Music Monday August 17, 2020 – “Magenta,” Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel has had a truly captivating rise since first making a splash on Produce 101. Each of his solo releases so far have been excellent. And he’s returned with another one in “Magenta.”

His unquestionable talent, charisma and likeable charm have allowed Daniel to really make his name known and plant his flag in the Korean music scene.

“Magenta” opens with “Flash,” a perfect introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the album. A sort of melodic revving up before the album’s main events which begin right with Track #2.

The Latin-infused “Waves,” which served as a pre-release track, is such a statement-maker. Featuring the versatile and powerful vocals of Jamie and the effortless flow from Korean hip-hop royalty Simon Dominic, “Waves” immediately demands attention. The chemistry between the three artists, who each bring their own flavor to the song, blend together into one irresistible track. A true music event that would undoubtedly be incredible performed live.

The album’s title track “Who U Are” also features a little bit of extra flair. And though not as immediately engaging as “Waves,” it is still a perfect song that highlights Daniel’s charisma and performance skills. Especially when he performs the song live.

“Runaway,” featuring Yumdda, starts to take the tempo down a little with its reggae-infused vibe. A mellower, summery song that works well as the sort of midpoint of the album. Yumdda’s vocals match well with Daniel’s, with some contrasting sections that make the song extra interesting.

The album relaxes a little more with “Movie” featuring Dvwn, who also co-wrote the song. Mellow verses lead to a rousing chorus that allow Daniel and Dvwn’s vocals to blend together in a magnetic R&B track.

“Night” finishes off the album with a showcase for Daniel’s talent. The softer pop track is a perfect way to wrap up the album and has Daniel’s vocals bidding you farewell until his next, sure to be great release.

Overall, “Magenta” continues Daniel’s strong solo career by showcasing his versality even more than he has with his previous releases. The collaborations with equally talented artists highlight the endless possibilities for Daniel’s sound and in a way affirms that he won’t ever be boxed into a corner with his music.

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