Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 10 – The Girl Who Chases After Shiguru

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 10 Recap

Mabushina and Dr. Sayo help Shiguru test out his ability to control his Kiramental. He is able to slice at the daikon on Mabushina’s head and avoid slicing Sayo in half.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 10 Recap

Muryou calls Shiguru back down to the Operation Room as his hot dog delivery has arrived. Shiguru is excited to eat his cheddar dog, but he opens it to find the entire middle portion has been eaten. By Muryou.

Meanwhile, Juuru, Sena and Tametomo are going crazy over the latest viral idol named Yodomihime. She is apparently dead and only rises to perform every night at 2am. And you can only watch her nightly concerts if you Google the right fanboying phrase between 2am and 2:30am.

Shiguru seems to recognize her, but he doesn’t admit it to the others.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 10 Recap

Later that night, Mabushina watches as Juuru, Sena and Tametomo excitedly attempt to find Yodomihime’s show and they are successful. They watch the performance, but after she is done singing her song, Mabushina finds the other three are in some kind of trance. She tries to snap them out of it, but Yodomihime sends four invitations through the screen that implant themselves in everyone but Mabushina.

Juuru, Sena and Tametomo collapse and are unconscious. Mabushina sees the invitation has a Yodonheim symbol on them.

With the three Kiramagers in the medical ward, Dr. Sayo says the cards have been lodged in their hearts and are impossible to remove. Mabushina was protected because of her crystal skin.

Muryou wonders if Yodomihime is a Jamenshi. But Shiguru suggests she might be mind controlled. He shows them a box full of fan letters all from Kodera Iyo who looks exactly like Yodomihime.

Dr. Sayo suggests they go to her address and check her out. Sayo drags a reluctant Shiguru with her, Mabushina and Jetter.

Iyo arrives and is happy to see her “Shigutan” appear in front of her. Iyo is a superfan who has been following him around for a while.

Dr. Sayo says kind of like a stalker, but Iyo says she’s not that sophisticated to be one.

Shiguru asks if she’s come in contact with a monster lately. She casually admits she made a deal with one in order to become a popular idol who could be on Shigutan’s level.

Shiguru says her deal is causing people to suffer and he tells her to stop. She asks if he will marry her in return.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 10 Recap

Mabushina says she smells some Yodom stench and Dr. Sayo uses her Kiramai Changer to reveal the Jamenshi clinging onto Iyo’s back.

Shigutan and Dr. Sayo quickly henshin. But the Jamenshi carries Iyo on his back and they run.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 10 Recap

Shiguru and Sayo finish off some Bechats before going after Iyo and the Jamenshi. Iyo again asks if Shigutan will marry her if she parts ways with the Jamenshi.

Shigutan hesitates and Iyo is whisked away by the Jamenshi who mentions the invitations they sent out.

Back at the coconut tree, Shiguru sits with the Stones and explains how he had turned her down a year ago. But the Stones scold Shiguru for not being firm enough and for actually giving Iyo false hope.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 10 Recap

Shiguru says he was trying to be nice. But Fire says Shiguru wasn’t being nice, he was just trying to maintain his cool guy image.

Later that night, the Jamenshi activates a signal that calls for the fans who got invitations implanted in their bodies to gather at the Toei Auditorium.

That includes Juuru, Sena and Tametomo who just disappear in front of them at the coconut tree.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 10 Recap

In the morning as the Jamenshi makes final preparations for the big concert of darkness extraction, Shiguru tells Mabushina and Muryou that to defeat the Jamenshi, he will have to cut down Iyo as well.

The Jamenshi hypes up Iyo and she walks on stage. But she is shocked to see the auditorium completely empty. Turns out Dr. Sayo was able to destroy the signal flag, releasing all the fans from the mind control.

Juuru, Sena and Tametomo join Sayo as Shiguru arrives in Jetter.

Shiguru says he wants to demonstrate his good faith in their relationship. And that means cutting the Jamenshi down even if he is on her back.

Shiguru slashes at them, but only the Jamenshi is hit. Dr. Sayo catches Iyo as she faints.

Turns out, Shiguru used his Kiramental and the Muryou-eaten hot dog to create a slot in the middle of his slash to protect Iyo, but hit the Jamenshi.

Watching from above, Garuza acknowledges Shiguru’s excellent control of Kiramental.

The Jamenshi explodes and his accumulated darkness is able to power the Jamenju which turns to be the auditorium itself.

The Kiramagers hop into Kiramaizin and get help from the other Stones. Garuza pops in with Smog Jouki. Sena hops into Mashin Express to form King Express. But Garuza forces the ungattai, controlling his Jamental to avoid the combination.

Dr. Sayo has a Hirameking and suggests they use Shiguru’s technique now by separating itself and opening up a hole for Garuza’s finisher to pass through. The attack hits the Jamenju and the Kiramagers send their own finisher at it to finish it off for good.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 10 Recap

Later, Iyo comes running toward Shigutan. Dr. Sayo says Iyo’s love for him must have only gotten deeper after he saved her life. But actually, Iyo kicks Shigutan in the stomach. She does not appreciate Shiguru trying to cut her down. So she will finally cut ties with him.

Instead, Iyo approaches Sayo and proclaims her love for her, believing Sayo saved her life earlier. Iyo asks Sayo out on a date.

Dr. Sayo caresses Iyo’s face and says she cannot date her. Instead, Iyo should focus on finding what makes her kirakira.

Later, Iyo comes in to Dr. Sayo’s office asking for a physical exam. But Sayo has Heliko escort Iyo off the premises.

Episode Thoughts

Well, that was definitely a shocking twist at the end! lol

I think this was a filler episode that was mostly enjoyable. It was a good Shiguru-focus as it reminds us that he is definitely not the typical tsundere blue. He can be very goofy at times and he’s actually more of a fun, regular young man who happens to be a very popular actor.

Him working on controlling his Kiramental was a great new facet to his character to show that he’s dedicated to his responsibilities as a Kiramager.

Dr. Sayo’s contribution to the episode was alright too. But she was definitely a little more in the background and essentially the same supporting character as Mabushina with relation to Shiguru’s focus.

The Jamenju was awesome since it was a creative design using the very familiar auditorium of course. Have they ever done that before? It was a fun, clever design especially for longtime fans who definitely recognize Toei’s favorite filming locations.

Overall, an okay episode and solid focus for Shiguru.

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  1. Yeah it was a nice filler eps. with some funny moments. Plus the bit with Sayo getting a new admirer was an unexpected surprise.

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