Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 2 – Leader Certification

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 2 Recap

Princess Mabushina gives Juru a tour of the Coconut Tower and brings him to the Operation Room where everyone else is waiting. Juru is shy though since everyone else is so kirakira. But Muryou says Juru also has his own kirakira and they look to him as the leader to guide the team.

Mabushina explains that Red is always leader even as the five of them must fight as one. Tametomo doesn’t think he can be a leader. Sena excuses herself for something important.

But an alarm sounds and the Kiramagers deploy.

Over in the darkness, Garuza and Carantula explain how Jamenshi will be sent over to generate dark energy. Enough dark energy can slightly open the gate through which they can send over Jamenju.

The Jamenshi that’s just been sent over is Rugby Jamen who forces locals to play rugby with a rugby bomb. Juru, Tametomo, Shiguru and Dr. Sayo arrive on the scene and quickly henshin. Tametomo reminds Juru to call Sena.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 2 Recap

Sena says she’ll have to find a replacement first, then she’ll hurry over.

The four Kiramagers are no match for the fast Jamen, however, as he goes around the amusement park blowing things up. He sets up a conversion kick to knock a pod carrying a family off of a Ferris Wheel to kill them.

Juru has a Hirameking and imagines Shiguru and Dr. Sayo combining their Mashin into SkyMage. With SkyMage, they are able to safely catch the pod and ensure the family’s safety.

But Rugby Jamen has gotten away. Tametomo scolds him for it and asks where Sena is.

They head over to the track. Sena apologizes and says the backup runner got injured so she had to run the relay herself. Juru says she should’ve just asked the backup of the backup. But Sena gets upset and says she couldn’t let her sempai down.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 2 Recap

Juru reminds her the Kiramagers have to fight as one to save the world. But Sena thinks that’s all BS and says she would never regard someone like him as her leader.

Tametomo tells Juru he must ensure Sena comes next time. But Juru seems to try and understand Sena’s situation. Tamemoto says Sena is the fastest woman and no one can take her place.

Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 2 – Leader Certification

That gives Tametomo a Hirameking and they hurry back to Coconut Tower.

Juru asks if he can use imagination to transform Kiramai Stones that aren’t Mashin. Mabushina says their weapons are made of Blue Diamond thanks to her father using imagination as well. But where to get Blue Diamond?

Turns out Princess Mabushina’s tears turn into Blue Diamond. And to get some, Muryou has her read a Lupinranger manga.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 2 Recap

Juru’s imagination turns the Blue Diamonds into a doll. He asks Shiguru to hold the doll’s hand and suddenly, a Shiguru clone pops out. Juru’s plan is to create a Sena clone with what Muryou calls the Daiyakun doll.

Juru brings the doll over to Sena who creates a clone that she believes will run for her in the relay.

Meanwhile, Rugby Jamen continues amassing dark energy. Tametomo, Shiguru and Dr. Sayo hurry over to try to hold him and the Bechats off until Juru and Sena arrive.

Juru and Sena henshin.

Rugby Jamen takes his ultimate bomb and runs across the field. The Kiramagers have to play defense against the Bechats and Sena proceeds to use her speed to chase after Rugby Jamen.

But Sena is too slow and loses ground. Turns out this is cloneSena. The real Sena comes running in and cloneSena tosses her the Kiramai Changer, allowing her to henshin just as she catches up to Rugby Jamen.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 2 Recap

Sena tackles him, takes the rugby bomb and slams it on his head, finishing him off for good.

Tametomo is upset that they had a clone fighting with them. But Juru explains that Sena has to kirakira in her own way. They are Kiramagers and Sena kirakiras the most when she does what she loves and that is running. He told her to participate in the relay as he understands her feelings. He wouldn’t give up drawing to fight either.

So Juru believes Sena must continue doing what she is passionate about. They must each support each other’s kirakira. And even if they are apart, they are still one team.

Sena thanks Juru for allowing her to kirakira and she acknowledges him as leader.

Dr. Sayo and Shiguru excuse themselves as they have to go back to their jobs as well.

But Carantula sends over the Jamenju Rugger Ligany. Juru, Tametomo and Sena hop into their Mashins and form Land Mage to defeat the Jamenju with a Land Round Smash.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 2 Recap

Episode Thoughts

It was an interesting episode. I think my favorite part was definitely that first rugby scene when Rugby Jamen popped up. That whole scene was hilarious madness. I was thoroughly amused.

The lesson of the episode was about them maintaining their kirakira by continuing with their passions and dreams and loves. And that they will support each other all the way as a team. That’s alright. But I don’t know if I am fully on board with the idea that they prioritize running or drawing or presumably later, video games and acting (maybe not surgery lol) over fighting a Jamenshi or Jamenju. Like, I guess they’ll figure out creative ways to do that like they did here. But I don’t know if it was a good way to solidify their responsibility as Kiramagers.

Especially when they act as sort of sparkly special forces operating out of a coconut tree base.

The combination of magic, imagination, glitter and a military-posture is definitely an interesting mish-mash of concepts.

My hope is that all this lighter treatment to everything paves the way for a more dramatic and darker story and plot down the road.

Juru is a very likable leader though. He’s a little shy and unsure of himself, but that definitely makes him endearing. The others haven’t really gotten a chance to assert themselves yet. Even Sena’s character was more plot-driven this episode rather than an insight into who she really is. But we’ll see.

The mecha battle felt tacked on at the end. It wasn’t really that exciting and felt like an afterthought when the show remembered they have to sell toys.

Overall, an okay second episode. Part of it was continuing to establish the foundation of the season’s mechanics. So once we get over that part (as we do every season), then the story should kick in.

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  1. I like the fact that Red isn’t an Instant Leader and is growing into his role. Definitely looking forward to them developing as characters.

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