But the teams maintain their placements as they drive to Narvacan.

Martina & Phil are first to begin climbing, but Martina has some trouble in certain parts of the course. That allows both Megan & Mikael to pass them with Danica & Ciara close behind.

At the top, teams memorize the pattern and head down. The Road Block participants (Mikael, Danica, Phil) get started with trying to recreate the pattern. Mikael and Danica have some trouble remembering the pattern specifically. But Phil notices the flags in the sad and gets his one mistake correct after eight attempts, putting him and Martina back in the lead.

Megan notices the flags as well and tries to motion to Mikael who repeatedly makes mistakes with his pattern. As Danica finally gets the thumbs up after 17 attempts, Megan and Mikael are given a verbal warning. But knowing they are in last place, Megan again motions to Mikael to look at the flags. That move has incurred them a one-hour penalty to be assessed at the Finish Line!!! They are confident they can make up the time.

On the way to Santa, Martina & Phil get lost when they are pointed in the wrong direction. That allows both Danica & Ciara and Megan & Mikael to arrive at the blacksmith before them. Both teams maintain their lead over Martina & Phil as they make their way to Plaza Salcedo.

The teams maintain their placements through the longganisa. Martina & Phil are able to catch up at the Pagburnayan, but are as much as 15 minutes behind.

Megan & Mikael and Danica & Ciara stack their carts with the burnay jars, not necessarily securing and stacking them in the safest way. They maintain their lead as they guide their horses to Calle Crisologo. But disaster strikes on the cobblestone roads. Megan & Mikael break three jars while Danica & Ciara break four. They deliver the surviving jars and hurry back to the Pagburnayan District to start making the replacement jars.

Martina & Phil, meanwhile, realize they have too many jars on their cart after having figured out a way to safely stack them so none of them will fall off. They realize that they considered the first Leg to be two separate Legs, so they have six extra jars they don’t need. They make sure to be out of sight from the other two teams and leave the six jars they don’t need. They double check their cargo and proceed with their horse friend to Calle Crisologo.

Megan & Mikael and Danica & Ciara, not speaking to each other while finishing their burnay jars, hurry to try and catch up to Martina & Phil. Megan & Mikael load their replacement jars on their cart first and start back toward Calle Crisologo.

Danica & Ciara grow frustrated and upset as they are now in last place.

Martina & Phil have made it to Calle Crisologo without breaking any burnay jars. As they are carefully unloading their burnay jars and stacking them in order, Megan & Mikael insert the three replacement jars into their stacks, but they are shocked when they are given the thumbs down.

Megan & Mikael do not understand what is wrong with their stacks.

Martina & Phil ask for a check of their stacks and they get the thumbs up and the final clue. They hurry away from Megan & Mikael and run into Danica & Ciara who are on their way to their stacks. Martina & Phil do not let on to the other two teams that they are on their way to the Finish Line.

Danica & Ciara insert the four replacement burnay jars into their stacks and once they ask for a check, they too get the thumbs down. They reread their clue and realize they have 14 stacks instead of 13, having created separate stacks for the two halves of Leg 1.

That is exactly what Megan & Mikael have wrong as well. But thinking they have some of the jars wrong, they head back to the Pagburnayan District to retrieve the jars they think are correct.

While Danica & Ciara correct their own mistakes, an exhausted Martina & Phil make their way to the Finish Line.

Martina & Phil stop and ask for directions are told they are going the wrong way!

Danica & Ciara get the thumbs up and are shocked to see the Finish Line is ahead. They run off to try and catch Martina & Phil.

Martina needs to take a breath.
Martina: “Phil!”
Phil: “Noona, we’re almost there! We could win!”

Megan & Mikael pause in frustration in the middle of burnay jars.
Megan: “I can’t believe this.”
Mikael: *censored*

Danica reaches out for Ciara’s hand as they run through the streets of Vigan.
Ciara: “Gurl, kahit ano mangyari, love you.”
Danica: “Love you too.”

Quick cuts between the three teams. Sweeping shot from an 8K UHD drone through the eliminated teams and to the Finish Line.

Megan & Mikael appear to have given up. Martina & Phil and Danica & Ciara continue running. And then…

It appears to be a footrace to the Finish Line, but it’s really no contest. Martina & Phil cross the Finish Line first in a come from behind victory to win The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World!

Danica & Ciara arrive at the Finish Line almost 20 minutes later while Megan & Mikael arrive almost an hour later after struggling to figure out their own mistake.

Order of Jump at Skydive Vigan
Martina & Phil
Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Order of Arrival
Narvacan Outdoor Adventure Hub
Martina & Phil
Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Order of Arrival
Top of Cliff, NOAH
Megan & Mikael
Danica & Ciara
Martina & Phil
ROAD BLOCK #17: Who can go off?
Martina 7 – 10 Phil
Danica 9 – 8 Ciara
Megan 7 – 10 Mikael
Jak 9 – 6 Sanya
Rachel 7 – 8 Elissa
Mlee 7 – 7 Quoc Anh
Tia 6 – 6 Fay
Arthur 5 – 5 Rochelle
Boobay 5 – 4 Tekla
Kean 4 – 3 Chynna
Tom 3 – 3 Tyler
Dave 2 – 2 Irina
Bold teammate indicates who performed this Road Block.
Road Block counts are as of this Road Block.
Order of Arrival
Blacksmith, Santa
Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Martina & Phil
Order of Arrival
Pagburnayan District, Vigan
Megan & Mikael
Danica & Ciara
Martina & Phil
Order of Completion
Burnay Memories
Martina & Phil
Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Check-in at Finish Line
Bantay Bell Tower, Bantay
Martina & Phil – 4:06pm
Danica & Ciara – 4:26pm
Megan & Mikael – 5:04pm

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