Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Kira Talk! This Battle is Amazing!

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

Shovellow can’t remember the name of a memorable foe Tametomo once had. The others offer their suggestions like cornflakes, but none of them are it. So they decide to produce another Kira Talk show to try and figure it out together.

Shovellow says Tametomo described that memorable enemy as someone with a mask and did bad things to people. Fire thinks it could be a Jamenshi.

Mach explains that a Jamenshi is a Yodon fighter who wears a mask based on a piece of Earth culture.

Jetter suggests it might be Manriki Jamen who put the vise on Shiguru’s head. Jetter says the most awesome moment against that foe was Shiguru being able to break free of the vise and take on the Jamenshi one-on-one.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

However, Shovellow says the most memorable moments from that episode were Shiguru’s funny facial expressions.

Anyway, Tametomo had said the keyword to the enemy was “combi.” Fire suggests it was brothers Oven Jamen and Freezer Jamen then.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

Rewatching the episode, Mach notices Tametomo dropped Sena on her butt. Shovellow apologizes for him.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

Anyway, Shovellow says Tametomo didn’t mention anything about brothers.

Jetter suggests it was Music Jamen who was a combi with the scary idol Yodomihime. But Heliko remembers Tametomo was asleep that episode. Shovellow apologizes for misunderstanding Tametomo.

Mach suggests looking back at Lady Sena’s excellent battles with Joystick Jamen and Hyakunin Isshu Jamen and their first foe, Rugby Jamen.

Shovellow says they already fanboyed and fangirled their partners last time. So they move on to Heliko suggesting Digital Camera Jamen, but that Jamenshi was quickly defeated.

They think they’ve recapped all the Jamenshi already, but feel like they’ve forgotten someone. While they think about it, they welcome a special performance by Psychic Lover of the new song “Kiramai Action.”

Shovellow originally thought the foe Tametomo was referring to was a Jamenshi. But now he remembers Tametomo mentioning how the battle was on a bigger scale. Perhaps something like the final act of a Sentai episode.

The others say it must be a Jamenju then so they run through all the Jamenju battles. A Jamenju is a Yodon invasion monster who wears a giant mask that is related to the Jamenshi from the same episode who collects enough dark energy to allow them to travel to Earth.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

The several different species of Jamenju so far are: Hildon, Rigani, Shellga, Basra and Dagames.

And to battle them and Smog Joukey, the Mashins were able to combine into big robos such as Kiramaizin.

Mach cries out of jealousy remembering Lady Sena driving another Mashin. But anyway, Shovellow says none of them seem to fit Tametomo’s description. In fact, it wasn’t a Jamenju at all.

Shovellow then remembers that Tametomo said he couldn’t remember the face. They all realize it must be Neanderthal Jamen since none of them can remember the face either. They do remember Tametomo and Sena arguing over its name though.

That’s when Shovellow remembers once and for all. The formidable, memorable foe Tametomo was talking about was… Sena.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kira Talk Recap

The other Mashins are annoyed Shovellow has wasted their time.

Episode Thoughts

Definitely 10x better than Zero-One‘s recent recaps. Very creative and fun. Again, we get a lot of the Mashins’ personalities to shine on their own. And them being well-developed characters help the Kiramagers themselves be fuller characters as well.

Sena being Tametomo’s memorable foe was amusing. I wouldn’t mind seeing some romance blossom between them and have more of Mach being jealous.

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