Meet the All-Stars Competing on The Amazing Race Philippines VS The World (DryedMangoez Edition Season 20)!


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Let’s get know our 12 Worldwide All-Star teams!

Representing the Philippines

…are winners, strong teams falling short of the Finish Line and a… first elimination?!

Songbirds Kean & Chynna raced on Season 14 before their wedding later in 2017. Seen by the other teams as a big threat, they led the entire first Leg until one of the most stunning collapses in Race history. A detail-oriented Detour and getting the wrong the directions on their way to the “on foot” Pit Stop doomed their chances. Now happily married for three years, Kean & Chynna want to prove that their first Race was just a fluke and that they have what it takes to go all the way this time.

Megan & Mikael were also seen as one of the top contenders from their season. With three Leg wins, they were seen as unstoppable going into the SuperLeg on Leg 9. But ironically for these two experienced actors, it was a memorization Detour that eliminated them. Now as fresh newlyweds, Megan & Mikael return to prove they are the team to beat once again.

Siblings Jak & Sanya won three Legs (including the first and Penultimate Legs) on their way to an eventual 3rd place finish on Season 15 in an exciting three-way Race at the Final Task. Can the Bida-Bida Sibs go the distance this time?

Danica & Ciara won two Legs on Season 18, considered the most competitive season ever. Five teams battled it out at the top the entire Race including exchanging U-Turns and Yields and shocking betrayals. Danica & Ciara were right in the middle of the fierce battle. And it was at sunrise in Marina Bay, Singapore where Danica & Ciara lost a thrilling rowing race to the Pit Stop to the eventual winners of the season and fierce rivals Arthur & Rochelle.

Who just so happen to also be on this Race. Arthur & Rochelle were invited to Race in Season 19’s All-Star Race. But Rochelle’s pregnancy kept them from being able to defend their title in consecutive seasons. Now, they have their chance to prove their win wasn’t a fluke. But they never expected to be Racing against their rivals once again.

Boobay & Tekla Raced with different partners on their respective original seasons and to different results. Boobay & Ate Gay had a winning start to their Season 15 campaign, but ended up reaching Leg 9 and placing 6th. Super Tekla, however, had a winning strong second half of the Race in season 14 with partner Donita Nose on their way to a big win against two heavyweights. Now co-hosts Boobay and Tekla will see if their comedic chemistry can translate to a Race crown.

And Representing the World…

Rachel Reilly

is a true Amazing Race All-Star. She set records as the first woman to reach the Finish Line twice and for a moment, was the most traveled Racer ever by number of Legs. She raced with husband Brendon on the very first Philippines vs The World in Season 13 where they placed ??. But this time, after a 7th place finish on season 31 of The Amazing Race US, Rachel returns with her sister Elissa to take on the international competition with hopes for a much better result.

Mlee & Quoc Ahn had a very strong start to their Amazing Race Vietnam 2019 campaign with a top 2 placement and one win in five Legs. But a string of bad Legs led to their eventual 5th place finish. Now they’re back to see how far a stronger relationship and more experience can take them.

Friends and models Tia & Fay stormed through the 7th season of Israel’s HaMerotz LaMillion, by way of the Philippines, straight to a big win with great Racing, fierce attitudes and fun and positive personalities. How will they fare against the tough international competition on an unfamiliar Race?

Footy bros Tom & Tyler are the most dominant team in Amazing Race history to not make it to the Final Leg. Tying the record for most Legs won on any Race franchise with eight, Tom & Tyler’s heartbreaking elimination in the Penultimate Leg still stings bitterly for them. But they are back in this international face off determined to solidify their place atop the all-time greats.

Siblings Martina & Phil charmed fans on the 6th season of The Amazing Race Canada with their positive and fun personalities. They ran a consistent and strong Race, but fell short in a heartbreaking Penultimate Leg. Now the Canadian heroes are back and ready to conquer the world.

Dave & Irina are perhaps the most infamous and notorious Racers in the history of The Amazing Race anywhere in the world. Their cutthroat, no holds barred, take no prisoners way of Racing rubbed Racers and fans alike the wrong way. Irina vowed to never come back to the Race again, but they’ve somehow been enticed to return this time to face off against international competitors. How will their style of Racing hold up against their global competition? And will their antics fly on what is known as the most strict and least quitter-tolerant Amazing Race franchise in the world?

Well, you can find out only on The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition Season 20)! Wowow!

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